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  1. idontwan2know

    Team Alinghi

    Ding ding ding, we have a winner! The best parts of Alinghi are wearing Oracle colors these days.
  2. idontwan2know

    Team UK

    Newey expressed interest in AC design back in AC32. Doubt his participation will be meaningful, but it's certainly a heavyweight name that will help with credibility with sponsors.
  3. You are up too late ! Go to bed !

  4. idontwan2know

    Swede 55

    It certainly seems like the new line of Swedes addresses the few problems with the original. Stringers to strengthen the hull, swept back spreaders to eliminate the running backs, bulb keel and a much higher ballast ratio thereby allowing more sail area. I imagine she rides better with those modifications, too. Some really trick details as well. Love the way the lines and deck hardware are run and the website mentions a dedicated "sleeve" for the chute under the hatch. The idea of a water tank in a steel case between the keelson and keel is interesting. Not sure I'm comfortable with that. Anyone know when the first boats will be delivered?