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    SoCal PHRF Corinthian rating

    I think the Corinthian Adjustments are a good idea and a way to address inequalities in fleets. A Catalina 30 using Dacron sails and a roller furler should not rate the same as a Cat 30 with a set of 3Di's, for example. Hopefully PHRF So. Cal can work on a way to implement it better but the underlying idea is good and has the potential to increase participation. -Snap
  2. Snapper

    Turbo'd SR21

    HSR is a little too soon to make plans to do, at this point. I'd certainly entertain it for next year. Boat rates 168, which is 6 secs faster than a J24 at 174. Up there, with the ridiculous PHRF-NW system it should correlate to 180 (with the J24 at 186). If you have the Tahoe boat, which rated 171 there we are pretty close. What PHRF fleets are you 'ripping up'? Message me, we'll take it offline. -Snap
  3. Snapper

    Turbo'd SR21

    H20 #9 was a stock beater I presume you bought from Fred Miller then sold to Scott Walsh? You wouldn't know about the planing ability with the stock small spin. I'm a big fan of Hendo's boats and the SR 27 I sailed at KWRW is still one of my fav's. It would be fun to line test with the two boats because old boats that have been updated are cool. -Snap
  4. Snapper

    Turbo'd SR21

    I'd like to square off with that thing in my Holder 20X! Shame we're on opposite coasts. -Snap
  5. Snapper

    What is it, PNW?

    Actually, you myopic trollops, the PNW and SD produce excellent sailors. I've been in both worlds and have learned a shit ton about currents and various effects. I believe this thread is about the Trader fiasco so keep it in check. -Snap
  6. Snapper

    What is it, PNW?

    Jim was more than happy to walk away from that project. It cost him his shop space but he's in a better location now. I wonder if Donovan ever got paid in full? The Trader legacy is one of people getting screwed by a nut bag owner. This boat is just another chapter in that legacy... -Snap
  7. Snapper

    Schrock Santana 23D dagger board model

    Right, the old Dogmeat. Didn't know you'd moved up to my old neck of the woods, BR. How easy was it to raise the board underway/loaded? -Snap
  8. Snapper

    Schrock Santana 23D dagger board model

    Which one? Thumper? How did you deal with kelp? I sailed on one out of SWYC once and could have renamed it KELCO. Asking because it's actually on my radar for the 'camp cruising' you mentioned. -Snap
  9. Snapper

    what was it?

    12 metre - the sage of English Bay... The boat was named Stardancer. MacLaurin didn't name it one of the Pendragons because it didn't have an inboard engine and not built for offshore racing. I packed it up in MDR and got it trucked up to Seattle as part of the DWW team. WIRW wipeout was epic and spurred an e-conversation between Davidson and myself regarding the rudder. I was driving when the winch pulled in a buoy race off Shilshole. Got it fixed by Henderson and better than new. It's a fantastic boat. Keel is original. MACE looks like a candidate for a complete reno. I'd go the U.K. QT route and frac it with MH spin. -Snap
  10. Always wanted to retire in Oz and now I know where to go. Thanks, LB. -Snap
  11. Snapper

    Santana 20/tuna 20

    What??!! Glenn passed away? Holy fuck that just ruined my night. I don't think I'd spoken to him in the last three years but last time he was doing OK and adding pizza franchises. FWIW, Flasher is a pretty damn good boat. -Snap
  12. Snapper

    Peterson 38 Dust 'Em

    There was a thread on Dust 'em here years ago showing pics of it being converted to a liveaboard with a ply house added. A real shame. I drove Doug's frac Flamboyant in Yachting Cup once and it was an upwind rocket. I'm pretty sure it was a wood boat. -Snap
  13. Snapper

    Santana 20

    considering hull #1 was built in 1976, I'd say you got a hell of a deal.
  14. Snapper

    Holder 20 GPX (turbo)

    Nope. I'm tied up all September with 6 meter World's in Vancouver. Next year with a NW20 fleet sounds like a plan. -Snap
  15. Snapper

    Holder 20 GPX (turbo)

    Holder 20X Drone video- Mission Bay, CA Had the kid test out his new drone when we tested the new Main made by Ballard Sails out of Seattle. Very nice. -Snap
  16. Snapper


    Don't forget to mention it was struck by lightning in New Orleans in the ad...
  17. Snapper

    New 6 metre. Much like a hippo.

    Assuming this puppy will be at World's this year... it will be interesting to see how it goes against the established moderns. I'll be there and will most likely be doing some reports. -Snap
  18. Snapper

    Is D.C.'s Schock 35 class legal?

    yep, and that boat ended up being named Wings. Basement to penthouse after the keel was put in the correct place
  19. Snapper

    Is D.C.'s Schock 35 class legal?

    Maxx - you know some of the story but clearly didn't see the boat up close. It was just painted with faired foils and had the masthead crane removed and no backstay. Still, a good story for the bar sea lawyers... -Snap I did see it in SD up and personal just when it was just launched.Even then I thought WTF? There's going to be a hurting or full on resurrection and I saw the Sailing piece too. It was to the point that he can do that under the rules. Yes, bar sea lawyers were having kittens I'm sure. I just thought it was the same thing. Wasn't him that said about "No stone unturned" or something? Or was it someone else like that? Still he does that. Get you use to it. I raced the boat for a while before DC picked it up. The hull and foils were painted in about two weeks before Yachting Cup so of course it looked nice then. The deck, interior, and luckily the velvet painting hanging down below were not touched. The boat was rode hard and put away wet in prior years so the hull started looked rough after a bit. Still, a fun and fast boat. The issues at yachting cup were the undeclared removal of the crane and pro driver (not DC). -Snap
  20. Snapper

    Is D.C.'s Schock 35 class legal?

    Maxx - you know some of the story but clearly didn't see the boat up close. It was just painted with faired foils and had the masthead crane removed and no backstay. Still, a good story for the bar sea lawyers... -Snap
  21. Snapper

    Holder 20 GPX (turbo)

    Eat your words, FullCircle! The 20X is coming along nicely and the asym is way more stable than a sym. Since I came up with the GP and X monikers, Rod, how bout you call it a 20T? See you at Spud Cup, Varan. We'll have a couple of 20X's there. -Snap
  22. Snapper

    What is it, PNW?

    I think 'new' is a bit of a stretch considering when this project got started. I'm amazed it even splashed and a lot of people got screwed over by FD on the way. -Snap
  23. Snapper

    Holder 20 Mainsail swap

    The actual OEM sweep is about 23 degrees and if you go out to the rail like I did it might be OK (maybe not for Hood River). I went with 27 and no backstay with the Viper spinnaker. Had it up in gust to 25 the other weekend and no problems. Yes, I'll post some pics at some point.
  24. Apparently I can't resurrect an old archived thread on this... this is probably the only question I can't answer between the two boats but is the Schock 35 keel in the same place as the Santana 35 and just deeper? The mast was moved aft for the Schock so does the mast butt now span keel bolts or did they change the cord length at hull? I'm having some evil thoughts and need some advice while I'm still on the ledge! -Snap
  25. Snapper

    NTSB releases transcript of El Faro sinking

    I couldn't agree more. The six hours the Captain was down in his cabin while things went completely pear shaped was also a big factor in the tragedy. Bottom line is they should have done the prudent thing and diverted or even turned back. A 40 year old Ro-Ro is not really a ship you want to go into those conditions. It's a chilling read and the CAPT's final words are haunting. -Snap