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  1. yep, and that boat ended up being named Wings. Basement to penthouse after the keel was put in the correct place
  2. Maxx - you know some of the story but clearly didn't see the boat up close. It was just painted with faired foils and had the masthead crane removed and no backstay. Still, a good story for the bar sea lawyers... -Snap I did see it in SD up and personal just when it was just launched.Even then I thought WTF? There's going to be a hurting or full on resurrection and I saw the Sailing piece too. It was to the point that he can do that under the rules. Yes, bar sea lawyers were having kittens I'm sure. I just thought it was the same thing. Wasn't him that said about "No stone unturned" or something? Or was it someone else like that? Still he does that. Get you use to it. I raced the boat for a while before DC picked it up. The hull and foils were painted in about two weeks before Yachting Cup so of course it looked nice then. The deck, interior, and luckily the velvet painting hanging down below were not touched. The boat was rode hard and put away wet in prior years so the hull started looked rough after a bit. Still, a fun and fast boat. The issues at yachting cup were the undeclared removal of the crane and pro driver (not DC). -Snap
  3. Maxx - you know some of the story but clearly didn't see the boat up close. It was just painted with faired foils and had the masthead crane removed and no backstay. Still, a good story for the bar sea lawyers... -Snap
  4. Eat your words, FullCircle! The 20X is coming along nicely and the asym is way more stable than a sym. Since I came up with the GP and X monikers, Rod, how bout you call it a 20T? See you at Spud Cup, Varan. We'll have a couple of 20X's there. -Snap
  5. I think 'new' is a bit of a stretch considering when this project got started. I'm amazed it even splashed and a lot of people got screwed over by FD on the way. -Snap
  6. The actual OEM sweep is about 23 degrees and if you go out to the rail like I did it might be OK (maybe not for Hood River). I went with 27 and no backstay with the Viper spinnaker. Had it up in gust to 25 the other weekend and no problems. Yes, I'll post some pics at some point.
  7. I couldn't agree more. The six hours the Captain was down in his cabin while things went completely pear shaped was also a big factor in the tragedy. Bottom line is they should have done the prudent thing and diverted or even turned back. A 40 year old Ro-Ro is not really a ship you want to go into those conditions. It's a chilling read and the CAPT's final words are haunting. -Snap
  8. There wasn't much "fog of war" on board El Faro at 11am on sept 30.., when they received the weather forecast i have copied below. Conditions were quite good then. this is about 45 hours before the ship sank at 7:40am on Oct 1 I didn't realize that September had 31 days... actually only 8:30 before the ship sank.
  9. I think a bit of both given the amount of work it would take to make it competitive again. Here's a Peterson 25 done right AND sailing on the Solent, Hitch...
  10. No pics! Here you go. Looked at it a few years ago for possible Q Ton update and ship to the U.K with a Seattle based team. Sent the photos to Doug P and he said 'don't bother, even if it was free'. Cool boat but a real project.
  11. I think mine is a 79, why do you say don't bother ? Because of the keel slot ? Probably need to add some clarification here. 1. I already have the boat, so that isn't changing. 2. I am extremely unlikely to modify the keel, mostly because the ease of use issue. I want to be able to trailer it easily and go to the beach easily, both of these matter more than performance. And I can't really be fucked......... 3. I may have been slightly misleading with the turbo phrase, what I really would like to do is modernise the rig with a non overlapping headsail, and Asym and better deck layout for ease of use. Racing here is generally low level with not enough and inexperienced crew, if I can't get a crew or just want to go for and hours sail I want to be able to single hand easily. I would also consider daysailing with my wife and toddler singlehanding with passengers. 4. Before I got the boat some assclown decided to remove every fitting, the sails are shit as is the running rigging. Point being that changing the deck layout, and modernising the sail plan isn't a ton more work or money than going with the standard setup, so I might as well. A '79 model will be heavier than an early boat If you want any type of performance you'll need to address the gaping keel trunk issue. The other V21 in AZ filled it in and keeps the keel down, which takes away from some of your criteria. That boat was pretty damn fast and if you bothered to do a search here you'd find another whole thread on this somewhere (not sure which forum) Based on your budgetary constraints just either set it up stock and sail with the jib and alum asym prod. Putting a Viper rig on it makes no sense given the increased weight (over an earlier model) and trunk The early V21's are pretty damn fast boats when set up right, even in stock config (just ask anyone who remembers racing against The Blue Light Special in AZ or Mar-V-Les in the Hot Rum Series in San Diego) Good luck and have fun with it. -Snap
  12. I seem to recall that it has been done before, possibly in AZ. No details though Yes in AZ but the owner is in Spain for a while and that project is on indefinite hold. If your boat is not one of the early ones don't bother. -Snap
  13. I think I recall WSD in a Lipton Cup way back, not special ..same year as Impact? that was long ago, could have messed up. I think that was why it was in SD. Fit in the rating band. My guess is all the lead was removed for PHRF trim at WIRW...
  14. Raced against WSD on the N/M 36 Crackerjack in San Diego a few times and beat it handily. Not a good light air boat but compared to Crackerjack, nothing is. Last seen languishing in Santa Cruz harbor. WSD has been sitting there for years in what could be described as not the driest environment so probably pretty wet inside and out. -Snap