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  1. Still, informatics is the reason why the tracker isn't live. You are just too pig headed. So is your avatar. But I call it quits.
  2. True, but to avoid spy on each others course and speed and wind force and winddirection, the VOR tracker is not live, except when a harbour is approached. This kind of informatics is way too complicated for most of the members in this forum.
  3. Mad incorrect again. The teams write the stories, make photo's and e-mail with their relatives daily. Position reports, when made public can and will be delivered to the boats if available. It's getting so annnoying to speak the truth against a bunch of liars that you suceeded in chasing me away. Well done, I am getting out of this shithole. Hooray for the hooligans!
  4. You are wrong and so is the rest. Every team is very active on facebook and twitter. But according to you they don't get the VOR tracker. Get real.
  5. And have your position and windspeed and direction told to the rest of the fleet.
  6. 40 knots is to be expected, according to beaufort scale that's a gale, not even a storm. Looks like some people think it's a hurricane. At sea force 8 is nasty, but it's the wind they were aiming at for high speed. Source:
  7. Not only, in this very fierce storm coming up, Vesta's can make advantage by reaching with limited sail while the rest maybe must put everything under deck. We'll see. Not if you put every sail under deck. Next 16 hours will bring interesting results. And photo's and video's.
  8. The northerly position of TTTOP and the rest of the fleet is now being dicussed on daily live VOR. Actual enough for me.
  9. Exactly, racing is racing. Might be famous last words as well. as explained by Popo
  10. Yep found it. Quote: "Tracker Update: @TurnTidePlastic first to gybe, showing their intentions to get north before the building breeze tomorrow. Check out the tracker here: … #watchlog Do you suppose Dee's decision to gybe early had anything to do with a younger, relatively inexperienced crew?" But... going north isn't going to help them in avoiding the upcoming storm. So why again: heading north doesn't lead to avoiding the storm. Nor is it a shorter route. Guess it's a mistake. Since nobody knows how the storm is going too develop earlier speculatiuon still is speculation. 9 hours Notice this graph is + 6 hours. Next one is + 9 hours. Still wouldn't want to be there. The upcoming storm is pretty actual to my point of view.
  11. Yep, heavy winds coming up. What in the hell is the strategy of TTTOP? I have the following easy to understand graphs that south is king.
  12. schakel488

    To Be Hosed Or Not To Be Hosed

    Yep, but still. We don't make the design decisions. Farr design does. Perhaps time for a new naval engineering office? Van Peteghem Lauriot Prévost (VPLP), Verdier, Owen Clarck, Finot, Marc Lombard? Two name a few who certainly can do the job. Farr design can design a sheltered VOR as well since they are in the IMOCA designers list.
  13. schakel488

    To Be Hosed Or Not To Be Hosed

    There is a safety aspect as well. Shelters provide a place where one can hide before they are flushed away. This is a very old discusion for me. When you lower the deck in crewzone and add a perhaps retractrable shelter, it's certainly safer and probably faster. This discussion runs on as well for 12 years or so. Bottomline is; we are not part of the design team from Farr design, so we don't make design decisions. .
  14. Yep, His father died, He couldn't have known in advance, and to late to call the chopper. No help from outside sources is still aplicable isn't it? Brunel will be disqualified for this leg if they apply a crewchange don't they? Race management can be lenient in this one but Bouwe himself has something to do aboard Brunel. Very heavy weather coming up; might be good for records in 24 hour runs.
  15. schakel488

    To Be Hosed Or Not To Be Hosed

    ^+1 Apologies for my rude forum members. Back to business. Yep I fully agree the future VOR can be equiped with (perhaps retractable) shelters for the crew. Protection when you need it. Makes the whole boat more aerodynamic as well. The comparison between Imoca's and VOR 65 was clear during the last Fastnet race. The 5 foot less tall Imoca were 1 hour later back in Cowes as the recent VOR fleet. Proves something doesn't it.