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  1. From boat design.net: Involved confirmed engineers. • Quentin Lucet, architect - VPLP Design, will present the projects of the firm which has designed the next monohull Charal for Jérémie Beyou (who was 3rd at the last Vendée Globe) . Hervé Penfornis, engineer and close collaborator of naval architect Guillaume Verdier, will talk about the latest technological developments, Volvo 60, directly inspired by the Imoca. • Anne-Claire Le Berre, research group of the Initiatives-Cœur team, will explain how to develop and optimize an IMOCA of a previous generation. • Antoine Mermod, President of the IMOCA will come to decode the changes of the new IMOCA rules and how the class can evolve technically. • Matthieu Robert, co-founder of MADINTEC, specialist in electronic and computer developments for racing sailboats, will present the latest innovations in this field. Source: https://www.boatdesign.net/threads/ac-36-foiling-monohulls.59160/page-3
  2. Well said. Especially the foiling tack will be challenging with the new foiling mono's. How will a matchrace look like.. My guess they can not foil 100 percent like in the last cup. If so.. the designer and crew from the 100 percent foiler will be the new winner.
  3. Are there more teams pending for the 36th cup? Confirmed TeamsETNZ DefenderArtemis RacingOracle Team USATeam BARSoftbank Team JapanGroupama Team FranceUnconfirmed teams:Prada Challenger of Record?Team Heineken?Team Australia?Team Alinghi?Anyone more information?The 35th Americas Cup Official Online Store http://shop.americascup.com/stores/americascup/en
  4. What are the 100 footers doing this year? This one is new to me: Blackjack Scallywag is the only one I know from last year http://www.rolexsydneyhobart.com/the-yachts/2017/scallywag/ What happened to WOXI? Or was last year the last run?
  5. And another picture of an ice berg twice as big as Luxembourgh. Floating towards open sea the gap between main ice from south pole to A68a is 18 kilometers. But: we have a gouvernment that doesn't believe in global warming. Duh.... Source (in Dutch): https://www.nu.nl/wetenschap/4931888/enorme-afgebroken-ijsberg-van-zuidpool-zee-opgedreven.html
  6. Guess Conrad is glad to be onshore I suppose What happened with Foresight Natural Energy? On shore, In the harbor, In the backyard? I saw your program on http://www.conradcolman.com/ Impressive
  7. How hard can it be: From Allicante to LIssbon isn't exactly the hardest leg. The street of gibraltar was once called: Columnae Herculis. (The pillars of hercules)
  8. Are modified foilerprofiles permitted? Just like the winning armel l'cleach, In the last Vendee Globe. img-170915145250-0001.pdf
  9. I already did. Thanks http://www.volvooceanrace.com/en/teams/Dongfeng-Race-Team.html You mean Team Dong Feng? Skipper Charles Chauldrier. Jiru Yang Wolf. Stan Jinhao Horace Liu Xue Black Carolein Brouwe and many more. I am a big fan of Carolijn for obvious reasons. Charles Caudrelier
  10. ^ True, Latest photo from Skipper Simeon Tienpoint on Team Akzo Nobel boat. Doing a power nap. His own comment: Never underestimate the importance of a power nap! snatches 40 winks back during Leg Zero. Source: https://twitter.com/teamAkzoNobel
  11. Guys guys guys, The VOR hasn't even started and the shit fight already started. I apologize for the Scallywag, WOXI, Perpentual Loyal thread I opened during the last S2H. But that's it. @ Mad, Waar was jij tijdens de laatste clubborrel? (yachting club off course)
  12. Great, I was in Hobart in 1988. But that was quitte a long time ago. Have you seen Scallywag, Perpentual Loyal, Raggamuffin and WOXI? I know you sailed with team Raggamuffin. I have one very good tip for all of us: Follow team Akzo Nobel with skipper Simeon Tienpoint in the upcoming VOR. But I wouldn't mind if Team Brunel would win either. Long live the Dutch. Holland has most VOR victories from all participating countries. Team Ericson was swedish wasn't it? Did Norway ever competed as one team?
  13. Hi Norbow girl.. Another article to confirm your announcement: http://maritiemnieuws.nl/81339/team-brunel-haalt-ervaren-duo-abby-ehler-en-andrew-cape-aan-boord/?uid=3128 Team Brunel takes on experienced duo Abby Ehler and Andrew Cape on board zoom Abby Ehler at Team Brunel. Photo: James Blake, Volvo Ocean Race. Team Brunel, with British Abby Ehler and Australian Andrew Cape, has ample experience on board the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18. This duo is good for 8 Volvo Ocean Races. Navigator Cape goes third with schipper Bouwe Bekking around the world after finishing in the previous edition with Team Brunel as second overall. For Ehler, it becomes a reunion with Team SCA team mate Annie Lush. Schipper Bouwe Bekking: "Abby is one of the women with the most nautical miles in the legs. I've known her since the Amer Sports campaign of 2001-02. She is a very good sailor, so we are pleased with her arrival at Team Brunel. She has a lot of technical knowledge and therefore takes on the role of boot manager. With Andrew we have one of the best navigators in the world. Just look at his sail cv. What did he not win? We can work together well and trust each other. That's a must when you go around the world. " The 55-year-old navigator Andrew Cape will start his seventh edition, the third with Bouwe Bekking and the second with Team Brunel. Cape: "Bouwe and I have sailed so many races together, so we know each other again and again. I'm there again because I believe in this team and I would like to transfer my experience. Eventually this is a league and I want to win. " In 2001-02, Abby Ehler launched her Race debut with Amer Sports Too. Thirteen years later, Team SCA continued. Due to changes in the rules regarding the number of sailors allowed on board, most of the teams now choose a mixed Have ever sailed with her Norbow girl?
  14. I had rather not. Safety files are confidential. But I am not looking forward to the coming VOR for safety reasons. The racing on the other hand will be great.
  15. I Know, Good for Verdier.