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  1. Boybland

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Luna Rosa sure looks like a bit of strengthening up front wouldn't have hurt...
  2. Boybland

    Boats and foils comparison

    The mesaurements all relate to either waterline or overall length. ETNZ has a reverse bow, LR has a plumb one, so at deck level the distance to the bow is slightly shorter for ETNZ than LR. It's also possible LR has a more sloped foredeck forward of the stay further enhancing the effect. The distance from the forestay to the furthest forward point on the bow (almost at the waterline for ETNZ) however will be the same (within tiny tolerances).
  3. Boybland

    Youth America's Cup

    Not really, a trend implies he was once upon a time right. He has been trolling since day zip and never cared for the truth from the start. He's our very own virtual Donald Trump.
  4. Boybland

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    Well as legal as the hula at least...
  5. Boybland

    Boats and foils comparison

    Worth noting the foils ETNZ won with last time were the ones they launched with, basically used briefly to prove they worked and then put back in the box until race day... I don't think any team would build a foil any shape unless they genuinely thought it was the best performing shape they could make, if your still chasing new foil shapes near the business end your probably already sunk. Being able to swap wings for different conditions is another story of course, although I think that is covered by how early the boats have to be measured?
  6. Pretty sure that if all you geniuses (and Donald Trump) can figure out the various exceptions, under / over reportings etc.. and make a guess at it's impact on the projected mortality rate. The actual scientists doing the statistical modelling can do the same...
  7. Because North Korea is so very representative of every democracy that is not the US???? Surely you can do better than that...
  8. What freaky neo liberal think tank did that slogan come from??? Access to decent healthcare and education are extremely beneficial to your equality of chance, both things are close to impossible to provide to everyone without redistribution.
  9. Boybland

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Thats because your senses are telling you it's hanging off a yacht, when in reality uner sail its the other way round... It's like grabbing a monohull by the bulb, holding it at 90 degrees and lifting it out of the water.
  10. Boybland

    Team NYYC

    32 days doesn't seem that much compared to how often we have seen ETNZ out. They surely must know how manhy days ETNZ have done and it must be something close, they have certainly been out far more often than INEOS and he's giving them 15 days.
  11. Boybland

    Youth America's Cup

    If it was say once a day yeah maybe... hence why a lot of people I disagree with a not on ignore. But when every thread is filled with the same quite deliberately untrue and only posted for point of winding people up comments, well there seems very little point reading the same shit for a thousandth time when it was still shit after the previous 999 times.
  12. Boybland

    Youth America's Cup

    I don't think it's a punishment. I do think certain posters simply spam bullshit all day every day and the forum is far more pleasant without their input. To put that statement in perspective, I only have about 4 people on ignore in 13 years of being here and I am pretty sure 3 of them are probably just the same person with different names.
  13. Boybland

    Youth America's Cup

    It's almost worth unignoring him just to reply to that one, it's literally so ripe for the picking it's less a low hanging fruit and more one that has already fallen on the ground. I'm not sure there is a correct a statement in the entire thing. Honestly though just pop him on ignore, the forums suddenly get a lot more pleasant without the incessant,monotonous, semi racist, factually incorrect, trolling.
  14. Boybland

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    They are a bit like those paper wrapped balsa planes some uncle always gives you when your about seven!
  15. I would get out to the start line on the first day, that's when the carnage will be! Then you can watch the business end on TV with all the performance information etc... available. It's not like it really matters who wins at this point so not much to be gained from sitting at the finish line for the last race.