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  1. Manhasset Fall Series

    Yes they did a fine job as they always do. See you there next year.
  2. Hey Editor, ever heard of one design?

    Look at the J44 sail program. It works.
  3. Melges 40 'worlds'

    Diversity?... Who do you think makes the sandwiches?
  4. Manhasset Fall Series

    Just noticed the original poster is Jeff Hammer. Eclipse will be there. I just don't understand why this regatta is so poorly attended compared to what it used to be. I think they do everything right.
  5. Dreadlocks needs a new home

    I really miss walking up to the club and seeing Jeff and crew sitting at one of the tables at Manhasset Fall Series. I hope Dreadlocks finds a good home and shows up on the race course again.
  6. F1 2017

    Tires: Instead of "soft, super soft, and ultra soft"... how about "hard, medium and soft"?
  7. 2015 ALIR

    Race starts tomorrow
  8. J/105 Jib Sheets

    I was just about to mention Bruce & Nicole. They use the primaries and cross-sheet. The second place boat uses the cabin-tops through the turning blocks and does not cross-sheet. I'm pretty sure the second place boat was faster upwind, but got second because B&N just out-sailed them.
  9. Batman DTS

    That show brought a lot of joy
  10. Stratolaunch

    Looks like it would become 2 planes after the first bump.
  11. Race the Case

    No more smoking in the bar, sorry.
  12. Race the Case

    Valencia is in as usual
  13. Race the Case

    We're having to down-scale the FPC this year. Cutting out a few of the stops.
  14. Race the Case

    May 20-21