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  1. wingman

    Ian Farrier

    What a great designer. Thank you Ian. Thank you for a great boat. RIP.
  2. wingman

    The Pulse 600 Saved My Life

    I don't know. I had a Corsair F31R and with a Ford F-150 got it up to 70mph + on a trailer and that is a much, much bigger boat. Comparing the Pulse 600 which is signficantly smaller. Plus I had the F-31 up to a verified 24.5 knots on the GPS with a pretty in-experienced crew and I am probably not anywhere in the same league of sailor as Chad. I have been boatless for almost 10 years after selling the F-31 - it was my dream and nightmare. The Pulse 600 has me thinking about getting back in the game. Thanks for the great write up.
  3. wingman

    Swede 55

    I agree, I really like the look of these boats. They just look efficient to me. The fact that the rig is small for the hull just looks right. I liked the idea of a square meter boat - measure the sail area and try to get as much boat under it as possible. I wish these boats would have been more popular rather than the International Rule or Meter boats - square meter boats were the original ULDBs. There is one on yachtworld for $97K. Never sailed one, but raced against one in Detroit way back in the late 70's. If there was any type of reach they would horizon the whole class.