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  1. festus

    July 2017 J/111 Great Lakes Racing

  2. festus

    Next VOR on IMOCAs?

    I assume the boat would be hand steered 95% of the time. An auto pilot would afford a degree of safety when a small crew are exhausted, changing sails, or injured. Who are these men that Francis Joyon is trusting? Top class sailors, half of whom are French and half from elsewhere. A very international crew, bringing together experience and youth. “I’m only taking skippers with me,” said Francis to explain why on board everyone needs to know how to do everything. They will all be taking turns at the helm of the big trimaran. “Unlike the bigger crews, where there are lots of sailors specialising in one area, we’ll be setting off with strong all-rounders on IDEC SPORT.”
  3. festus

    Next VOR on IMOCAs?

    An IMOCA 60 with 4 crew would be interesting for the Volvo. Allow them to use an auto pilot. It would keep the weight down to maintain performance, and enable the boats to be used for two classes. The boats are much more interesting technically, and I would be happy to never see another video of sailors being washed off the grinders. I have done several double handed races and enjoy the fact that both crew need to be able to drive, trim, navigate, and manage sail changes.
  4. festus

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Forecast would have made an interesting race for the foiling IMOCA 60s.
  5. festus

    The Four Carbon Cutters project

    I am a fun of the matte stainless. How do you like it?
  6. festus

    DH Pac Cup boat

    Is a Synergy 1000 competitive for a double? I have never sailed one, but the look slippery with a simple sailplan.
  7. festus

    Hurricane Harvey - watch out, Texas

    Was the surge 6' in the bay or the gulf. Aransas Pass must have been flowing.
  8. http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2000/Custom-Schumacher-38.5-Turbo--3073264/San-Diego/CA/United-States#.WXuarrEpChA
  9. festus

    Melges 40 - Ho Lee Fuk

    There's a hell of a difference in the price tag and running cost for a 32-footer versus a 40-footer and consequently in the size of the market. If this actually develops into a real OD fleet, which none of its recent competitors has done, then you can come back and tell me you were right and I was wrong. Biggest targets for this one are owners of Melges 32, RC44, Farr40, TP52 and Michetti knows them all. That's a decent sized pool of potential owners for a boat with a 5-order headstart. That said, times are a changin' and 800k might be a lot these days for a boat that won't even do 15 knots upwind... Then again, a new TP costs over 2 million bucks and may be slower around the track than this thing, so there's clearly people out there who have no problem spending the cash to get some fun monohull racing. So your options are: sail a 10+ year old boat or get a 2 million buck TP52 Don't forget the much smaller crew requirement than a 52 this thing will have. In the world of monohull grand prix racing with a worldwide footprint, I think that's about right. Amazingly over 100 TP52s have been built and their continued performance under various handicap rules has helped keep the class- and the name - on people's minds while everything else fades away. The obvious replacement for most of the classes is now multihulls, which take less than half the crew and go twice as quickly - just look at the price points: At 250k for a M32, 325k for the new NYYC foiling 30-foot trimaran, 420k for a GC32, and a million and change for a MOD70 that will crush records easier than Donald Trump crushes pussy, the decision just keeps getting easier thought he TP is the last real holdout. Federico is taking a big gamble on a canting OD boat and he could only get people excited by promising performance from a 40-footer that exceeds anything the market has seen thus far. i have no idea if it will succeed but am angling for a real test sail soon so I can find out its chances. I might fly to Dubai next week... RC44 continues to get 6-10 boats at big events. Otherwise, not a factor. Melges 32, 10-20 boats at big events, otherwise, not a factor. will revive at some point thanks to 200+ boats out there and a great sailing platform Farr 40 mostly dead. 4-10 boats at big events. Has had all the revivals it will have. Farr/Mumm 30 see above. 4-12 boats at events. C&C30 more of a club/US boat. 5-15 boats at events. One crew described them as 'the J/boat for those bored of j/boats'. No international grand prix level action yet. McConaghy 38 - 8 boats in NSW. stillborn outside Oz Farr 280 - 2-5 boats it Annapolis and nearby events. mostly DOA thanks to a high price point Farr 400 - DOA thanks to a horribly ugly look and early build issues Carkeek 40 - killed by benj's overspending, wide variety in early boats. Benj moved to a TP52. Decision moved to the Camper VO70. Ker 40/42/etc - suborned by Fast 40 handicap rule and the fact that brits seem to hate one design over a certain size. Lots of these things around, not a lot of one-design. Is there really a big difference in running cost between a Melges 32 and Melges 40? North site advertised price for a full set of sails: Melges 32 - $43k, Farr40 - $67k, Soto 40 - $64k.
  10. festus

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    Curious to see pictures of the broken foil on Hugo Boss. Seems if the entire tip were gone there would be heavy leeway. Would the remainder of the foil increase leeway as it is designed to generate vertical lift? lift?
  11. festus

    West Michigan Thread

    What is it?
  12. festus

    Merlin at 75 mph

    Where is Equation headed? http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2007/Westerly-STP-65-2580725/MI/United-States#.Vk-cpvmrQU0
  13. festus

    West Michigan Thread

    LM ice
  14. festus

    West Michigan Thread

    Ice on Sunday.
  15. festus

    West Michigan Thread

    Post some video or pics of Tick ripping across! Jack lines will be used tomorrow. Not sure what I'm more excited for, the race or the return Sat. Perdicted NW 20-35, .75 has not ben out of the bag for awhile.