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  1. Agreed, AC50's are heavily rule bound, they are nowhere near their maximum potential. With modifications outside of the AC50 rule set they would definitely be faster than now even as manauverable course racers, heck if they just had movable ballast that would probably be enough to increase their speed significantly, throw in control surfaces, throw out foil size, shape and usage limitations , throw out all the minimum requirements for weight, balance, centre of mass etc... Throw out the rules around rig size, shape, number of elements etc, etc... Throw out the rules around what you can and cannot aero shape. Yeah there would be plenty of go fast modifications left on an AC 50 if you really wanted to do it, no idea what the maximum speed possible would be, but they certainly aren't there with the current setup (although they may be close to the maximum within the rule set).
  2. Nothing protects your Status Quo better than closing the loop of access, experience and merit in a tidy little argument that excludes anybody you don't want involved eh!
  3. AC36 - The Venue

    S5 and D6 will also be great places to view the boats coming in and out if they are left empty due to lack of competitors.
  4. To be honest I find rugby a pretty fucking stupid comparison to sailing as well... It's pretty darn clear the biggest reason you would never have a mixed rugby team is because there are issues with men smashing women over...
  5. So basically mixed doubles in tennis is just token women playing in a mens doubles game? It is actually possible to have a serious competition involving both men and women at the same time on the same team in a mandated manner, it's not some a strange oddity or abberation it happens all the time in a multitude of sports.
  6. Just watched the VOR inshore from Cape Town, once again it becomes obvious that from a spectator viewpoint there are no real negatives to having a female sailor on the boats and loads of positives, it's just more interesting! The commentators made the point to, one of them was in the all womens team that sailed a few years ago and she was saying there is an absolute world of difference in the experience you gain sailing with a bunch of other women who have never done the event before versus sailing with someone who has done the event 7 or 8 times! The only thing that is going to build the required experiences to then be passed down to newer generations of female sailors is having some of them actually competing at the top level. Under the current process (which lets face it has had a bloody long time to succeed if it was going to) it's pretty clear this is simply not going to happen.
  7. Yeah I have been to the Vasa Museum as well, it's really spectactular , actually the whole of Stockholm is, just a really neat city.
  8. AC36 Auckland NZ

    As per the Ministry of Transport website: Revenue for land transport comes mostly from motorists through fuel excise duty (petrol tax), road user charges on diesel vehicles (RUC), and vehicle licensing charges. The Land Transport Management Act 2003 ring-fences this revenue for investment in land transport, including building and maintaining State highways and local roads. State highways are funded entirely by central government, with maintenance responsibilities and expenses falling on the NZ Transport Agency(external link). The costs of building and maintaining local roads are shared between central government (through the NZ Transport Agency) and local councils. Councils contribute to the cost of their land transport activities from rates and borrowing, in what is known as the ‘local share’. The government’s priorities for land transport funding are set out through the Government Policy Statement on Land Transport, which allocates ranges within which road improvements and maintenance can be funded. Each local council then prepares a Regional Land Transport Plan, which the NZ Transport Agency considers when preparing the National Land Transport Programme (NLTP). The NLTP allocates funding to individual roading projects. This separation of the Minister from individual funding decisions is designed to help avoid perceptions of conflict of interest. From time to time the government may wish to fund projects which are unable or unsuitable to be funded by charges on motorists alone, or might want to exercise more control over investment than is permitted through this process. In these cases the Crown is able to direct additional funds through the usual Budget processes. Recent examples of this are funding for the Accelerated Regional Roads Package, Urban Cycleways and the SuperGold Card public transport scheme. Both the bolded parts pretty much look like subsidies (or at least public money) to me... Yes a fair whack of it comes from fuel tax and road user charges, but there is clearly a significant public investment on occassion as well. The other issue not addressed is the fact that road charges are not actually spent in the same regions as the contributions. So there are drivers in some parts of New Zealand pretty heavily subsidising drivers in other parts. Pretty sure the main reason the regional fuel tax is being introduced in Auckland is due to about 30 years of under investment... As for why you should subsidise public transport? Well pretty much every study shows the economic benefits outweigh the costs. It's cheaper and more efficient than building roads, the costs of moving the same number of people using roads would be astronomical and to do it without subsidy (as in purely using a fuel tax for example) would require something far more than 10 cents a litre being added to fuel in Auckland.
  9. AC36 Auckland NZ

    Given $1.5 billion in annual economic benefit that just makes good economic sense. That and the fact that anyone who thinks roads aren't a subsidised service is pretty bonkers! Everytime you hear the words "road of national significance" your talking some serious public money!
  10. AC36 Auckland NZ

    Judging by most peoples choice of vehicle these days, everyone already seems to be preparing for that inevitable day where the roads just become unmaintained seas of mud provided by free market.
  11. Teams?

    Buying the current winning team is always the exception to having to put in the normal amount work to achieve a goal... It is however a proven formula for success for billionaire sports fans the world over!
  12. They are surely just going to lift them out complete. They lifted those ridiculously heavy AC90's out so surely these can't be that much of a challenge! Googling boat travel lifts and looking at images would appear to show a whole slew of machines up to the job...
  13. AC36 Auckland NZ

    Turns out they are worth 1.5 billion dollars a year to the New Zealand economy as well, but most people seem to hate them because *gasp* people have to share them, which every good capitalist knows is an inherently evil concept that must be stamped out in case it spreads.
  14. This is my view on it as well. If you have other restrictions on how crew qualify (nationality, resisdency, maximum total weight, etc...) why is a requirment for some small gender balance any different and so offensive to some people? To a certain extent you can use the same logic for lots of things, why can't teams tank test? or race two boats? or any of a host of other restrictions to either reign in costs, even the field, or just make the event more interesting? These are all widely accepted parts of the protocol. I just can't see how having one woman sailor on each boat would somehow make the event worse and I can think of a whole bunch of reasons why it would make it better. They are also deliberately trying to make the event affordable and attractive to a bunch of teams everyone knows aren't going to win, yet no one seems to thinks this is a bad idea even though they claim to want to only see the best of the best and everything done on merit alone.
  15. Especially considering they were always going to foil and the shape was almost never going to be in the water anyway!