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  1. Lamps

    Sailing Canada - the Wild West, East and North coasts

    A long time ago there was a thread on best cruising and somebody said south shore of Newfoundland - I think this on topic. Haven't been myself, it’s a bit of a project to get there but hopefully someday.
  2. Lamps

    Are Canadian Boats' Cores Wetter?

    My brokers advice was in order, best to worst: northern freshwater boat northern saltwater boat southern freshwater boat southern saltwater boat A northern freshwater boat that gets shrinkwrapped sees only half the year in terms of sunshine, and you don’t get damage from freezing and thawing at deck level. Water in the hull can cause damage of course.
  3. Lamps

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Whatever you normally wear at home while your crazy friends do that race.
  4. ^This^ 2013 boat just listed in Hamilton also use kijiji, often folks list there
  5. Are you sure about that price? I know eights are expensive but that seems high to me.
  6. Ok, so I'd like to redo the pages for my club's learn to sail program on the club website. I've looked at a few club's pages for inspiration and like my club's pages they're crappy as well. So who's got great learn to sail pages on the web? Please post links or names that can be found through google. Basically these would be pages that when someone arrives they would want to sign themselves/their kids up for sailing lessons. For those clubs out there that have good we presence this is a chance for them to be recognized.
  7. Lamps

    RIP - Stuart Walker

    I learned so much from that book. Condolences to his family and those that knew him, I only met him once.
  8. Lamps

    Polish laser hull This is great writeup on gelcoat fixes for lasers
  9. Lamps

    yellow coating on gelcoat - how to clean?

    I like this product, it cleans streaks and so on and waxes in a single use.
  10. Lamps

    Polish laser hull

    Do you have a lot of scratches, or dullness in the gel Coat? How old is the laser? unless there’s been significant damage I would just use the Hand Glaze. A couple coats of that and you’ll have a very smooth finish. Water will bead on it and it will be very fast. Polishing with rubbing compound can restore gel coat or mess it up if you don’t know what you are doing, I avoid it for lasers.
  11. Update - I've now had a good look at the hull, and the problem was that when the bailer was last installed (not by me) the screw was driven into the plastic plug that the bailer screws into (it's like a drywall plug, not the rubber hull plug in the cockpit). The screw hit almost between the plastic plug and the fibreglass of the hull rather than into the hole in the 'drywall' plug itself. There's not really any damage to the hull (very small surface chip). The (I presume factory drilled) hole in the hull looks like it's a tunnel through about an inch of material so there's definitely more there as backing than just the fibreglass of the hull at that point (2015 boat, non-Aussie hull). If I was building these boats myself I would not drill all the way through so that if the bailer came out the hull integrity would be preserved. So no epoxy work needed, I am going to reinstall the bailer using 4200 for sealant and make sure that the screw goes into the centre of the 'drywall' plug and I think that I'll be good to go.
  12. Lamps

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    I don’t think that the Aero is popular in Canada, at least central and east it’s all laser and laser radial.
  13. Thanks. I was wondering if there is anything behind the hull where the expansion plug goes in. I'm a bit worried that since it came out it might not fit back in snugly, maybe I'll use 4200 or epoxy when I put it back in and then use sika when I screw the bailer in. Thoughts?