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    I can never understand why yachts that go to sea do not have a watertight bulkhead in front of the rudder stock just for this reason.YA have a thousand small annoying cat 1 requirements but big picture stuff like monos sinking is ignored. And what about positive buoyancy, surely a boat like this could which weighed ten ton could have 11m3 of buoyancy built in?
  2. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Comanche, wo11, bj, loyal righting moment will be king in this race.
  3. Rushour on its roof.

    Brief report for the benefit of others. forecast was for 20kn se wind. We set the boat up with one reef and self tacking heady. THIS CONFIGURATION IS VERY MANAGEABLE IN 20KN. We started sailing to windward with the intention of building speed then bearing away to go downwind. Main traveller was fully down and a crew member was holding the main sheet. Speed built very quickly as we got hit by a big gust (40 kn) hull started to come up, main was completely dumped but hull kept climbing. I (helm) turned up to feather the sails but response was slow because all drive was coming from the heady and the bows were pressed. Boat capsized sideways. Whole thing took maybe 5 seconds. Mistakes: Bloody B&G wind instruments were not working so no appreciation of building breeze. (Rushour commonly does 20kn on a shy reach so 30kn of wind across the boat seems normal.) We never normally hold the jib sheet. (obviously a mistake) We were rushed with some inexperienced crew and I never allocated roles. I was complacent. I never even come close to even flying the hull high on the new Rushour. The gust of wind combined with boat speed gave approx 55 kn over the deck which was obviously enough to capsize a 7 ton boat. The wing mast may have contributed to the capsize. lucky we were only in 4 m of water and Rushour has a very strong wing mast so we were able to attach ropes to the high hull and tow her around so the bows were pointing into the wind and towed her over. The bottom hull was flooded and that helped to right the boat. You need a very big tow boat to pull a big cat over. We used a commercial cat Cat of Nine Tails to pull her up. We had her upright about 2 to 3 hours after capsize. I would not want to go through that in the open ocean. A huge thank you to all the people who rallied around and helped right, retrieve, clean the boat, and for all the messages. It makes you realise how good it is to belong to a strong sailing community.
  4. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    Fat kites do not work at all on racing multihulls, especially in light air.
  5. VOR 2017-18

    A venturi will not work when depressed under water more than 450mm, I guess it is because the vacuum created by the moving water is less than the water pressure.
  6. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    The OMR rule is way more refined than Mocra or any other multihull rule. Mad max is the first boat to ever show significant gains from T foils, which is the reason that they have not been added to the rule in the past. I believe one of the purposes of the rule is to encourage development not penalize it. Having a cruising boat that is not competitive in OMR is no excuse for not participating in a race series. If this were the case only 3 or 4 sailors would ever turn up to any nationals no matter if was lasers, hobie 16, A class, whatever. There are probably 20 competitive fast cruiser racer multihulls around that could race and potentially win but very difficult to get them to turn up. As mentioned above PHS racing is popular at Hammo and Airlie because anyone can win. It rewards poor performance at the beginning of the regatta. Boats can sandbag to manipulate the results. Phs has its place within an OMR regatta to reward improving boats etc. We would have had a cruising division at the nationals if more boats had entered.
  7. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    The week and racing was enjoyable and well organised. Observations from Rushour were as follows: Diams have a very favorable rating but were also very well sailed. However it depends on what you compare a very favorable rating too?? They were no match for the old Mad max which is sailing much faster at a lower OMR rating than it used to be, but then the Airlie boys are probably the best team as well. Rushour was no match for any of them but trying to handicap a 50' cruising cat against a few beach cats and tris is always going to be hard. We were however very happy to be in Div 1 as we had close racing with the Diams, and the Nacra 36 all of which helped us learn more about the boat always plenty of scope for improvement!!!! It would be nice to have a bridgedeck offshore division but unfortunately not enough boats. Windward Leeward races on a 50' boat suck and will always advantage a small boat. If I was not poor from building a new boat I would consider a Diam, awesome boat, fast stable and best of all one design..... sort of.
  8. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    very competitive fleet. Not much chance of a cruiser beating the beach cats unless we get 20+ Still should be a great week.... and weekend.
  9. Wht havent' multihulls taken the world by storm

    on a 400 nm mile delivery last week down the qld coast we saw 9 multihulls and 1 monohull. I know that there are way more monos sold every year but we always see many more multis out there being used.
  10. Airlie Hammo Magnetic 2017

    Just to clarify some comments,Wild Oats and Blackjack guys are always polite on and off the course and they often chatted to us about our boat. They always try and go under slower boats which does not slow them down much and avoids getting luffed up. Hammo is actually cheaper than airlie when entry fee and marina fees are combined. You can always leave your boat on the pick at Airlie and tender in and out. I have done it and it is really no hassle. Very different regattas, much better courses at Hammo, better prize giving, bands at Airlie. (just my opinion)
  11. Airlie Hammo Magnetic 2017

    Rushour had his and lows during the northern campaign but it was a fantastic experience and both the crew and boat improved alot over the 2 weeks. Still have a long way to go but still very satisfying. Another 12 months should see much more improvement. Top speed during racing was 28.7kn. Nothing broke. Boat is very stiff. Thanks Nathan. Shame more boats did not compete but we were lucky Top Gun Rushour XL2 Stardust and the Diams were reasonably close speed wise so we had some close racing. We kept ripping our upwind screecher which we needed for any upwind work in under 15 kn (All but 4 races) which cost us 3 races. In another windward leeward, a kite wrap cost us a race. (We came second by 2 minutes) It does show that if you sail a good race it is possible to win on OMR even on a cruiser competing against race boats. The Diam was impressive, simple to sail and fast. (also wet and rough) In the video above Wild Oats actually sat on our stern for approx 5 nm before we got into the wind shadow of some islands (note kite collapse). We hit a top speed of 28.5kn on that down wind run. Top gun were still a few hundred metres in front of us though. Black Jack never passed us.
  12. Sydney to Gold Coast 2017

    perfect opportunity for black jack to tune their boat. Even if they are faster I would not be surprised if they just sit on WO all day learning, learning
  13. Transpac mulitis

    Mighty Merloe has more sail area than the 70s so she was always going to be quick in light air. Impressive how much faster they are than the monos though, nearly 3 times the speed of commanche, obviously perfect angles for them.
  14. Alibi Catamarans - Anyone know about them?

    I know nothing about Alibi cats but carefully analysing what you really want is important. Many production catamarans boast fantastic performance that in real life may be disappointing. One of the great things about a high performance catamaran is the satisfaction of sailing fast in low wind speeds. Many production cats do not achieve this. Many boats can do 20kn in a gale but that is not always enjoyable stress free sailing. Doing 20 kn in 15 kn of wind is very enjoyable. I would recommend sailing on many varied boats such as schionning G force 15 (MOJO FOR SALE IN AUS). A turboed gunboat, fuijin (beaker design) etc. Get any boat weighed before it is purchased. Claimed weights are not always correct. There are very few production catamarans that are raced successfully.
  15. Grainger Raider 302

    Timberwolf rating is much faster than Dragon. Nz has a pretty good rating system.