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  1. AP on shore. Lake is glass
  2. Where is the Cone right now?
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I'm leaning toward a simple two unit display with the velocitek up front. I'm still not sure about the wireless vs wired- obviously wireless for weight, but is that cord enough that you cant make it up for reliability. We also have two transducers, which I want down to one. Thanks again.
  4. What are people replacing their original instrument packages with or using these days? Mostly windward leeward OD racing, very few long distance races. Currently have a nexus 4 display, speed wheel and transducer thru holes bow side of the keel. We currently also use a velocitek. How far can we scale back on it all, what are others using? Thanks
  5. Any boats for sale currently?
  6. Thanks for the responses. The Zim is an interestingl option. I like, however may be a bit collegiate. RS Vision has come up along with the V15, but the cat option is intriguing. This fleet would have to foster the new college grads, the father/mother son/daughter team, possibly big boat racers who want another quick option and fun fleet. Its a full range looking to get people sailing, develop skills and eventually be worth something for club champs.
  7. Looking for some recommendations based on the following parameters: -Double handed -Trapeze? (not yet necessary) -Spinnaker -Have to have new boats available -Priced within reason (<$20K) -Can be dry sailed on a dolly -One design This idea is based purely on engagement, getting people on the water, the critical mass promoting competition- which will hopefully be fairly high.
  8. Second the Riptide. That boat does everything well. And its unique, so you can take that conversation to the bar.
  9. I know Sail Sheboygan is well funded, but all 67K should be re-routed to these cats. Great video.
  10. Why is there so much volume at the top end of the rudder? Wouldn't a more vertical leading edge present less drag?
  11. Having raced quite a bit on Lake Ontario I was pleased to see such a great turnout for the open. That being said, having occasionally asked for something other than windward leeward racing I'm wondering how the trapezoid course was received by the racers? Was RC up to the challenge?