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  1. Always wanted to retire in Oz and now I know where to go. Thanks, LB. -Snap
  2. Santana 20/tuna 20

    What??!! Glenn passed away? Holy fuck that just ruined my night. I don't think I'd spoken to him in the last three years but last time he was doing OK and adding pizza franchises. FWIW, Flasher is a pretty damn good boat. -Snap
  3. Peterson 38 Dust 'Em

    There was a thread on Dust 'em here years ago showing pics of it being converted to a liveaboard with a ply house added. A real shame. I drove Doug's frac Flamboyant in Yachting Cup once and it was an upwind rocket. I'm pretty sure it was a wood boat. -Snap
  4. Santana 20

    considering hull #1 was built in 1976, I'd say you got a hell of a deal.
  5. 6 meter Worlds

    Typical sock puppet wanker. If you heard item #3 first hand then you would have had to have been a party to the protest... there was discussion about a rule 2 protest for misleading a protest committee. Care to comment on that?
  6. 6 meter Worlds

    No bias here, oh person from English Bay. The redress was rescinded based on the fact that the information given to the PC omitted some key details and the hearing was reopened due to new information. I went very easy on the club and its staff as well as the venue, which was terrible for a World Championship event. -Snap
  7. Holder 20 GPX (turbo)

    Nope. I'm tied up all September with 6 meter World's in Vancouver. Next year with a NW20 fleet sounds like a plan. -Snap
  8. Holder 20 GPX (turbo)

    Holder 20X Drone video- Mission Bay, CA Had the kid test out his new drone when we tested the new Main made by Ballard Sails out of Seattle. Very nice. -Snap
  9. CF27

    Don't forget to mention it was struck by lightning in New Orleans in the ad...
  10. New 6 metre. Much like a hippo.

    Assuming this puppy will be at World's this year... it will be interesting to see how it goes against the established moderns. I'll be there and will most likely be doing some reports. -Snap
  11. Is D.C.'s Schock 35 class legal?

    yep, and that boat ended up being named Wings. Basement to penthouse after the keel was put in the correct place
  12. Is D.C.'s Schock 35 class legal?

    Maxx - you know some of the story but clearly didn't see the boat up close. It was just painted with faired foils and had the masthead crane removed and no backstay. Still, a good story for the bar sea lawyers... -Snap I did see it in SD up and personal just when it was just launched.Even then I thought WTF? There's going to be a hurting or full on resurrection and I saw the Sailing piece too. It was to the point that he can do that under the rules. Yes, bar sea lawyers were having kittens I'm sure. I just thought it was the same thing. Wasn't him that said about "No stone unturned" or something? Or was it someone else like that? Still he does that. Get you use to it. I raced the boat for a while before DC picked it up. The hull and foils were painted in about two weeks before Yachting Cup so of course it looked nice then. The deck, interior, and luckily the velvet painting hanging down below were not touched. The boat was rode hard and put away wet in prior years so the hull started looked rough after a bit. Still, a fun and fast boat. The issues at yachting cup were the undeclared removal of the crane and pro driver (not DC). -Snap
  13. Is D.C.'s Schock 35 class legal?

    Maxx - you know some of the story but clearly didn't see the boat up close. It was just painted with faired foils and had the masthead crane removed and no backstay. Still, a good story for the bar sea lawyers... -Snap
  14. Holder 20 GPX (turbo)

    Eat your words, FullCircle! The 20X is coming along nicely and the asym is way more stable than a sym. Since I came up with the GP and X monikers, Rod, how bout you call it a 20T? See you at Spud Cup, Varan. We'll have a couple of 20X's there. -Snap
  15. What is it, PNW?

    I think 'new' is a bit of a stretch considering when this project got started. I'm amazed it even splashed and a lot of people got screwed over by FD on the way. -Snap