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  1. laserandy

    Star blast~~~~

    Me too, when we're you there?
  2. laserandy

    what is it?

    Wide angle lens distortion. No one would actually do something like that to a Star.
  3. laserandy

    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    Perhaps the least debatable thing ever posted on Sailing Anarchy.
  4. laserandy

    Looking for a starter opti, where should i look???

    Same. I'm 5'11", 175 lbs and I had no problem getting in an opti with my 4 yr old. The opti is a great handling boat, my now 9 yr old can handle 20 with aplomb, and I can fold myself into a borrowed boat and sail against her from time to time, even in light air (although her 110 lb weight advantage shows off the wind). If racing holds any importance at all, the opti is the only rational choice most places. The whole 'opti parent arms race' thing is way overblown at all but the very highest levels. 90+ % or more of the kids in our area sail well used boats with well used gear, all at least second or third hand.
  5. laserandy

    Hey any Annapolis area sailors

    Fawcetts will print charts on demand.
  6. laserandy

    Sailors Powerboat

    Alternative to Dyer 29: lots of sailors have Shamrocks.
  7. laserandy

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    If you think teak has gotten expensive, pay a brightwork bill or two...
  8. laserandy

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    I remember this boat from the photos at the bar at CRYC, anyone remember who owned it?