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  1. wingman

    Ian Farrier

    What a great designer. Thank you Ian. Thank you for a great boat. RIP.
  2. wingman

    The Pulse 600 Saved My Life

    I don't know. I had a Corsair F31R and with a Ford F-150 got it up to 70mph + on a trailer and that is a much, much bigger boat. Comparing the Pulse 600 which is signficantly smaller. Plus I had the F-31 up to a verified 24.5 knots on the GPS with a pretty in-experienced crew and I am probably not anywhere in the same league of sailor as Chad. I have been boatless for almost 10 years after selling the F-31 - it was my dream and nightmare. The Pulse 600 has me thinking about getting back in the game. Thanks for the great write up.
  3. wingman

    did someone say powered up?

    Why not go further - make it a canter or put in water ballast or a couple of "foiling" asymmetric boards and lose a few crew.
  4. wingman

    Swede 55

    I agree, I really like the look of these boats. They just look efficient to me. The fact that the rig is small for the hull just looks right. I liked the idea of a square meter boat - measure the sail area and try to get as much boat under it as possible. I wish these boats would have been more popular rather than the International Rule or Meter boats - square meter boats were the original ULDBs. There is one on yachtworld for $97K. Never sailed one, but raced against one in Detroit way back in the late 70's. If there was any type of reach they would horizon the whole class.