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  1. Ever paint a sail? Murder out a Laser?

    I've suggested Wess diet for a while now....so far, he refuses.
  2. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Actually, it is. It's the same seaway to enter protected water. But you'd hang a left to go north to Montt instead of a right to get to Chacabuco. Unless my elementary school atlas of South America is out of date.
  3. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    There's always the argument that Fish would want them to continue (once the boat is sorted). I never met the man, but I'd bet dollars to doughnuts he would. I know I would.
  4. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Nope, it's Puerto Aguirre. Or yeah, Puerto Chacabuco, since there's actually a road to it....thanks, react. That's what's on the VOR screen, but doesn't mean the boat is going there.
  5. I'm not really into Christianity, so I'll pass on the free cross.
  6. VOR Man Overboard

    more discussion here starting bottom of page 17 http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/196871-vor-leg-7-auckland-to-itajai/&page=17 but yeah FUCK!
  7. Grasshopper, a few corrections: - I never "specified" anything. The so-called "NOR" was entirely your concoction, conceived and inked out of your deranged noggin. - Apparently, you recently tried to change the course configuration. Some folks have asked, "why" and figured it's to optimize the angles you'd want for the so-called "Laser." - You're toast. Thanks for this kind opportunity to address these matters, and I wish you all a happy Monday (as if that's even remotely possible)
  8. Classic Airstream motor home for sale

    Wait, if P_Wop sells it to VWAP. wouldn't that be a PV_WopWAP? just curious....
  9. Caribbean 600

    Ummm...teamer, that's the whole point of reserve buoyancy. I get the whole wave-piercing-bow technology thing on some designs. Just not on this one. (btw I own a pretty fast boat but alas, with just one puny hull)
  10. Caribbean 600

    That was my take-away, too, SD. I don't know diddly about squat, but from the photos, this design seems to have very little (like: none) reserve buoyancy forward. I wonder if driving down the mine was a factor in this case?
  11. Caribbean 600

    I think I've met this guy WESS before and if he's the same guy I'm thinking of, he's pretty good at mutlihulling,. He's occasionally gone out of his way to advocate for multis and I've gotten into on-line arguments with him about their relative safety merits, and I think he's hardly the guy to unfairly criticize boats that have more than one hull. But that being said, this flip of Fujin is a gut-punch. So glad everyone made it to the surface OK. I think the conversation about the merits of being tethered in with an auto-inflate PFD is a worthwhile discussion. Clearly those on board think so too, thanks for posting the audio link, ProaS. A close relative of mine with not a whole lot of sailing experience in general just bought a big ass cruising cat to fart around in the Carib, so this seriously piques my interest.
  12. how lame was it?

    S4B, check here: http://www.mysailkit.com/prices.html I agree VERY cool!
  13. how lame was it?

    Scot, stop being so hard on yourself, that's our job!
  14. i550

    Only because I forgot my usual login stuff and am too lazy and unmotivated to look it up. Hey. It's January. Did you set the guy in Syd up with some nearby contact info? I hope so!
  15. Tether clips

    Wrong. Sorry Christian, you're way off-base here. First of all, it's not a harness. 2nd of all, not the model you're thinking of. 3rd, the removed piece has zilch to do with the unit's load bearing capacity. 4th, I don't lend safety equipment out. [edit] - hmmm....maybe you're right, I'll take a 2nd look at it. Thanks.