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  1. judge

    what’s missing? on front page

    I like the concept but the wheel is a deal-breaker for me. Excessively complicated and unnecessary. you can get that far forward in the cockpit with a tiller extension, and if you need to hide behind the dodger you can flip on the autopilot, Cunt!
  2. judge

    Caption Contest

    ...and if it breaks I've got another 12 feet downstairs.
  3. judge

    Random PicThread

  4. judge

    The watch of a yachtsman? Which one...

  5. judge

    what is it?

    Could be just about anything from that era; agree it looks in the 40-45 foot range. Looks a bit slab sided for a Peterson though.
  6. judge

    Miller 29

    The pic on the hardstand looks a bit Bob Miller/Ben Lexen to me but also is redolent of a 4KSB called a Supersonic 27; couldn't sail out of sight on a dark night. The line drawing 'Design 30' looks to be either the actual or preliminary Miller design that became the near sister-ships 'Ginko' and 'Apollo II' that starred for Aus in the 1973 Admirals Cup. Ginko was beatifully built in timber and was sold to an Italian after the Cup and didn't come back to Australia. She was eventually sunk in the Atlantic(?) after hitting a whale. Apollo II was slightly different with a small doghouse and was built for Alan Bond in Alloy. She is still around somewhere after spending many years on Port Phillip.
  7. judge

    Old Sailing gear photo's

    Not all that old really. Bought for the 100th Sydney to Hobart race in 1994 which we did on Helsal 2. It's been with me on just about every sail since, and worn about half the time. Still works perfectly. Not a legal PFD but no body realyy knows (or cares much) any more. It still supports me in the drink and is lightweight, comfortable and hardy. I may have to get the zipper replaced soon
  8. judge

    what is it?

    That would be Mondrian. Modigliani was more bendy portraits.
  9. judge

    Geeelong FOS Jan 25.

    What happens when a widely varied fleet, in size, type, expertise, all come together in a restricted channel after about 6 hours and 20 miles of racing. The camera is on board a Bavaria 44 (?) I'm on the J35 Spirit with the white kite with the black letters. Enjoy.
  10. judge

    MSC Opera crashes into Venice dock

    The use of the Giudecca Canal by cruise ships (Grand Navi) has been an issue with Venetians for more than a decade. There have been protests and agitation against it years. Just this sort of "accident" has been predicted and feared by the opponents of the practice. it was indeed fortunate that this collision caused no loss of life and relatively little damage to the fabric of La Serenissima, but there could have been an absolute tragedy for the world if the loss of control of the MSC Opera l had occurred 20 minutes earlier and the ship had careened into the Piazzetta or the entrance to the Grand Canal. (Look at a map). The refusal of the authorities to halt the practice was justified by the huge fees paid to the Commune by the cruise ship companies and the projected loss of revenue to the local government. But, as with many things Italian, there was a whiff of corruption in their failure to act. It is not entirely remarkable that the mayor has done an abrupt about face in his position. Hopefully this incident will result in a safer and more sustainable route being provided for these maretime behemoths sooner rather than later.
  11. judge

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Apart from the brilliant idea of putting the multihull start line 100 meters to leeward of the Mono fleet line AND THEN starting the multi's 5 minutes BEFORE the mono's...I wasn't aware of any significant problems on the line, certainly no banging and crashing. Any names???
  12. judge

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    BJ in a bit less wind??
  13. judge

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Nice without the inane babbling of the commentariat.
  14. judge

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    OK, got it. It's 2.30 am here in Europe so I'm a bit testy.
  15. judge

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    The (admittedly piss poor) local coverage started at 12.30 local time. It's now 5 minutes past. where's the f'ing 'live stream'???