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  1. VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    Will there be a proper watch system on the boats in a leg this length? Feels a bit like it falls between the really short legs of the past where everyone stayed on deck the whole way and the proper ocean legs with real watchrotation. Could make the difference even greater when you compare Scallywag to TToP in number of crew on watch. Going to be an interesting leg :-)
  2. VOR 2017-18

    Yeah, Dongfeng looks to be in a very good position! A fair bit better then last time I think? And they still did very good, so think how well they should be able to do this time around :-) Great to hear that they are going with at least a 1-2 women on board! Looking forward to following the team, and here's hoping that the only Swedish sailor (Martin Strömberg) returns, if not with his own team at least as a part of Dongfeng again:-)
  3. Thomas Coville RTW attempt 2016

    Post 78 has some pics, but it is not clear where he sits, I doubt it would be on top of the pedestal handles...... I've been wondering too... Seeing there is a knife attached to the other side of the pedestal: maybe it's just one pedal for the right foot? Looks like there is one more pedal on the other side of pedestal, you can see the footstrap. And besides, how the h*ll do you pedal with only one foot? But it looks like the handles and the pedals are fairly close together, I really would like to see how Thomas uses that setup!
  4. Vendee Globe 2016?

    10. Oh, I would have thought 42 was the number? ;-)
  5. Ketching up with history. Boats yawl love

    I once did a day-sail on a 50ish feet ketch, the British yacht Ocean Scout (or perhaps it was Offshore Scout, both where in that edition of The Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race, it was the one with a long keel anyway) That was the first time I sailed on a "modern" ketch, modern compared to the 80-100 years old tall ships I mostly sailed on back then, and it was 15 years ago. I was astonished to find out to how badly balanced that boat was when going upwind. With a midsized headsail, one reef in the main and no mizzen, the boat had a lot of weatherhelm! Sure, I was very windy day, 30+ knots, but still. The crew told us that they almost never used the mizzen because it made things even worse. But I will consede that the crew probably wasn't all that good sailors, the way they handeld the boat and the fact that my friend broke their speed record after 15min at the helm, and he was one of the least good helmsmen I sailed with back then. When I met the same boats again 6 years later, they had simply removed the mizzen mast and sailed a lot better as a result :-P
  6. Transat Jacques Vabre - 2015

    only 16 hours ? you sure about that ? That math is way of.. The elapsed time for Macif was 12days 5h 29m, which is 293,5hours. Sodebo was 2,48% slower. 7,3/293,5=0,0248 => 2,48% On a 60day lap around the planet, the delta would be 35,7 hours roughly. I mean, on a 5times longer race it doesn't seem reasonable that the delta would be only twice as long ;-)
  7. Rib Accident at VOR Lorient Start

    How do you know they were "not doing their job" when you only know that they were "probably" looking at the VOR boats? Well, for one they were probably not keeping a proper lookout since the driver turned without looking. Unless he saw SD and either thought he would make it across or simply was suicidal. Not sure what would be worst.. But I find it difficult to say that he did his job properly, most of the spectators were in the general direction of Spindrift, not the VOR boats. Is it clear beyond doubt that Spindrift was inside the exclusion zone? I don't think it is, but could be wrong.
  8. Rib Accident at VOR Lorient Start

    [Rhetorical question] How do the RRS, and in particular 69, apply to Spindrift in this situation? [/Rq] Rethorical answer, of course they don't, Spindrift wasn't racing at the moment. Unless the RRS apply to any and all sailors that may potentially enter a race, at all times, no matter what they do? AFAIK, that's not the case. It does seem standard practise for a lot of people, both in this and other situations, to let "morals" and "feelings" take over completely from rational thought. IE, screw what the applicable rules say, nail the guys that you feel did something wrong no matter the law. In my view, that is stupid, irrational and dangerous. In the extreme it leads to anarchy and total breakdown of civilisation. The only important things are facts and applicable rules/laws, public opinion carries no importance at all in individual cases. Sure, laws can be wrong, but we can't really let people without proper knowledge write law. That's why we don't vote on every single letter of laws, and why some new laws goes against public opinion. A lot of people have argued that Spindrift was out to show of their sponsorlogos in a cool way(being commercial), and therefore they are more wrong than VOR guys that do the exact same thing? Commercial shipping doesn't have any special rules in the Colregs simply because they are commercial, only when they are limited in their manoevering either from fishing, working with nautical marks, or from their shear size. Not because they are out there working as such. It's a common misconception among all lot of seafarers that "workboats" have extra "rights of way" simply because they make a living on the sea, which isn't the case in reality. Sure, the VOR had government support for areas of water, but if you go right doen to the core, they are no less commercial then Spindrift, more if anything. Spindrift is basically a private racing team with some sponsors, but not a naming sponsor AFAIK.
  9. Rib Accident at VOR Lorient Start

    Rawhide, do you have a link to that video? Don't think anyone here has seen it. To me, the few pictures I've seen show a distinctive propwash from the rib, in a shape that atleast make it look like they just turned to port. But if they were stationary just seconds before that photo is hard to tell, a video would be very good. The propwash could well be from the rib trying to get away from Spindrift 2, hard to tell for sure.
  10. New maxi-multihull for Gitana

    Cool news! have anyone seen any stated interest from Gitana about racing this new yacht in the Ultimé series/races that Francis Gabart launched? I'm guessing this yacht should be eligible,in it's singlehanded configuratio? Let's hope they'll join in, and hopefully also in races like RDR :-)