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  1. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Note you or your ilk, mofo, the Volvo peeps!
  2. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Great to see the technical content that "race experts" are putting out - very educational and pretty unusual to see that level of discussion. A really good innovation this time around.
  3. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Good nav discussion here: https://volvooceanrace-2017-18.s3.amazonaws.com/videos/cropped/m106073_13-02-171108-veh-00003_HD.mp4 Would like to see more video of nav/skipper discussion on options, and also video of full stack updatirs and downstairs... Race Experts twitter feed has been a great developement.
  4. Vendee Globe 2016?

    I too try to provide it. Don't have the fancy Excel colouring though! Appreciate you posting it here.
  5. Transpac 2017

    Anyone got a recomendation for a place to get a shipping quote from Aus to the US? Any past experience out there? Aus East coast. 50 footer.
  6. More for travel- IPAD Pro or SURFACE or???

    Exactly as JBSF says - you nneed something with a keyboard. You can do work on the iPad in an emergency - but that is all.
  7. Basketball tix

    Great, thanks all.
  8. Basketball tix

    Hi all, I wil lbe in NYC this weekend with a couple of colleagues - we are on a work trip frrom Oz. We are thinking of seeing Brooklyn Mets vs NY Knicks in Brooklyn on Friday night. Tickets online look pretty expensive. What is the story with rocking up and buying tickets from scalpers? More expensive? Cheaper? What should we watch out for? Silly idea? Thanks
  9. WTF America??? Have we really come to this?

    I reckon 8 years under President Trump will sort it out nicely.
  10. And / or possibly they get hammered under IRC for DSS? Middle Sea race with DSS: 1.902 Hobart without DSS: 1.826 They got 5th of 7 in div 0 in Hobart (of 13 starters). They took 68 hours for a corrected time of 124 hours. To achieve that with the "+DSS IRC*" number, they would have needed to finish the race in 65 hours. I wonder if they would have been 3 hours quicker with DSS? (*assuming that there were no other significant mods between these races) Anyone have info on how IRC treats DSS-style foils? Or Dali foils for that matter.
  11. Best Internet Video

    Awesome. Gets pretty intense at 3:30 onwards. Looks like averages in the high 20's. Pretty awesome for a mono. Was that heading in towards the bottom half of Tassie?
  12. Pittwater to Coffs 2016

    What was the forecast when they left Coffs?
  13. 2015 Sydney to Hobart

    Kialoa iii and Windward Passage IIRC Here you go: at 16:26
  14. 2015 Sydney to Hobart

    Use the www.youtube.com URL rather than www.youtu.be
  15. The setup is this: B&G FFDs WTP1 processor Deckman Expedition as primary nav software We have data flowing from the WTP to Expedition via Deckman - no problems. What we would like to do is take data from Expedition and make it available to the FFDs (obviously via Deckman and the WTP). The data we are looking at is BTW and DTW. obviously the simplest solution would to just pop a waypoint into Deckman and be done with it - but it starts to get a little more complex when we feed in MOB waypoints to Expedition - and it is a PITA to have two complete waypoint (and waypoint advance) systems in play. I am assuming that we need to add something to j_vars to tell it to pickup the remote1/2 data. I cannot seem to find a [section] that would be appropriate. Does the Expedition data come in as [NMEA]? Any ideas on how to get the data into Deckman and then how to push it to the displays? Thanks.