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  1. tin man

    The winning foils

    Not an engineer here but that statement didn't pass the sniff test with me either
  2. I too looked seriously at a couple of SC27s. Petty sure I spoke to Schonnerman @ Spinnaker Sailing and he was very knowledge and forthcomming about the two boats he had for sale. The only negative feedback I've heard was that the cockpit was a little narrow and EASY to bang a shin or worse. ss
  3. Heard stories of one in Santa Cruz, eventually switched back. ss
  4. Needs 4 or more on the rail, wet, bullet proof design and build. Better downwind than upwind, big foretriangle. Transpac, SY Transpac, Pac Cup proven. ss
  5. tin man

    Swede 55

    Contessa is on the hard @ Grand Marina, looks like a new bottom and some long boarding. She's got a saildrive. ss