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  1. judge

    No-Wear Chafe Guard, Any good?

    Most 'edges' that might need protection have a constant radius. For example the cockpit side to deck radius on an Archambault 35 is 50mm, or about 2 inches. To protect the areas around the traveller and backstay control line cleats I took a 6 inch piece of 50mm alloy tube, cut it lengthwise into about 30 degree sections, rounded the edges and stuck it in place with a bit of Sikaflex. Works a treat for about $1.00 a side. You could use SS pipe if you wanted but the alloy is light, cheap, and will take a shine if that's what you want.
  2. judge

    what is it?

  3. judge

    caption contest

    Both the owner and the lift operator were fines $5000 for disturbing an environmental habitat to the detriment of the varied species thriving therein(on).
  4. judge

    5 Day Break

    Too many Aussi's on board both boats to behave like Trump.
  5. judge

    double down

    Reminds me a bit of the ljugtrom rig. We had a Folkboat(?) with one on Port Phillip in the seventies. Sort of like a Finn unstayed rig, but boomless with two 'sails' that could be separated for running, but otherwise lay against each-other on all other points of sailing. Maybe OK as a cruising rig, but not otherwise very efficient on any point of sail.
  6. judge

    Add reef hook,,,

    We use the Tricky Pig to reef the A35 but kept on straightening out rod hooks even up to 6mm stainless. In the end we went with a Chinese knock-off of the Wichard clip, whith the wire guard removed. It's heavy but it will never bend. Stamped '316' so it may not rust either.
  7. judge

    Flexible coupling.

    If there is enough room between your gearbox and stuffing box you cab use two CV joints from any front wheel drive car. Cheap as chips from a wrecker. The two are welded together about 1 foot apart and connected to the shaft and gearbox. This should completely isolate the engine from the shaft and you can put the donkey on the softest mounts you can find.
  8. judge

    Kitchen knife anarchy

    If you are really into knives check out japanesechefsknife.com. The site is a bit daunting at first, but there is some great quality knives at reasonable prices. Their sister site 'japaneseknifedirect.com' also has some incredible stuff.
  9. judge

    Melbourne Osaka 2018

    Haven't seen a NOR but in the past there was a 50 foot LOA limit. Has it been changed?
  10. judge

    Sydney to Hobart 2016

    As an aside, can anyone who might know about this sort of thing give an estimate of the crew wages bill for Comanche's 2015 race? I bet Kenny doesn't come cheap, but what about the rail meat et al?
  11. judge

    Sydney to Hobart 2016

    Maserati and BG seem to have found their own little hole. 2.8 & 5.1 knots respectively with Black Jack screaming up astern at 17 plus. Who called it 'Storm Bay'!!
  12. judge

    Sydney to Hobart 2016

    But the pre-start TV coverage begins at midday in Aus. Are we only going to get the last 15 minutes?...5? I repeat WTF!!!
  13. judge

    Sydney to Hobart 2016

    Am I doing something wrong??? I'm in Venice, Italy, it's 2.20am and nothing is streaming. No Rolex Live Stream, No Channel 7 Live (n0 surprise there), No Sailorgirl. WTF!!!!
  14. judge

    Sydney Hobart 2016 34 - 41 fters only

    Avalanche is no longer listed on the Rolex site. Anyone know what's happened to Hick and the boy?