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  1. Tether clips

    Wrong. Sorry Christian, you're way off-base here. First of all, it's not a harness. 2nd of all, not the model you're thinking of. 3rd, the removed piece has zilch to do with the unit's load bearing capacity. 4th, I don't lend safety equipment out. [edit] - hmmm....maybe you're right, I'll take a 2nd look at it. Thanks.
  2. I've had it with Rhode Island - Where to go?

    This is a true statement and valid (but probably less enticing) even if you are married.
  3. Tether clips

    I have one that would not release from a webbing jackline without the most unrealistic and idiotic wrist and elbow contorsions. Finally figured out it was a small spur on the end of the hook, designed into the thing for god-only-knows-what-reason. So I hear you about the difficulty of clipping-off. Took an angle grinder to the that f*kker and voila. But that 'biner above looks like a great way to go swimming.
  4. Coolboats to admire

    Nice pair!
  5. Rules??

    I kept thinking, ummm....anyone have a knife? Samari douse on that kite halyard would've saved a lot of drama (not to mention potential injury)
  6. Wavelength 24

    Right. Fun little boat. Not a "serious little boat," built for offshore work. (although I doubt it's much different, structurally, than Paul K's "Twilight Zone," the Merit 25 that did the Transpac). It still wouldn't be my choice for SF Bay, and the thought of doing something like the Farallons crewed race on one gives me the willies....
  7. Wavelength 24

    MIght have been 2005. I was on a WL24 with Tom Schock that year. Athough I don't remember that much breeze that year. I think we had 8 or 9 Wavelengths in the fleet, maybe more (memory is a bit foggy). 2006 was a drift fest, so maybe it was 2007 when the breeze was up on Tampa Pond. The "guy from NOLA" was a woman, the incredible and amazingly generous Lydia. Good times! The WL24 is a fun little boat.
  8. i550

    aisle tell the potential buyer about that, thanks Glad.
  9. i550

    ANy of these so-called i550s for sale anywhere?
  10. ORR in Long Island

    Working very nicely here on the Ches for the cruising class(se)...CRCA. Bjorn and Jim have gone out of their way to provide excellent customer service. Owner's seem pleased with it. I think I like it!
  11. Jeanneau Sunfast 3600

    Video says 10,362
  12. i550

    More pictures of Couch like we saw on the Class Site!!!
  13. Some of my old sailing photos 2

    Yes, don't pollute this thread...it's one of the best!
  14. i550

    Just felt like putting a couple pix up. It was almost 80 here (mid-Alantic) and some work was done on hull #87. Still have a ways to go til it looks like the green boat, that's for sure. Every time I rip out one of those zip-ties I feel like I'm slowly getting somewhere. But I'm psyched in that, a week ago, I was trying to knock the snow off so that the cover-structure wouldn't collapse!
  15. i550

    speaking of the NA's, we need you to start riding CB to make a decision as to "where." btw, Lake Dillon is NOT an option!