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  1. Not sure what history books you read, but NZL-20 was one dodgy Italian protest away from challenging for and potentially winning the America's Cup. If thats your definition of a lemon then there were an aweful lot of lemons in 92.
  2. The Red Sled is for sale apparently.... One of my favourites.
  3. Boybland

    Second US Team

    I don't know, a fair amount of the preliminary work was guesstimates anyway until the class rule was officially released, teams weren't even sure what components they could neccessarily put effort into. That said now the rule is out teams will be putting real money and real simulation power into designs so you have to be quick at this point as things will really progress fast from here on in.
  4. Boybland

    4 Solid Teams, this thing is on!

    They certainly look far enough down the track that it would a pretty big turn around to suddenly pull the plug now, you don't go hiring rather expensive sailors on the off chance you might be challenging and they are appear to have enough access to cash to make finances an unlikely reason to pull out which is usually the killer of smaller potential teams.
  5. Boybland

    4 Solid Teams, this thing is on!

    We are still 3 years out and have 3 well funded challengers confirmed for the event and work on others as well, plus plans for what looks to be a pretty top notch venue in the pipeline. This puts it well on track compared to basically any other recent iteration, some people are just Negative Nellys I guess.
  6. So now that we have at least 4 confirmed very well funded teams, I guess we can basically say game on at this point! Now we just need a couple of underdog teams to add colour and fun and we can call this thing a wrap! Well as long as they can get those crazy boats to actually work... But I am guessing people aren't going to throw 200+ million at it if they didn't think that was the case.
  7. Boybland

    AC36 - The Venue

    How about an actual wing sans cladding, just the ribs, would look mean! But yes, agree really liking the idea of a full size representation of the wing!
  8. Boybland

    AC36 - The Venue

    By having the coastgaurd specify charter boats can only go out in breezes above 15 knots but below 20...
  9. Boybland

    AC36 - The Venue

    Personally I love the AC72 and think it would make an much better visual spectacle than the AC50 especially with the boards in and if you were allowed to walk around underneath it. It didn't win, but pretty certain it still has a special place in a few Kiwi hearts, just like KZ-1 did and for similar reasons, it was a thoroughbred nuetered by rule changes to make it less competitive and it still very nearly got the job done! but still a fabulous design none the less. It's also the boat that really rekindled AC interest for Kiwis after all the nonesense with Bertarelli and Ellison basically killed it dead!
  10. Boybland

    AC36 - The Venue

    The second AC72 definitely had fairing on the sprit, just look at any of the pictures of the race where they are trying to turn it upside down. Besides KZ-1 has been hanging around the viaduct for decades as a losing boat.
  11. Boybland

    Team Australia

    No it's definitely counting chickens, your treating your eggs as chickens in your certainty that they will be chickens in the future.
  12. Boybland

    AC36 - The Venue

    I concur, looks like the AC72 to me as well, it's got pretty destinct fairing, I guess that explains why the hulls are still sitting in gladwrap over by the Onehunga offramp!
  13. Boybland

    how fast is it?

    My completely uneducated guesses... Improved airflow up on to the deck on the windward side and improved airflow in general, while still keeping plenty of volume forward. I suspect it also very effectivly sheds water so it may actually deal better with putting the nose under than many are predicting. Fair amount of wave piercing effect as well.
  14. Boybland

    Team Australia

    I think the AC probably is still as big an ego trip even for a rich Australian, but given the Sydney to Hobart is given at least equal weight in Australia and your four times more likely to win it just on freuqncy alone and at a fraction of the cost I can see why it is far more appealing to an Australian punter! Even as a New Zealander I think the Sydney to Hobart is a great event and we always watch the start in our household!
  15. Boybland

    AC36 - The Venue

    My understanding is that ETNZ are in the water side of the events centre. That was from a news article quite some time ago which I believe also had LR in the next best spot out on the end of the Maritime Museum. The tank farm sites are for any other challengers and can be expanded by as many sites as are neccessary to cater for them. Happy to be corrected if someone has more up to date information that says otherwise.