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  1. The Main Man

    Expressions and Sayings

    I’m sure it’s time for this to be shared
  2. The Main Man

    INEOS Team GB

    And let’s not forget oil is only one part of the INEOS business. “Sufficient evidence” still seems a bit lacking.... still, wild speculation is the forum forte!
  3. The Main Man

    INEOS Team GB

    I’d be surprised if someone of Simmer’s calibre stuffed up the budget badly as is being suggested above.
  4. Yes. Until a few years ago when my eyesight got a bit worse, I had 1 long sighted and 1 short sighted eye. I have in binocular vision although to me it seems fine. Never affected me except 3D films totally pass me by (I can’t see the effects).
  5. The Main Man

    Corona Virus

    I give you exhibit A from the UK....Theresa May & Brexit!
  6. The Main Man

    Sports commentary vs dogs

    For your viewing pleasure...
  7. The Main Man

    INEOS Team GB

    That wasn’t the film I was pointing out as being in the Solent and recent though, was it? The one above that JAL has re-posted is in the Solent.
  8. The Main Man

    INEOS Team GB

    Which footage? The one from Saturday called “Back on home waters” IS the Solent.
  9. The Main Man

    The rise of the KAREN

  10. The Main Man

    INEOS Team GB

    Reminds me of the boat in “The World is not Enough.” The Navy will be using it for target practise soon!
  11. The Main Man

    Sports commentary vs dogs

    My pleasure. I try to look for the lighter things at the moment or it can all get a bit too much.
  12. The Main Man

    Idiots are just making it all harder to get to normal

    Just seen this earlier myself. And we wonder why bad things happen... idiots. Idiots happen.
  13. The Main Man

    Sports commentary vs dogs

  14. The Main Man

    What to read?

    I’d hesitate to recommend the series I am finishing. Not because, they aren’t good but because they are not an easy read. Fantastically well written “House of Niccolo” series by Dorothy Dunnett set in the 15th century. About to start her Lymond series next - equally as good.
  15. The Main Man

    What to read?

    Almost all of his books are great (I wasn’t enamoured of “An Officer and a Spy”). The Cicero trilogy was very good.