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  1. Reminds me a bit of the ljugtrom rig. We had a Folkboat(?) with one on Port Phillip in the seventies. Sort of like a Finn unstayed rig, but boomless with two 'sails' that could be separated for running, but otherwise lay against each-other on all other points of sailing. Maybe OK as a cruising rig, but not otherwise very efficient on any point of sail.
  2. We use the Tricky Pig to reef the A35 but kept on straightening out rod hooks even up to 6mm stainless. In the end we went with a Chinese knock-off of the Wichard clip, whith the wire guard removed. It's heavy but it will never bend. Stamped '316' so it may not rust either.
  3. If there is enough room between your gearbox and stuffing box you cab use two CV joints from any front wheel drive car. Cheap as chips from a wrecker. The two are welded together about 1 foot apart and connected to the shaft and gearbox. This should completely isolate the engine from the shaft and you can put the donkey on the softest mounts you can find.
  4. If you are really into knives check out japanesechefsknife.com. The site is a bit daunting at first, but there is some great quality knives at reasonable prices. Their sister site 'japaneseknifedirect.com' also has some incredible stuff.
  5. Haven't seen a NOR but in the past there was a 50 foot LOA limit. Has it been changed?
  6. As an aside, can anyone who might know about this sort of thing give an estimate of the crew wages bill for Comanche's 2015 race? I bet Kenny doesn't come cheap, but what about the rail meat et al?
  7. Maserati and BG seem to have found their own little hole. 2.8 & 5.1 knots respectively with Black Jack screaming up astern at 17 plus. Who called it 'Storm Bay'!!
  8. But the pre-start TV coverage begins at midday in Aus. Are we only going to get the last 15 minutes?...5? I repeat WTF!!!
  9. Am I doing something wrong??? I'm in Venice, Italy, it's 2.20am and nothing is streaming. No Rolex Live Stream, No Channel 7 Live (n0 surprise there), No Sailorgirl. WTF!!!!
  10. Avalanche is no longer listed on the Rolex site. Anyone know what's happened to Hick and the boy?
  11. It's all about the PEOPLE. If you are in an interesting group, with no SHOUTING and a supportive, gender neutral environment, even the most self absorbed 17 to 25 year old will find something to keep coming back for. We are pack animals and will crave acceptance by a group. We will identify with any group that accepts, values and inspires us. If you get cold, wet, frightened and yelled at, why would anyone come back for more.
  12. Fugly as sin and completely irrelevant for 99% of real sailors. Oh, and out of reach financially for all but Trump's cadre, if they have any interest at all in boats!
  13. ^ Just what I was about to post. Job done: meet the insurer's criteria, don't draw unnecessary attention from the insurer (so they have less to argue with you about if you ever need to claim), and you get to spend a little more on the next boat if you smash/sink this one .. Unlikely youll be able to do that. They probably will want a Bill of Sale and they won't let you insure it for more than you paid. Begins to sound like fraud IMO. Insurance isn't a simple business and the industry relies on historical data to determine it's policy basis. If they won't insure certain classes of risk then it's for good reason. After all they are not in business to keep you happy. Some insurers will bend their rules if you have a good relationship with a broker and/or a good claims history which will give them confidence that you are not going to screw them over. Going to/through a broker that may know you is the only way to find out. As for the suggestion that you and some like minded mates could agree to race your 4ksbs without insurance, you must have been drinking the bong water again! Unless you are single handing miles from anywhere you are nuts to go out on the water on any boat without at least third party. We all make mistakes and accidents do happen. It doesn't take much to cause over $100k damage to someone else's pride and joy, and if someone gets hurt the dollars will quickly spiral out of control. Apart from any damage or damages that you are liable to pay, it is always nice to have the insurers paying for the lawyers too. I recently did a case where an uninsured driver in a $1000 bomb did a silly thing (U-turn) in front of a big rig in the bush. The driver of the rig was able to avoid leaving a greasy stain on the road, but put the truck, trailers and load into the scenery. Ended up costing the driver of the car over $250k, which he hasn't a hope in hell of finding unless he wins the lottery. It's not difficult to think of a nautical equivalent. Whinge about the increasingly litigious society we have built if you like, but contemplate having to fight the widow of the
  14. Sure looks like Cheshire Racing. See page 68 of the November Yachting World.