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  1. ORR in Long Island

    Working very nicely here on the Ches for the cruising class(se)...CRCA. Bjorn and Jim have gone out of their way to provide excellent customer service. Owner's seem pleased with it. I think I like it!
  2. Jeanneau Sunfast 3600

    Video says 10,362
  3. i550

    More pictures of Couch like we saw on the Class Site!!!
  4. Some of my old sailing photos 2

    Yes, don't pollute this thread...it's one of the best!
  5. i550

    Just felt like putting a couple pix up. It was almost 80 here (mid-Alantic) and some work was done on hull #87. Still have a ways to go til it looks like the green boat, that's for sure. Every time I rip out one of those zip-ties I feel like I'm slowly getting somewhere. But I'm psyched in that, a week ago, I was trying to knock the snow off so that the cover-structure wouldn't collapse!
  6. i550

    speaking of the NA's, we need you to start riding CB to make a decision as to "where." btw, Lake Dillon is NOT an option!
  7. HB's 'new' boat thread

    I have 2 words for you: charitable donation. Failing that, congrats on the new yatchett! Oh...as a boat warming present I bought you a new pic for your avatar.....
  8. i550

    yeah, cant wait. really quite jealous of you and TexLex....but I'll get there.....er......one day.
  9. i550

    dont forget hull 87 http://www.nbayracing.com/i550Build.htm
  10. i550

    even the KIT got here quick! Thanks bro. nice job on the cuts and some very, very decent quality ply!!!! 'preciate it! clammie hull 87
  11. espo is a dick

    wow. ho, what's the next ride?
  12. Older well known IOR Boats

    Carrot was racing on the Ches Bay as late as last year's Annap Race Week. Haven't seen her around this year, maybe someone else will chime in...
  13. Santa Barbara Sailing

    Hi! I'm new to Santa Barbara. Is this the OFFICIAL WEBSITE of the Santa Barbara Yacht Cub? If so, then where are the Race Results? Thank you, Ben Braddock (goddammmit, Capn Bastard you beat me to it)
  14. Gary W Mull

  15. espo is a dick

    Snaps, you a brave muff-ukker to suggest that Espo is bi. cripes, I wooden say that with a crow-bar hidden behind my back. Bi-polar Beerdidone. my bad. 6 pale ales and 2 vodka martonis...must've brung on a blind spot. never saw the polars. (sounds like a few weeks ago at Annapolis Racial Week) bed