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  1. I have a wing. I rule.
  2. Optis flying around with wings are flying Optis. I don't need no stinking foils
  3. Now, what did I do with the egg?
  4. nice stereotyping of "old men" .., but where are these guys you are describing? i don't actually run into anybody like that, and i sail a lot! well ok, some clubs don't allow dogs.., but some do.., so take your pick - there's a club for everyone, you just have to find it i actually don't want your dog, or my dog, at my club Same here. I find many "old men" doing everything they can think of, to try to build enthusiasm among younger (both kids and adults) sailors. Frankly, when we lost one of our beloved older members this winter, it was a tremendous loss. He built the optimist program--by hand--with many volunteers and wood--back in the 80s, to the vibrant program it is now. He led the powerboat courses. He set marks, he built and repaired structures, he organized, he lent a hand, he promoted the regular club races, he coached the local high school team---and on and on. When a 70 something sailor dies, we lose. We lose both a friend and a mentor and a source of inspiration and energy. Stop blaming the old guys. I was at a US Sailing Club Race officer training session 4 weeks ago and it was full of "old men" either getting qualified for the first time or re-validating their credentials so - for this part of Long Island Sound - Race Committees seem to rely on oldies to continue to staff the RC so you can go race - heck at my club we have stalwarts in their late 80s who come out every Wednesday to do RC so we can run our beer can series. I am definitely one of those "old men" but I prefer to be called an "old phart." At 75 I am rapidly reaching that point at which the body says "you probably should consider doing something else with your time and money." I no longer really have the ability to crawl around all over the deck doing whatever is required to go fast. I just did that this weekend in 15-25 knots and I still hurt in places I did not know I had places. Sailing a fast nimble sport boat is almost out of the question, but volunteering to help the RC, train youngsters, and maybe learn enough to even run a few regattas is will within what I have left. Having said that, I agree with the argument that sailing participation is down because of economic issues. I have not seen anything that wold lead me to believe that lack of participation is caused by "old men" trying to hold on to their esteemed positions. One of our local clubs just lost 14 big boats within a month. The reasons for dropping out in every case was lack of economic resources. Nevertheless this club still organizes and runs regattas filled with J70's, Vipers, VX, J22's, J24's, and just about every other kind of boat, big and small, including 4KTSB's. There is also the issue of finding and training crew. We have at least one boat here locally that would never do that. That boat always has to have top notch sailors to make sure it wins every race. If you don't want to train newbies, you are definitely being an "old man." At this point in time, none of us should have any issue taking on crew that doesn't have a clue. All that's necessary is that they want to sail and learn how to do it well. Your job is to teach them how to get there and show them how to have fun doing it.
  5. Yes, and I remember when "Puff the Magic Dragon" was about a imaginary childhood playmate. Now it's apparently about something legal in Colorado and Washington. Who knew?! Yes I remember and yes I am getting too old to sail, but gonna keep trekking until I absolutely can't anymore. Might even do a 4KTSB just to keep going.
  6. I have had spinal operations, knee replacement, and should replacement. If this guy can walk I don't care if he is "qualified" in someone's view. He is not qualified in mine. Nope, mental condition is not a consideration for the handicapped Paralympics. Dee has severe spine problems which qualifies him based on the qualification application which he passed. Live with it folks, he's qualified Having raced against him in So. Cal. for decades he's the biggest dick I've seen, but that has nothing to do with the rules. .
  7. Hell, I am 75. This guy is in his 60's. Do I qualify as handicapped? Let me at 'em
  8. Sure. You can start. Explain stuff like where the money for the SA AC challenge went. Then start posting up all the free stuff / price reduced stuff (including boats) you've been given for pimping it. Then tell us how much you get for whoring out to companies and posting glowing BS about their products. Then explain how money wins when you get new boats and sails then beat up on the local FT-10 fleet. Cause transparency is good. Go ahead. The kettle and the pot are extremely appropriate. Watch what happens with the new M32. Should be a repeat when there are no pros on the other boats.
  9. Unglaublich. At 73.5 years of age I would never have believed that sailing technology would reach this level. This is incredible. Glad I managed to live this long. Hope I get to see another 10 years or so. Now if I had just focused more on making money ....