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  1. Schakel

    what's in a name?

    Dodo For a one of homebuild wooden sloop with a cabin that was too high and too large. Owners were strange looking as well.
  2. Schakel

    Disabled solo sailing round the world

    According to the van de stadt (Naval Architect) website: Sailing a glass-fibre wood core SAMOA 47, Vinny Lauwers became the first sailor with a disability to solo sail around the world, earning the Australian the Sportsman of the Year award in 2001. e It has a sheltered cockpit, which prevents undercooling. He, Vinny Lauwers, published a video about his journeys. For sale at Ebay. E bay The Spirit of Vision Quest The Vinny Lauwers Story
  3. Schakel

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Text by Kevin Shoebridge We miss boat one for two months or so; ship one is on a boat to Gacliari. Very important for us to carry out development even if it is on smaller scale. We will be using it a lot when we develop boat 2. Dan Bernasconi: It is boat between boat 1 and boat 2 let's call it boat 1 ½, For research and training. A stepping stone, we hope we will be learning valuable lessons which we will carry forward. Well that explains all doesn't it? What will be the youth boat be then? (18-24 years of age crew) The AC9F? This Te Kahu looks much more powerfull. AC 9 metre Foiler
  4. Schakel

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Photo from twitter of te Kahu: Youth class so a lot of youth present.. .
  5. Schakel

    Random PicThread

    New exploration super yacht launched, Better wave peircing design but boy it does look ugly. More pictures here:
  6. Nobody knows but these boats can behave like beasts. This is INEOS team UK sailing in the same conditions, My bets are on INEOS Team Uk. Looks smooth, While LR is bumpy and splashing.
  7. Schakel

    INEOS Team GB

    It will be launched at the end of this year. New designs? New protocol? One design for all teams? we know nothing. It's getting short term notice. And after that trimming outings and optimalisation. It's a tight schedule. New article from Team Ineos: America’s Cup: Winning in the gym Photo with the crew in the trenches. Even more crew on the leeward side. Doesn't seem to matter, reletively to the leeward foil everyone is on luffside! All a matter of balance.
  8. Schakel

    Towing Operation Flow Chart

    What was so scary about it?Amount of wind? Waves that surfed you to the towing ship? A water anchor prevents you from gaining too much speed. Or a bucket of a bail plastic tied on a line to the stern.
  9. Schakel

    Towing Operation Flow Chart

    Yep instructions for towing dinghies: Quick release of a towing line atttached to a mast can be done with this easy to make knot: a slipping clove hitch:
  10. Schakel

    Boats and foils comparison

    Phillipe Briand naval architects presented a similar to AC75 design for 2 men racing: I am looking forward to the second generation AC foilers to be launched this years christmas:
  11. Schakel

    Greta Rides Again?

    Zero emission superyacht: This comes from the front page of Saling Anarchy and gives an insight in the latest Phillipe Briand Super sailing yacht design fueled by underwater turbines. Well that wasn't so hard wasn't it? The turbines are retractable so if you want to finish first in your bucket race there is enough speed for that. 200 feet sloop rigged superyacht
  12. Schakel

    INEOS Team GB

    True, wrinkles, not aerodynamic. The same in another shot taken in the same run.
  13. Schakel

    INEOS Team GB

    Another detail he discussed, is that the crew is not switching between the trenches, Gives a lot of advantages, Ben said about it.
  14. Schakel

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    But what a years! It is a floating luxury appartment, that can bring you to the most wonderfull harbours in the world. Sailing is fast and luxurious as well. You won't end last in any regatta. Travel across oceans doesn't last too long either. Living off-shore isn't the only thing, but don't spoil it before it begins.
  15. Schakel

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    This french 80 feet JFA is a beauty, If you are willing to hire two professional crew you might have a whale of a time.