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  1. pogen


    Need to lively up this place.
  2. pogen


    Celebrating the new forum format, or something.
  3. Not true about California, I bought lab grade Xylene just yesterday, about $10/pt. Also Goof-off and similar are available.
  4. The crew on deck appears to be holding on to the jib sheet. Maybe they could try a winch or cleat next time. Four on board and none are doing anything of much use. Conditions aren't really severe. Comments on the YouTube page are mostly nonsense.
  5. pogen


    Looking good even with clothes on.
  6. pogen

    348 Boats Entered For TBF

    Oh yeah that Cal 40 -- ran aground in the sand just a few yards short of the rocks, and then was pinned there by the wind until he could get his sails down and motor off backwards. Hopefully no more damage done than the loss of some paint on the keel. There is a pic in the post here http://sfbaysss.org/main/3bf-2017-view-from-the-race-deck/
  7. pogen

    348 Boats Entered For TBF

    Please enter finish time/data using the tool on your Registration at Jibeset. Also, we have a report that the Mull 30 "Lively Lady" was struck in a port/starboard incident by one of the 3BF fleet in Racoon Strait , identity not known. If you are the party in question, please contact the RC.
  8. pogen

    348 Boats Entered For TBF

    CCW was the way to go. A pack of Moores led the way. Biggest parking lot ever seen out front of Berkeley, CW boats heading south. There are going to be a lot of people very unhappy that they were over early, crossing the start/finish line before their start, which is banned in the SIs. The last finisher was at around 1840. Please fill out your finish time sheets, the RC was working hard to record sail numbers and times, and taking time-stamped digital photos, but it got super busy there for a while.
  9. I think Frank Zappa would have some interesting takes on the election this year. Otherwise, Beethoven? Listening to him makes you a better person.
  10. pogen

    Old lady sets off on solo nonstop RTW

    She was headed up to the PNW in July, crossed tracks with the Singlehanded Transpac fleet, had a bit of chat on VHF about 300 - 400 offshore.
  11. pogen

    Russian mega yacht trapped in Baltic Sea

    Yes , very under canvassed. What an abortion.
  12. pogen

    Seascape 24 in the works

    I think if you have a relatively powerful vang you don't need the traveller so much to use mainsheet tension to keep the boom pulled down. But then you have to be active in playing it ? You can't just travel down and then back up in a puff. But then the logic of sportboats maybe is different than 4ktsbs.
  13. pogen

    Seascape 24 in the works

    I am in touch with the US distributor, and asked for base pricing for FOB USA , ex sails and instruments.
  14. pogen

    Seascape 24 in the works

    Looks like end-boom main sheet with no traveler? Is it usual for a 24' boat not to have a traveler?
  15. pogen

    Seascape 24 in the works

    Is it possible to set up a Seascape 24 to be in compliance with Coastal or Offshore requirements for US racing? Moore 24s do ocean races all the time, and they comply, or can be made to comply. USSailing Safety Equipment: http://www.ussailing.org/wp-content/uploads/DARoot/US_SER_2016.1%20with%20cx.pdf Northern California version: http://norcalorc.org/gear