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  1. Looks like 1 Laser standard and no laser radial races the last two days? bad conditions? Anybody know?
  2. Lamps

    laser carbon tiller fix

    So I did this and it worked out great. Will see about durability but it was a beotch to sand so I’m optimistic. Thanks to all for the advice, that’s why I really dig this forum.
  3. Lamps

    laser carbon tiller fix

    Hi, what product are you referring to? ie what's the name of the 'high density fairing compound'?
  4. Lamps

    laser carbon tiller fix

    Gudgeons are fine, I am wise to that problem. The wear is in a line on the underside on each edge of the tiller when it rests on the cheek plates on the inside.
  5. Lamps

    laser carbon tiller fix

    Hi, what are folks favorite fixes for laser tillers when the bottom starts to wear due to contact with the rudder head. Somebody told me to epoxy some quarters on the underside. Other fkxes are chopping up old credit cards and taping them on the bottom. these seem hokey to me, what's a proper solution? Lamps
  6. Lamps


    Proven to be false on many occasions. Do you really think a war ship would have 30 cannonballs sitting loosely stacked by the side of a gun on a rolling and pitching deck? If you do, I have a bridge I would like to sell you!! Tip: If you put Scott Roberts on ignore the percentage of funny posts in this thread soars
  7. Lamps

    West Michigan Thread

    It is not hard to link back to it or to individual post in the thread. You can still read it and search for it. It has not gone away. Understood dawg, and you are right of course but, our West Mi thread was not a subject, it was a gathering place. Linking back isn't the point as none of us really ever go back and scroll through it anyway, it is just a chronical of the community. Pathetic as that may be , Kinda like the neighborhood bar burning down and moving accross the street. Not really all that different but yet never quite the same either. Keeping the thread on the first page of threads was kind of a point of pride (hey we are in Michigan, we gotta hang our hat on something!). We'll get over it, it was just a shock and a disruption in our everyday routine. Just start a new one...
  8. Lamps

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    the big Z took the 36.7's fun time Carv results are up now