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  1. MelbourneA31

    everybody doin' it?

    Sheeting the mainsail above the centreline is a tool used by poor helmsmen who can't steer without weather helm.
  2. MelbourneA31

    Adam 10m

    The E.B Green Trophy for the best performing IRC boat in the Association Cup has plenty of non Adams 10 names on it!
  3. MelbourneA31

    Selling Sportsboats

    Too right.
  4. MelbourneA31

    Selling Sportsboats

    And easier to sell when you want to move on. Although, at the moment, nothing is selling.
  5. MelbourneA31

    Selling Sportsboats

    You would be better off with a Shaw.
  6. MelbourneA31

    Selling Sportsboats

    The Shaw 650 weighs around 350kg with the keel and bulb weighing 115kg on the fibreglass boats and 85kg on the cedar boats that were built in New Zealand. I have a fibreglass boat for sale that is sitting in a shed near Geelong.
  7. MelbourneA31

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Crew of boats without lifelines are required to wear PFD's under the Special Regs (Section 5.01.1(j)).
  8. MelbourneA31

    Compass headings on board comparison

    True Virgins Make Dull Companions
  9. MelbourneA31

    ASBA Nationals.

    That is correct. I haven't read it for a while but I recall that the Australian Trailable Yacht and Sportsboat Rule has a requirement around the position of the deck in relation to the centreboard case that the open sportsboats such as most of the ASBA fleet do not comply with.
  10. MelbourneA31

    ASBA Nationals.

    Very few, if any, of the ASBA fleet race under the Australian Trailable Yacht and Sportsboat Rule. I certainly didn't buy a Shaw 650 with the intention of racing against Noelex's and Castle 650's. The issue with SMS/AMS from my perspective is that ratings go up and down for no apparent reason. Adams 10's and the Thompson 8 being perfect examples. This proves that we are not getting a measurement system at all but an advanced form of PHS. I'm not interested in racing under a system where the results are manipulated.
  11. MelbourneA31

    ASBA Nationals.

    You got me confused, the topic is ASBA Nationals and you are pulling examples from a measurement rule that is used by the Trailable Yacht fleet.
  12. MelbourneA31

    ASBA Nationals.

    You can do that but the rating penalty wouldn't be worth it. I think that you are trying to find a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. The production boats such as Shaw 650's and Viper 640's were very competitive in the ASBA fleet whenever the breeze was above ten knots. Less than that and the Thompson 8 or the Raptor (a one off) came into their own. Owners are no longer travelling to ASBA events because the rating system makes changes for no apparent reason. From my own perspective, it is not worth putting wear and tear on my boat or paying travel expenses when the entry numbers are so low and there is no accountability on the part of the people who run the measurement rule.
  13. MelbourneA31

    ASBA Nationals.

    Chris, there is no accountability in the rating system. Would you care to explain to me how the rating of the Thompson 8 went down prior to the Nationals on Sydney Harbour and then went back to where it was once the boat was sold. The only difference was the boat went across the Nullabor.
  14. MelbourneA31

    ASBA Nationals.

    The issue is the rating system and lack of leadership in the Class. No one is buying into the fleet and no one is upgrading.
  15. MelbourneA31

    1st JPK 11.80 launches

    If you were doing predominantly windward/leeward racing you would go for the lower drag and lower rating of the fin keel every day. These boats also have a focus on short handed racing which would mandate a bulb keel.