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  1. Nobody wants to build a g-d marina off Rincon Park, why would even Larry want to get involved in that little hoopla? Yes a few people may want that but it is clearly a non starter. Not going to happen, PDX! Give it a rest. Of all the people and orgs expressing relatively little objections to angles of the DEIR, 100% of them back the AC in SF - and they say so, first sentence. Rincon is one of those 'Okay, solved that one today too' non-catastrophes. Lol, it's just so tiny in the big picture.
  2. MSP, can you please just post the link next time? See the nice 'please' ? My thumb fucking hurt after one-handed scrolling thru all that unrelated to anything crapola. Why repeat it here in it's entirety? Can you think of even one good reason?
  3. Uploaded by roblewis56 on Sep 3, 2011 Pier 27, is another location, along with Rincon Point Open Water Basin, designated as a berthing place for superyachts for the rich coming to watch the America's Cup. As you can see, dredging has already begun. It is also the proposed location of the America's Cup Village. The new tower of the eastern span of the Bay Bridge with the catwalks is also visible just beyond Yerba Buena Island. See "Yacht plan sailing into rough water" by John King, San Francisco Chronicle September 1, 2011. I shot this September 3, 2011.
  4. Not to split hares but that's a pretty good one
  5. Former Mayor Willie Brown and local comedian Will Durst talk to Joe D'Alessandro about the value of tourism, the true meaning of the World Series, why we love the America's Cup and more. (AC talk starts at 06:15)
  6. Terry Hutchinson, who the Skipper/Helmsman of Quantum Racing for three MedCup seasons popped into Cartagena today to catch up on the gossip with his old team mates. http://readyaboutmagazine.blogspot.com/2011/08/terry-hutchinson-visits-medcup.html
  7. That could be HUGE for attracting sponsors. Yep! But the 'could' depends a lot on what 'NBC' really means.
  8. Great news... maybe NBC will acquire ACTV and spin it? How great the news is may also depend on just which NBC stations will carry it. For example, is it only the SF station, or wider area, or (hopefully) national? And if on the national feed, will all local stations carry that? There's also the chance they are talking the (cable-only channel?) Versus again, I think it's to be renamed NBC Sports soon. Don't have a BizJournal subscription, would be nice to know if there's any more detail in the article below the fold. Also could be tied into Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area, where most of our Giants games are shown (on Directv channels NBC is 11, Comcast BA is upper 600's) but there is some sharing there. Bingo, 'NBC Sportsnet' is what Versus is, iirc, going to be renamed to. Perhaps that also ties into Comcast Sportsnet somehow. Very confusing... until we hopefully get to read the real scoop. Maybe stations outside the area will be able to choose to carry it, later once they can better gauge interest levels.
  9. Great news... maybe NBC will acquire ACTV and spin it? How great the news is may also depend on just which NBC stations will carry it. For example, is it only the SF station, or wider area, or (hopefully) national? And if on the national feed, will all local stations carry that? There's also the chance they are talking the (cable-only channel?) Versus again, I think it's to be renamed NBC Sports soon. Don't have a BizJournal subscription, would be nice to know if there's any more detail in the article below the fold.
  10. This CNN Mainsail feature video (Aug 18) is quite good CNN's Mainsail travels to Sardinia where new Quantum Racing helmsman Ed Baird competes in the Audi Med Cup. http://edition.cnn.c...tum.baird.a.cnn more at http://edition.cnn.com/CNNI/Programs/main.sail/
  11. NBC? Could be very good news http://www.bizjournals.com/mobile/sanfrancisco/print-edition/2011/08/26/americas-cup-lands-tv-deal-targets.html
  12. Pier 14 between the Ferry Building and the Bay Bridge is the northern boundary of the Rincon Point Open Water Basin. As you can see, it is a popular and productive fishing spot with some beautiful and expansive views. However the basin could be turned into a berthing facility for America's Cup spectator's yachts. See "Yacht parking plan threatens bay views" by John King, San Francisco Chronicle August 22, 2011. I wanted to show some of what the view is like now before this happens.
  13. There will be ~some~ number of superyachts, obviously. I hope for the ACEA, and for Fraser, and for SF that a few extravaganzas show up to park for the America's Cup. The rumored Middle Eastern entry should account for at least two..
  14. ^ Agreed, America was very extreme for her time. I have helmed 4 different AC boats in tourist mode, in 4 different cities; but have not yet helmed any America replica. I think the difference between tourist mode and 1851 race mode is by far the largest there, just look at that rig - whoa! I did not have to be under sail when I grabbed the winged USA 17's wheel and looked forward, and up, to understand just how faking radical that creation was.