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  1. judge

    MSC Opera crashes into Venice dock

    The use of the Giudecca Canal by cruise ships (Grand Navi) has been an issue with Venetians for more than a decade. There have been protests and agitation against it years. Just this sort of "accident" has been predicted and feared by the opponents of the practice. it was indeed fortunate that this collision caused no loss of life and relatively little damage to the fabric of La Serenissima, but there could have been an absolute tragedy for the world if the loss of control of the MSC Opera l had occurred 20 minutes earlier and the ship had careened into the Piazzetta or the entrance to the Grand Canal. (Look at a map). The refusal of the authorities to halt the practice was justified by the huge fees paid to the Commune by the cruise ship companies and the projected loss of revenue to the local government. But, as with many things Italian, there was a whiff of corruption in their failure to act. It is not entirely remarkable that the mayor has done an abrupt about face in his position. Hopefully this incident will result in a safer and more sustainable route being provided for these maretime behemoths sooner rather than later.
  2. judge

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Apart from the brilliant idea of putting the multihull start line 100 meters to leeward of the Mono fleet line AND THEN starting the multi's 5 minutes BEFORE the mono's...I wasn't aware of any significant problems on the line, certainly no banging and crashing. Any names???
  3. judge

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    BJ in a bit less wind??
  4. judge

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Nice without the inane babbling of the commentariat.
  5. judge

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    OK, got it. It's 2.30 am here in Europe so I'm a bit testy.
  6. judge

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    The (admittedly piss poor) local coverage started at 12.30 local time. It's now 5 minutes past. where's the f'ing 'live stream'???
  7. judge

    No-Wear Chafe Guard, Any good?

    Most 'edges' that might need protection have a constant radius. For example the cockpit side to deck radius on an Archambault 35 is 50mm, or about 2 inches. To protect the areas around the traveller and backstay control line cleats I took a 6 inch piece of 50mm alloy tube, cut it lengthwise into about 30 degree sections, rounded the edges and stuck it in place with a bit of Sikaflex. Works a treat for about $1.00 a side. You could use SS pipe if you wanted but the alloy is light, cheap, and will take a shine if that's what you want.
  8. judge

    what is it?

  9. judge

    Melbourne Osaka 2018

    Haven't seen a NOR but in the past there was a 50 foot LOA limit. Has it been changed?
  10. judge

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Rumours of a 6th A35 coming down from Sydney. Had 5 in Geelong and some good racing. Fun boats for reasonable $$$$
  11. judge

    Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    Hi Shaggy. As I said the mainsheet winch is cruisey, which is fine if that's what you're doing, and lots of cruisers use similar set ups. The limits will be dependent on how many hands (at the rate of no more than two per person) you have to operate the systems. Other than de-powering the main or easing when bearing away, the biggest opportunity for a snafu will be when reefing, particularly going between the first and second reefs. I see that the main halyard is on the starboard side and is a two to one purchase. Finagling the halyard, sheet, outhaul and reef lines will need some thought, and there will be a lot of string moving through stoppers and around winches. All perfectly do-able but probably not the most efficient racing set up. But it's your boat and, as I also acknowledge, the French are pretty damn good at this sort of thing, so I wouldn't give it any thought until you've used the systems a few times and can say whether they meet your needs. Again, it's a beautiful boat and I look forward to more episodes of your antipodean adventures!
  12. judge

    Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    I love your boat and thank you so much for sharing the ride. The French are such a "sailing nation" that all their gear and systems are so well thought out! My only comment is on the mainsheet system. Having the main trimmed by one winch, even an electric one, that also has to do other duty, is a pretty cruisey option. It can't be reached from the helm and invites a snarl up if it has to be eased in a hurry, especially with both reefs at the same station. It would be fine for cruising or short handed trans-ocean sailing where manoeuvres are (mostly) worked out well in advance and executed according to a well rehearsed plan, but fully crewed or round the buoy racing it is likely to be an issue. I totally get (I can't believe I just typed that! ) that the principal trimming weapon is the traveller, but just having the sheet and traveller at opposite ends of the cockpit is questionable IMHO. Big Fathead mains need a fair bit of care and feeding, and the german mainsheet system would be a far more efficient way to go for any quick action. Two winches on the coaming within reach of the helm could be very easily retro-fitted. Just my 2 cents worth. I hope we might see the boat down south, or is it too cold down here?
  13. judge

    Sailing shoes for old guys.

    Thanks for all your opinions and advice. We're not yet into the sailing season here, but for bumming around I have bought a pair of "Sketchers" Memory Foam trainers. Very comfortable and the footbed foam has not yet compacted or lost any of its cushioning effect. There is a good range of styles available here in-store in AUS and now I have a handle on the sizing I can go net shopping too. Price here is $99 for the ones I have. I have found that most shoes with a "cushion" insole have the padding concentrated on the heel and arch, whereas my problem is on the ball of the foot. Thanks again for your interest.
  14. For the last 40 years or so I've been a Sperry guy, and over the last 15 or so I've poured scorn on new style "technical", plasticcy shoes. Now, in my advanced years I have been diagnosed with "March-feet", or inflamed metatarsal bones, possibly with stress fractures . I could ignore it for the last couple of seasons because the inflammation would resolve after one or two days, but now it seems it's here to stay. I need a shoe with a soft, or at least well padded foot bed, especially in the area of the ball of the foot. Last 10 years I've been using the Sperry 'Bill Fish" which I thought were pretty good, but not any more. I obviously need grip, but not at wet foredeck levels (see "advanced years' above .) and something other than day glows that scream "look at me" would be nice. What do the cognoscenti suggest? I'm in AUS and price is not the first question I'd ask. [And if you want to let me know your preferences on sunglasses, knives, sea-boots etc. have at it! ]
  15. judge

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    If you mean...'is a professional RO employed by a Club more or less likely to pull the pin than a volunteer RO ?' ...the answer is ...It depends. A pro PRO should have a better ability to make a proper risk assessment of the relevant sea and weather conditions ,and a good appreciations of his assets and his fleet. But equally he/she might be new to the job and also might have an eye on the particular politics of their employment. A volunteer may have little or no race management skills or experience, but may just as well have been doing the job for years, with no constituency to please, other than the sailors. Again either pro or volunteer can be a gung-ho masochist, ["we race no matter what"], or a physical or intellectual coward, ["looks as if it could get a bit tricky about 6 o'clock so we'd better not go"]. Finally, either may have something better to do, like going home and mowing the lawn (brownie points), giving some one-on-one coatching to that cute new bow-girl/boy on the Commodore's boat , or simply propping up the Bar and adding to the Club's revenue stream.