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  1. Yeah, Dongfeng looks to be in a very good position! A fair bit better then last time I think? And they still did very good, so think how well they should be able to do this time around :-) Great to hear that they are going with at least a 1-2 women on board! Looking forward to following the team, and here's hoping that the only Swedish sailor (Martin Strömberg) returns, if not with his own team at least as a part of Dongfeng again:-)
  2. Post 78 has some pics, but it is not clear where he sits, I doubt it would be on top of the pedestal handles...... I've been wondering too... Seeing there is a knife attached to the other side of the pedestal: maybe it's just one pedal for the right foot? Looks like there is one more pedal on the other side of pedestal, you can see the footstrap. And besides, how the h*ll do you pedal with only one foot? But it looks like the handles and the pedals are fairly close together, I really would like to see how Thomas uses that setup!
  3. 10. Oh, I would have thought 42 was the number? ;-)
  4. I once did a day-sail on a 50ish feet ketch, the British yacht Ocean Scout (or perhaps it was Offshore Scout, both where in that edition of The Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race, it was the one with a long keel anyway) That was the first time I sailed on a "modern" ketch, modern compared to the 80-100 years old tall ships I mostly sailed on back then, and it was 15 years ago. I was astonished to find out to how badly balanced that boat was when going upwind. With a midsized headsail, one reef in the main and no mizzen, the boat had a lot of weatherhelm! Sure, I was very windy day, 30+ knots, but still. The crew told us that they almost never used the mizzen because it made things even worse. But I will consede that the crew probably wasn't all that good sailors, the way they handeld the boat and the fact that my friend broke their speed record after 15min at the helm, and he was one of the least good helmsmen I sailed with back then. When I met the same boats again 6 years later, they had simply removed the mizzen mast and sailed a lot better as a result :-P
  5. only 16 hours ? you sure about that ? That math is way of.. The elapsed time for Macif was 12days 5h 29m, which is 293,5hours. Sodebo was 2,48% slower. 7,3/293,5=0,0248 => 2,48% On a 60day lap around the planet, the delta would be 35,7 hours roughly. I mean, on a 5times longer race it doesn't seem reasonable that the delta would be only twice as long ;-)
  6. I believe you have that right Stief. The commentators said something like that, Mapfre did atleast "beat" Alvimedica
  7. Fantastic tactic from Iker to slow down Alvimedica and get Dongfeng in between them! To bad we didn't get any more wind though, but great anyway :-)
  8. where's the video hotshot ???Hey! Fucking back off! Petey is dealing with a personal tragedy right now, like Clean said. If you knew, you would have more respect +10 My condolences to Petey, what he's going through is pretty hard mentally. Thanks for posting the audio first Clean, good interview with a some nice info!
  9. Viraproas, as soon as we know for sure that they were innocent, they'll have it :-) Clean, yeah, something like that may change my opinion, still wouldn't think they were completely innocent. Of course better to not be the one who started it. But causing the most harm cannot be excused with "but he started it!" IMHO. For sure i would stand up for a friend or a girlfriend, no doubt, and would use violence if everything else fails. But I wouldn't claim to be 100% innocent.. I try to form my opinions based on fact, logic and reason, or logic, reason and likelihood in the absence of all facts. If facts contradict my previous opinion, I will change it, I'm not religious or driven purely by emotion. Bucc5062, I don't always agree with you, but in your latest reply, I fully agree :-)
  10. Yes, if course I don't know for sure what happened, and neither does anyone else. Yes, a lot of guards on nightclubs are assholes with attitude problems, sometimes even on the classier clubs, but in all honesty, as someone who have been going to all kinds of clubs in Gothenburg as guest for 14 years, and as a clubpromoter and sound and light technician pretty much every other weekend for the last 5 years, I have honestly never seen the guards or the police just attack someone who was just minding their own business. Sure, it probably happens, but I assure it is not common in Gothenburg. Have I seen guards being aggressive or to strict, sure, more than a few times, but it's usually because the patron isn't behaving. If you argue with the guards then you are in trouble. Could this have been a case of two cowboy guards looking for a fight? Not impossible, but rather unlikely in my view. If that was the case, I don't think it would have been just the guards that would have needed to visit the hospital. Who gets in to a fight just for fun if you seem unlikely to win? I may of course be wrong, the sailors may have been completely calm and just walked away when the bartender stopped serving them, but the risk of the guards just attacking them in that case, at an event like this, is rather unlikely. Have anyone, officially or unofficial even hinted that the sailors did nothing wrong and was simply abused by both guards and police? Not that I have seen. Sweden may have a lot of issues, a number of them with bad guards and police, but on the whole, its really not that bad. I have never even almost had a problem with the guards on a club/bar, and I have been asked to leave on account of being to drunk on maybe 3 occasions in 14 years. The guards were friendly and not the least bit violent, but then again, I don't behave like an asshole either. If it turns out that the sailors were innocent to start with, I would gladly apologise for that part.
