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  1. 505 Worlds Annapolis 20-29 September 2017

    The entry list: https://yachtscoring.com/current_event_entries.cfm?eID=4206 Should be fun, traveling out there tomorrow.
  2. new old 505

    That all sounds about right, I think the screw mechanisms were popular.
  3. new old 505

    That picture is taken in the early '70's and the boat had a low aspect foil that needed to be pulled up off the wind. Note also the non full length foredeck.
  4. 420 vs 505 for beginner

    There is also a good active class association for 5O5's in South Africa that I am sure would be very helpful.
  5. 5o5 pole downhauls

    Not needed if you have the point that the guy meets the foredeck far enough forward. However on a square run the crew needs to trim the guy through that point on the foredeck or the pole will sky then.
  6. 505 East Coasts

    Good event, big fleet tough racing, won well by Chris and Jesse. Be a tough Worlds there next year.
  7. 505 World Championships - Weymouth UK 2016

    Howie, Dan Johnson, Trevor Bayliss are 3 that I can think of who have won both. Pretty breezy day yesterday, Andy/Tim made up for some earlier bad days with a big win.
  8. 505 World Championships - Weymouth UK 2016

    Two days of great racing done, 99 boats out for the Pre Worlds/UK Nationals. Congrats to Andy and Tim for taking the first event! The "wrong mark" was people not reading the SI's and going through the leeward "gate" instead of the correct mark at the end of the triangle. The last race got quite breezy, hence the DNF's.
  9. 5o5 mast ram: how much purchase do you have?

    Up is needed! Auto if possible to stop inversion downwind, also use it upwind in non trap conditions.
  10. Laylines

    View lay lines as the extreme limit of where you should be sailing....
  11. 505 World Championships - Weymouth UK 2016

    I have entered too Rob! Agree, would be good to see who else is.
  12. 505 rigging question

    On this generation of Parker the 2:1 on the front of the mast does correctly come out under the gooseneck where it would attach to another 2:1 turning to the additional purchase along the side of the case. As others have said the wire would usually be integrally attached inside the jib and pre set for the day on a line at the tack.
  13. Too Windy to Sail - Right?

    I think it depends on several factors, temperature, ease of launch and recovery, steady direction and then sea state when you are on the water. If everything else is good, warm water, easy launch and recovery and sailable seas, gusts to 30 are sailable which is probably steady 22-25 knots. But so many factors come in to play, to pick a number is really impossible.
  14. Too Windy to Sail - Right?

    No one heads out in 45 knots, all you are trying to do is get back home in one piece with the minimum damage to your equipment!