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  1. Santa Cruz 33

    Wow!!! You really HAVE done a lot of good work!! Congrats!!!! Gotta keep the old girls alive....
  2. Santa Cruz 33

    Dang Bill! Your boat looks really great!! Just noticed the A Kite.. Tell me more???
  3. Eds SC-33 Anarchy 3

    It is a fun platform to learn and tweak and try things. You will be kicking ass in no time. Just a learning curve, and being open to trying different things, and having FUN!! Weather depending, this weekend will include #2 testing. A sail I told myself I would never own for the boat.. We'll see!!
  4. Eds SC-33 Anarchy 3

    Or I can shoot you some photos of Muffin.. Pretty easy. We convert the fore guy to a tack line, lower the pole, throw some guys on it. Good to go. https://get.google.com/albumarchive/100094681587997126638/album/AF1QipPomZ0Ar4NbU2m-laUnLFzzF4u4JYYEM0LDuKkB/AF1QipOM1l2BUXyzSl9CLBJ_c10hk0rRmN7boJv1b9Yd
  5. Eds SC-33 Anarchy 3

    117 with a new rudder. 120 before. Scratch with a J-29, which is a great competitor and baseline for SC 33 (Muffin) performance. keep tuning!
  6. Bad Company

    Anarchy III--- Protecting the rating all of us. Thanks! I have never been called a 'Smart woman' though!
  7. Bad Company

    More horsepower, and a way to get it onto the track. The boat looks pretty!
  8. Round The County 2017

    The old Santa Cruz 33 Shitter will be up there to see what we can break!
  9. mondo bondage

    Great boat!!! Get some sails and lets go racing!
  10. mondo bondage

    No Problem!! Good times when it is windy in Elliott Bay!! Free hotdogs and sketchy mark roundings mean summer in Seattle! Thanks!
  11. For a number of years I owned SC-33  #6 named I-5 and raced quite a few times against Muffin.  It was always a pleasure to race with such good competition.  Finally sold the boat when my bod just could't take it any more.  True the boats need to be stiffened up to perform at their peak with present sail fabrics and technology.  Is it worth the expense of modification?   Yes, definitely.  Any boat from the board of the Wizard is fast and will keep up with most of the modern designs.  A few mods makes them just as fast or faster.   What makes them better is that you will have a boat you can stand up in.   A head that can be closed off for privacy (the girls love this) and a cabin that you can get into when you need a break from the rain, cold and drudge of the Pacific NW.  Yes you can go cruising as well.  

    A SC-33 in good shape will sell for about $25K    Spend a few K more to stiffen up the hull, and you end up with a boat that will kick some serious ass for a lot less.  It's no wonder why owners keep them forever and they keep on piling up pickle dishes.  Some may think the investment in Muffin was foolish.  No way, it was very smart indeed. Get one if you can. .  


  12. Swiftsure

    Muffin had a fun, long, entertaining at times, frustrating at times event. Oh, and met up again with the guy who first bought the boat from Bill Lee! Swiftsure never disappoints!
  13. mondo bondage

    Seems to me there are enough SC33's in the Long Beach area to get a one design start....
  14. Santa Cruz 33

    Yea, the ring frame in Rev. 1 ties the keel frame, bulkheads and mast step together, and the 'rollbar' does infact go between the windows, to stiffen that tall cabin up a bit when the fat crew members are bouncing around on deck.
  15. Santa Cruz 33

    You mean these? Rev. 1.0 was the mast step and bulkhead deal Rev. 2.0 was the roll bar and integrated hatch garage