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  1. The LV (not the AC) WS

    Oh you mean kind of like LR and ETNZ were pissed when their significant investment in larger multihulls was shelved on a whim last time? I wonder which way TT voted on that one... That wasn't even done in the proper manner when the boat design was given to the teams as is the defenders right, but rather arbitrarily some time later.
  2. The LV (not the AC) WS

    Screw using the actual AC50 class rules though, better to make a wide open 50 foot class that the existing AC50s complied with, then you would have something interesting!
  3. Given these things are designed to take the worst the southern ocean can take I think it's safe to to say a boat designed for the gulf and strict wind limits will be a little closer to the edge than these.
  4. Artemis?

    Or 3 Australians or Kiwis with Bermudan passports.
  5. Team NZ

    Given he's the owner not the CEO I'd say your right!
  6. Artemis?

    I think you are rather over estimating how many sailing days these boats do... ETNZ's AC50 did 21 days sailing before shipping to Bermuda. With the AC72's only ETNZ managed to hit the 30 day limit in the first 6 month sailing period. You cannot even launch the first boat until 6 months into the first year... so you only have to pick up 6 more months over the next 18 months. Artemis could literally put off sailing until the early in the Swedish summer sail one summer in Sweden and then move to Auckland and have satisfied the requirements. They could also simply base themselves in the med (or similar southern Europe location) for their initial phase of testing and have the crew take a 2 or 3 hour flight home for the weekend and still satisfy the remaining 6 out of 18 months. EVERY team not based in New Zealand is going to need two bases anyway...
  7. I think it would certainly be something for the courts to decide, it really comes down to what defines a challenger and what defines defeat and what defines a match and the deed specifically says pretty much anything can be defined under mutual consent, so if you if mutually consent to define additional challengers and you include the challenger selection series as part of the event where does that leave you? It might be part of the reason why 2 years was selected in the London Agreement as this happens to be the expiry on the limitation.
  8. They can't, a defeated boat can't compete in a DOG challenge until the next challenge has been completed. They could try and argue in court that being defeated in the challenger series didn't count but I doubt that would fly as they were considered a legitimate challenger under mutual consent.
  9. They could always pick Bermuda as the DOG venue, their boat seemed to perform reasonably well there...
  10. The italians can't leave it as DOG match, there is a certain AC50 around here that is currently the fastest boat around the bouys on the planet! They can DOG if the want, ETNZ would just specify the minimum possible period befoer the match and then they wouldn't be the challenger or the defender...
  11. Look it's a baby KZ1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KZ1_(yacht)
  12. Yes I think so, although having it wide open ala DOG would always result in at least some changes over time as there are no material or technology restrictions within the DOG format so as these improve they would shift the optimum solution around, occasionally pretty drastically depending on the emerging technology, a hypothetical pre carbon fibre DOG would be pretty different to a post carbon fibre one for example.
  13. I don't believe so, there was a lot of differences between the AC90 boats the first time they were raced. The red sled with conjoined apendages was completely different to some of the other boats she was racing for example. But eventually everyone ends up at the same corner of the box simply because race after race more and more data accumulates to proves which corner that is. Even if you left the design brief wide open DOG you would still find after 3 or 4 cycles that alot of the boats started looking very similar.
  14. It's always important but the differences are magnified every time they change yachts and the bigger the change the bigger the design differences. We are kind of used to it now after 3 consecutive new classes of boat, but there was a time where they were putting helmets on winches when not in use to gain tiny fractions of a knot because the design race had become so close.