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  1. There's a hell of a difference in the price tag and running cost for a 32-footer versus a 40-footer and consequently in the size of the market. If this actually develops into a real OD fleet, which none of its recent competitors has done, then you can come back and tell me you were right and I was wrong. Biggest targets for this one are owners of Melges 32, RC44, Farr40, TP52 and Michetti knows them all. That's a decent sized pool of potential owners for a boat with a 5-order headstart. That said, times are a changin' and 800k might be a lot these days for a boat that won't even do 15 knots upwind... Then again, a new TP costs over 2 million bucks and may be slower around the track than this thing, so there's clearly people out there who have no problem spending the cash to get some fun monohull racing. So your options are: sail a 10+ year old boat or get a 2 million buck TP52 Don't forget the much smaller crew requirement than a 52 this thing will have. In the world of monohull grand prix racing with a worldwide footprint, I think that's about right. Amazingly over 100 TP52s have been built and their continued performance under various handicap rules has helped keep the class- and the name - on people's minds while everything else fades away. The obvious replacement for most of the classes is now multihulls, which take less than half the crew and go twice as quickly - just look at the price points: At 250k for a M32, 325k for the new NYYC foiling 30-foot trimaran, 420k for a GC32, and a million and change for a MOD70 that will crush records easier than Donald Trump crushes pussy, the decision just keeps getting easier thought he TP is the last real holdout. Federico is taking a big gamble on a canting OD boat and he could only get people excited by promising performance from a 40-footer that exceeds anything the market has seen thus far. i have no idea if it will succeed but am angling for a real test sail soon so I can find out its chances. I might fly to Dubai next week... RC44 continues to get 6-10 boats at big events. Otherwise, not a factor. Melges 32, 10-20 boats at big events, otherwise, not a factor. will revive at some point thanks to 200+ boats out there and a great sailing platform Farr 40 mostly dead. 4-10 boats at big events. Has had all the revivals it will have. Farr/Mumm 30 see above. 4-12 boats at events. C&C30 more of a club/US boat. 5-15 boats at events. One crew described them as 'the J/boat for those bored of j/boats'. No international grand prix level action yet. McConaghy 38 - 8 boats in NSW. stillborn outside Oz Farr 280 - 2-5 boats it Annapolis and nearby events. mostly DOA thanks to a high price point Farr 400 - DOA thanks to a horribly ugly look and early build issues Carkeek 40 - killed by benj's overspending, wide variety in early boats. Benj moved to a TP52. Decision moved to the Camper VO70. Ker 40/42/etc - suborned by Fast 40 handicap rule and the fact that brits seem to hate one design over a certain size. Lots of these things around, not a lot of one-design. Is there really a big difference in running cost between a Melges 32 and Melges 40? North site advertised price for a full set of sails: Melges 32 - $43k, Farr40 - $67k, Soto 40 - $64k.
  2. Curious to see pictures of the broken foil on Hugo Boss. Seems if the entire tip were gone there would be heavy leeway. Would the remainder of the foil increase leeway as it is designed to generate vertical lift? lift?
  3. 10,000 would be very difficult without an all carbon build, maybe without interior furniture and head. Andrews 39, all carbon, is 11,400 lbs. Stripped out class 40 is 10,230 lbs. 12,000 is more reasonable and still will be fast enough. design disp ballast j111 9300 3515 5785 j122 14900 5600 9300 j125 8350 4646 3704 Ker40 10582 4800 5782 Looks pretty cool.
  4. Listed with a spare Novis mast http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2003/Farr-40-2953685/Muskegon/MI/United-States#.VxvTWtT3arU
  5. Sounds like fun...I am gonna go snowblow.
  6. What is it?
  7. Where is Equation headed? http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2007/Westerly-STP-65-2580725/MI/United-States#.Vk-cpvmrQU0
  8. Put in a conservative carbon spar with full batten main, roller furl jib, and a cruising spin and this would be a great world cruiser for 2 people. Unlimited range. Motor sailing is always more comfortable than motoring in rough weather. http://sailinganarchy.com/classifieds/show-ad/?id=2084
  9. How many 109s race in the Bay Area?
  10. LM ice
  11. Ice on Sunday.
  12. Post some video or pics of Tick ripping across! Jack lines will be used tomorrow. Not sure what I'm more excited for, the race or the return Sat. Perdicted NW 20-35, .75 has not ben out of the bag for awhile.
  13. 12-15 kts SSE for the first 55 nm. The wind shut off for the last 10 nm. We ended up finishing in 3 kts NW. Div 1: 1. Tick 2. Lady K
  14. The 2013 Q Cup finishes in Ludington - mixing it up a bit.
  15. Sayonara was on a truck tonight (3 actually), and appeared ready to hit the road. I think she has been in the shed at Eldeans for almost 10 years.