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  1. When you go for a coffee and they give you this spoon to stir it... Perth 87?
  2. Just for laughs we should issue citizenship to all current Australian MPs, the chaos that would ensue would make a great spectator sport!
  3. Which cat? Now that they are up to what is it? The fourth member of parliament?
  4. The Australian government is giving a clear and concise lesson in just how dificult nationality laws can be to enforce!
  5. High tech race yachts with all their go fast parts pulled always look so forlorn.
  6. Pretty sure reaching in 30 knots and huge swells they would certainly feel fast (and probably terrifying)!
  7. The nationality clause is to make the teams and the event in general more marketable, the level will be whatever the feel is required to get buy in from the viewing public and 60% will probably do that. It's certainly enough for me.
  8. The problem and most people's complaints are about not the port in it's current form, it's that it is now no longer big enough and requires expansion and it's current location means they want to expand further out into the harbour (well they could fill in Hudson bay / Orakei basin I guess). It's already a pretty busy gnarly bit of water at the moment used by many more people than just the port, narrowing it further is not a great solution.
  9. Because it might be the last actual use for this thread after Oracle pull out... when was the last time anyone posted in the Alinghi thread!
  10. I agree time to retire KZ-1 and replace it with the AC50.
  11. Well at least we know what convfefe means now.
  12. The main dificulty is the car transporters are drive on drive off so require a wharf that supports this activity if they were to be moved and you have to get them off as fast as possible so the parking literally has to be within a few minutes walk to be effective.
  13. It was also tongue in cheek... However the system was clearly more complicated than your sheet analogy hence the analogy attracted itself a bit of ridicule, the very fact it required a mechanical feedback loop tells us this.
  14. More like 10 stopper balls of differing sizes that stop at differing amounts and selected based on the current load and angle of apparent wind and operate in both directions... But yeah we get your point.
  15. We have our boat see you in 10 months in a venue of our choosing where it blows 7 to 10 knots every day...