  11. Chasm, thanks! Ah, that makes sense then! Honestly, I dont know, resisting arrest after a fight with a securityguard is probably not the best thing to do. But I really dont know how quickly the police will sort it out, if it will go to court or any such details. I havent been arrested, yet , especially not in those circumstances This shouldnt be a complicated case, but who knows? Perhaps some politicians will put their greasy retarded fingers in this and make it all go away before saturday.
  12. Well, there is a rule saying something like all sailors taking part in an Inport race shall sail either the preceding or following leg. Since there is no following offshore leg, all sailors onboard should be required to have done Leg 9. If the 2 Mapfre sailors did Leg 9, and are still arrested come saturday, should Mapfre really be allowed to bring in two extra sailors, against the rules as I understand them, just because some of there sailors cant behave themselves when drinking? We do have rather strict alcohol laws in Sweden, to strict according to many here. For example, the law basically says that you are not allowed to serve anyone that is drunk or "under the influence". The difficult part is deciding when someone is to drunk. It is of course quite common that people get upset and end up fighting with the guards when the bartender stops serving them. Personally, I think Mapfre should be made to sail 2 men short, if their guys are still locked up on saturday. Of course, I may have misunderstood the rule about bringing in sailors just for an Inport race, but I dont think so. Teams have sailed with less then full crew on the Inports before in this edition since someone wasnt able to sail a specific race, cant remember which team and port it was though.
  13. How do you know they were "not doing their job" when you only know that they were "probably" looking at the VOR boats? Well, for one they were probably not keeping a proper lookout since the driver turned without looking. Unless he saw SD and either thought he would make it across or simply was suicidal. Not sure what would be worst.. But I find it difficult to say that he did his job properly, most of the spectators were in the general direction of Spindrift, not the VOR boats. Is it clear beyond doubt that Spindrift was inside the exclusion zone? I don't think it is, but could be wrong.
  14. [Rhetorical question] How do the RRS, and in particular 69, apply to Spindrift in this situation? [/Rq] Rethorical answer, of course they don't, Spindrift wasn't racing at the moment. Unless the RRS apply to any and all sailors that may potentially enter a race, at all times, no matter what they do? AFAIK, that's not the case. It does seem standard practise for a lot of people, both in this and other situations, to let "morals" and "feelings" take over completely from rational thought. IE, screw what the applicable rules say, nail the guys that you feel did something wrong no matter the law. In my view, that is stupid, irrational and dangerous. In the extreme it leads to anarchy and total breakdown of civilisation. The only important things are facts and applicable rules/laws, public opinion carries no importance at all in individual cases. Sure, laws can be wrong, but we can't really let people without proper knowledge write law. That's why we don't vote on every single letter of laws, and why some new laws goes against public opinion. A lot of people have argued that Spindrift was out to show of their sponsorlogos in a cool way(being commercial), and therefore they are more wrong than VOR guys that do the exact same thing? Commercial shipping doesn't have any special rules in the Colregs simply because they are commercial, only when they are limited in their manoevering either from fishing, working with nautical marks, or from their shear size. Not because they are out there working as such. It's a common misconception among all lot of seafarers that "workboats" have extra "rights of way" simply because they make a living on the sea, which isn't the case in reality. Sure, the VOR had government support for areas of water, but if you go right doen to the core, they are no less commercial then Spindrift, more if anything. Spindrift is basically a private racing team with some sponsors, but not a naming sponsor AFAIK.
  15. Regarding that fist fight, and I'm getting a bit to political here, but yeah, since they didn't rape or murder anyone, they probably haven't been offered a job and an apartment in Stockholm, but they surely didn't suffer much in the slammer, that much I can guarantee :-) Must say it was funny to read Google translated Swedish to English for the first time! Clean, great to hear you enjoyed the hotel :-) I watched the finish from the pier in Frihamnen, it was great,but of course a bit disappointing that the changed to the outermost line. I fully understand the desicion, but would have been fun to see that battle go on, even if it would have taken to long time :-P