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  1. BeerDidClam

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    Focus? You mean you actually have "focus?" Dude, you have the attention span of an 8 month old Irish Setter.
  2. BeerDidClam


    Oh, they race. Trust us, they race. I heard one crushed a PHLATT BLACK Laser someplace, somewhere. Fake news?
  3. BeerDidClam


    Laser are nice. I think a few have been built and purchased, although for why, I'll never know. Suppose you are out sailing and you decide you want to take a nap. i550, you find a cove, toss an anchor, go below and spread out. Tough to do on a Laser. Or, you have to poop. On a Laser, well, forgeddaboutit. On an i550, you go below, drop the kids off at the pool and you're done. Face the facts: your options on a Laser are limited. On an i550, they are infinite. It's like an infinity machine, only with sails and keels and shit.
  4. BeerDidClam


    Eye herd their was a race in Tasmania. Some guy from Tasmania won. That's what I herd.
  5. BeerDidClam

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    And we have a winner!
  6. BeerDidClam

    Boating While High

    That is such a mean thing to say about California! So mean,. And Mean People? They SUCK..
  7. BeerDidClam

    Tanzer 25 Opinions or Knowledge

    That just shows to go ya that Kapn Kriz knew his sh*t. He was (is?) competitive in a variety of windspeeds with the tiny tanzer. God I miss those days of mayhem down in Solomons....
  8. BeerDidClam

    Tanzer 25 Opinions or Knowledge

    Raced against one (the Joubert-Nivelt design) quite a bit a few years ago (vs anarchist KapnKriz) We had a couple of Merit25s, a J24, a Kirby and some other like-boat 24-25 footer in competition with one another. The Tanzer was always in the running and Kapn won his share of races. Very cool little boat!
  9. BeerDidClam

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    It had to do with a certain Offshore coach at a certain service academy located nearby, I think....
  10. BeerDidClam

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Plus 2. Holy crap, two things in a row upon which we both agree - this has to stop
  11. BeerDidClam

    what is it?

    Big Spirit project
  12. BeerDidClam


    >>MODIFYING A 63 COLUMBIA SABRE J. that you?
  13. BeerDidClam

    Todays Race Boat getting Spanked by old school

    Never sell Jahn short. He and his team have transformed the Offshore Team from a lack-luster mid-fleet team into a formidable bunch of sailors and sailorettes. I love competing against those blue boats, because you'd better bring your A-game. Once at ARW more than a few years back, we were racing against one of the Navy 44's and a squall was approaching. There was some conversation on board our boat about reefing. While we were debating, the N44 performed the most efficient and instantaneous reefs I've ever seen, I mean the choreography was perfect. While we were digging in and getting overwhelmed in each puff, the 44 lit out like a scalded cat. (frame grab from Trevor H) Hats off to Coach Tihansky and the Navy Offshore Team!
  14. BeerDidClam

    Todays Race Boat getting Spanked by old school

    Why anyone would race PHRF (or any Single Number system) in an ocean race is probably a better question. ORRez has handicap numbers for this race based on 2 legs, the bay and and offshore, and then factors in windspeed and course configurations to give accurate VPP numbers to each, individual boat. PHRF is so Last Century. But we already knew that.