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  1. BeerDidClam

    Todays Race Boat getting Spanked by old school

    Never sell Jahn short. He and his team have transformed the Offshore Team from a lack-luster mid-fleet team into a formidable bunch of sailors and sailorettes. I love competing against those blue boats, because you'd better bring your A-game. Once at ARW more than a few years back, we were racing against one of the Navy 44's and a squall was approaching. There was some conversation on board our boat about reefing. While we were debating, the N44 performed the most efficient and instantaneous reefs I've ever seen, I mean the choreography was perfect. While we were digging in and getting overwhelmed in each puff, the 44 lit out like a scalded cat. (frame grab from Trevor H) Hats off to Coach Tihansky and the Navy Offshore Team!
  2. BeerDidClam

    Todays Race Boat getting Spanked by old school

    Why anyone would race PHRF (or any Single Number system) in an ocean race is probably a better question. ORRez has handicap numbers for this race based on 2 legs, the bay and and offshore, and then factors in windspeed and course configurations to give accurate VPP numbers to each, individual boat. PHRF is so Last Century. But we already knew that.
  3. BeerDidClam

    Todays Race Boat getting Spanked by old school

    I guarantee you Christian knows a thing or two about racing. But yeah, the conditions this year do not favor the XP44....done enough Bermuda Races where they completely kicked ass.
  4. BeerDidClam


    Watershed just sent a planset to a guy. Yesterday. See the Forum at: there's info at the top of the BUILDING AN i550 that's pinned...complete with the email address for Moose and Squirrel (Watershed) also: register for the Forum and win valuable prizes (not really, but WTF, right?)
  5. BeerDidClam

    Coming back from a serious disaster...

    Yeah, pics. And TooSavage, didn't you have some sort of Bob Evelyn product? We need some damn pix and your phone may even have a camera. And "jesposito," who are you and what have you done with Espo?
  6. BeerDidClam

    video evidence

    The ed posts some dumb shit from time to time, but, I mean seriously, haven't we all? (although, this does sorta take the cake)
  7. BeerDidClam

    New Annapolis to Oxford Race 5.12.18

    Good thing runners don't carry handhelds, Greyhound.
  8. BeerDidClam

    New Annapolis to Oxford Race 5.12.18

    Well, in retrospect, what's done is done. Anyone who has done RC duty or fleet officer work knows that once in a while, momma nature throws you an untenable situation where you are damned if you do and damned if you don't. Props to AYC and TAYC for coming up with an early season distance race and next year's will be a lot better! It has to be, right?
  9. BeerDidClam

    New Annapolis to Oxford Race 5.12.18

    Yes, indeed. Mr.. Greyhound speaks eloquently. What's done is done and let's look forward to the next race and hope for some breeze. The folks who were rude and completely inappropriate on the horn to the RC -- that's another matter. There is no reason for that sh*t. (IMHO )
  10. BeerDidClam

    New Annapolis to Oxford Race 5.12.18

    Right. You get yourself some Chow and you'll feel a lot better!
  11. BeerDidClam

    New Annapolis to Oxford Race 5.12.18

    For god sake man, there's nothing in the SIs that prevents them from saying, "We'd like to catch the 2nd half of the Double-Header later this afternoon," or "I have to take the dog to the vet," so we're out of here. But for the sake of propriety, good taste, common sense, peace, love and understanding and All That is Right With the World, you don't just effin' bail. OK you would. But you have bad armpits, so that's that. This reminds me of a race committee, years ago, a little father south that put up N over A in mid-afternoon just as the sea breeze was filling in. They all had tickets to a country music concert later that day. At least they had the decency to not start another race
  12. BeerDidClam

    New Annapolis to Oxford Race 5.12.18

    That looks like regler, uniform, good old American Inglish to me, KIS. I know of a race last year where I was on the RC....we screwed up the Shortened Course. People came up to me at the party and said, "Hey you screwed up!" I said, "Yep we did, sorry." I have no idea what SG's response was to anyone who brought it up at the party because we left early (wicked bad storms coming through and we had a 30 mile boat ride ahead of us). I bear no grudge and frankly wish the RC the best of wishes for the rest of the season. But if it's improper for a bunch of racers to come on SA and comment on an occurrence that slightly boggles the mind, then call me Improper. Since you weren't there and by your own admission, "Got no dog in this fight" I fail to see why this bothers you. Read 14 from the Sailing Instructions that Kent has been good enough to post and make your own interpretation. (btw, best of luck tomorrow with your Arm Pit!) Hell of a way to start an inaugural event.
  13. BeerDidClam

    New Annapolis to Oxford Race 5.12.18

    Wess, you weren't there, so I have no idea why you'd feel compelled to offer an opinion, I know you, well, yes I do. In any case, while you were out screwing around on your glorified surfboard, a bunch of boats were working their tails off trying to find breeze and persevere through some difficult conditions to do well in a race. It's a race. It's competition. And some boats that usually don't do too well were in a position for a shot at the podium, with the finish line in clear sight while making way toward it. Not drifting. KIS is correct, we all do our time as race officers, we all have enough credentials to have a valid opinion in this affair. It's in the SIs: you stay ON STATION unless the time limit runs out. Why the PRO felt like that obligation had been mitigated is a total, complete, effin mystery.