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  1. bushsailor

    Mainsail halyard lock.

    Thanks for that. I think we will go with the mast track lock that is open unless the trip line is pulled which will pull it into the slot. That way the main should at least come down. I will use 8mm halyard so we can hold the main up if all else fails. I would not put constrictors etc up the mast.
  2. bushsailor

    Mainsail halyard lock.

    you are right about the harken lock around $12,000. It is actually for a different track anyway. They would not give me the drawings hence the post here. We have the track inserts so it kind of makes sense to build a car. Ronstan constrictors work very well for a while then we have had trouble with them slipping, but they are under high load.
  3. bushsailor

    Mainsail halyard lock.

    putting a new rig in a cat. Anyone have any ideas on simple main halyard locks for high loads (4 ton) Low budget so we may make our own. The Antal 24 system seems nice but it relies on SS mast track inserts and we have a 32mm Harken system already
  4. bushsailor

    Spinlock XTX soft grip clutch experience?

    I suspect they may be the same as the Ronstan ones, work very well for a while then the internal case wears/fibres align whatever and then they slip. Case is not that dear on the Ronstan ones though. Not so good for spinnaker halyards as they create a fair bit of drag.
  5. bushsailor

    what is the holy grail older yacht for handicap wins

    I tend to agree with this, grass root racing may well improve dramatically. Trouble will be the money guys will then dump a mil into some old shitter and still make it go twice as fast as original.
  6. bushsailor


    That Allegra is doing very well for a luxury cruising cat. Very impressive. Fujin has some catching up to do.
  7. Venom will get way quicker over the next 12 months. I dont think she has even got a spinnaker yet. On carbon rudder shafts I believe the secret is large diameter which reduces flex. Monos have way less failures due to large diameter shafts. On my cat we load tested the shafts before final machining with 2 ton and had 20mm deflection over 2m which at the time I thought was pretty good but turns out was not good enough. Flex is really bad over many cycles as each cycle weakens or breaks the structure down on fibre at a time. I never thought about aluminium shafts before!! My cats are 50mm diameter solid high tensile stainless which are very heavy.
  8. Carbon rudder shafts on powerful multis ........ been there done that, never again. Venom looked really good off the start line.
  9. bushsailor

    Narrow boat vs wide boat comfort for cruising

    Not sure about the old traditional narrow boats with long keels being better. On same voyage we sailed past a beautiful 60' ketch in 35 to 40kn cold wind and a building sea. We would surf each wave as it came to us where they would not. I was very surprised at how rough they appeared to be including a broach when their rudder came out of the water. We horizoned them in a few hours. I think yacht design has come a hell of a long way in the last 20 years. There is already a cat vs mono ride thread in multihull anarchy.
  10. I have just done a fairly long passage downwind on a DK 46 cruiser/racer. I was surprised by the amount of yaw and role that goes on in moderate conditions. Does a wide arsed boat such as a pogo 50 handle better than a traditional boat in a cruising situation?. (DK is not narrow with a 4.5m beam but has a narrow waterline) Not interested in upwind as cruisers try to avoid this.
  11. bushsailor

    bluewater multihulls

    Yes there is absolutely no comparison. After sailing a 46' cruiser racer mono for a couple of thousand miles it staggers me that people put up with cruising a mono at all. There is a certain amount of stress involved with the multihull by being overpowered but that is pretty easy to manage with a fast and good reefing system.. They are very stable platforms with minimal sails up. Pondering the poor ride downwind on the mono I think it is purely boat speed. The swell generated from say 20kn of wind travels at around 15kn. A good multi can travel at 15kn easily with just the main and jib and so travels at the same speed as the waves so the ride is nearly smooth. I know on my cat I can put a glass of wine on the table and it will not move. (upwind very different story but cruisers do not go upwind) The mono on the other hand travels much slower, maybe 9kn so the waves are constantly passing under the boat and trying to make the boat yaw and roll. One thing I did learn is how to pole the Jib out a long way makes a big difference. Anyone contemplating buying a boat needs to charter both a mono and a multi for a week and see which they prefer.
  12. bushsailor

    Is Froth and Bubble still for sale??

    Cheers, Will get it sorted over the next few weeks.
  13. bushsailor

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    I had runners on the last rig of SK75 and they were a real pain. Every time you loaded one it would stretch and 10 minutes later it needed to be re tightened. I guess as it was not loaded most of the time it never stabilized??? Probably the biggest negative of soft rigging is the extra wind-age, on a fast multi that may offset the extra weight gains.
  14. bushsailor

    Is Froth and Bubble still for sale??

    have a lightning 8 version which I will sell soon...... Carbon rig, poor sails. WILL HAVE A NEW TRAILER.
  15. bushsailor

    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    Yep, Just a project to do the 75th Hobart. Awesome boat though........ for a mono. Going back to sailing the cat as soon as possible. We did Ok in the Hobart though considering the conditions do not suit the boat at all, 3rd in division(only 15min from first) and around 30min behind the Cookson 50s and slower tps over the line. Top speed of 21.8 and had a 10 min average of 16 in 30kn. Coming back from Hobart we had 3 kids on board and a couple of adults sailing downwind in 30 to 40kn with a reefed main absolutely no problem at all under auto pilot while other bigger boats near us were all over the place. Boat is super strong and stable now.(we actually rebuilt the whole hull structure around the keel and tied it all into the grid properly) We wont make much money out of it though, bloody expensive this yacht racing.