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  1. bushsailor

    Groupama NewCal race

    Groupama 600, a fantastic experience. One of the best races we've done on any boat. Last night Rushour was awarded First Multihull across the line, First Multihull Handicap and fourth across the line overall in a combined mono and multi fleet of 23 boats. We even got CPF125,000 in prize money! Race started beating in 6-8 knots, not our preferred wind strength or angle. We were doing well (first multi and only 4 miles behind Miss Scarlet, the lead mono) until we chose to sail up the east coast of the island inside the lagoon, instead of heading offshore at the first opportunity through the Passe de Havannah. This was an expensive mistake in hindsight, resulting in us being becalmed for 24 hours. The lead multi AVE GITANA gained a 42nm lead on us, while the lead mono pack gained 140nm. Light wind started at 8pm on the second night of the race and we started to accelerate and one-by-one pass the fleet, including the Shionning G-Force 15, Birdies Furax 2, during the night. Wind built to 20knots in flat water, and our boat speed was up to 23knots, with consistent numbers around 17-20knots. It was one board (starboard) all the way to the top mark. By the top mark we had become the lead multihull, passing the trimaran Ave Gitana at the northeastern virtual mark. (This tri is a crowther design of 44' long weighs 3.7 ton and carries more plain sail area than Rushour. She was crewed by an all female crew who were very experienced. They had quite a few issues on board which slowed them down) We did get becalmed at the northwestern virtual mark for about 2 hours, but we picked up a northeasterly wind for 3 hours where we were doing a 10-minute average of 21 knots. We pushed hard for 6 hours and built a 25nm lead over the trimaran then backed off and maintained this lead all down the west coast of New Caledonia, to the end of the race. At the finish, we had reduced the mono lead from 140nm down to 60nm and were fourth boat across the line. For those wondering if we broke anything… a few hours before the finish we tore the spinnaker blocks out of the portside of the boat, the spinnaker block chain plate was not strong enough. We jury-rigged it to finish the race under masthead kite. The hospitality, organisation, beauty of the race course and camaraderie among the fleet was spectacular. Lastly a word about the Rushour crew... with only six people, everyone had a critical role to play, and had to cover all positions on the boat. Everyone worked together well and did a fantastic job.
  2. bushsailor

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    I assume that the maxi 72 would be designed along the same lines as a TP? CYCA will let them sail because they are high profile even if they are nothing more than a inshore overgrown skiff. If it is heavy and on the nose they wont go.
  3. bushsailor

    ........ to Noumea

    what is going to happen re the Sydney start?
  4. bushsailor

    ........ to Noumea

    Little bit surprised that more yachts are not doing the Groupama race around New Cal. Afterall if you go to the trouble of racing to a tropical Island why not sail around it!!
  5. bushsailor

    Near Capsize

    We use the amount of water going over the boat as a gauge of how hard we are pressing the boat. Also when the boat starts to decelerate as it runs into the back of the waves is a good sign. Capsize is rarely the result of one error but rather a combination of things that have gone wrong. Yours was obviously the block breaking, but at least it released some kite, maybe all you needed to stop her going over.
  6. bushsailor

    Older fast Aus multies

    Yep sold it to a guy in Hervey Bay, cheap too!!! PM me for his contact details and he might sell it, I think he was going to cruise it, but one sail may put an end to that. Mast is broken but that is a surprisingly easy fix, I have done 2 now with no problems. The last one I tested by resting a 7 ton boat on it for a few hours!!!! The boat is the old TUKI
  7. curious, Will you be going with a aluminium mast? I can not help thinking aluminium is a better option on a cruiser racer multi hull. Proven, durable, better insurance, minimal performance loss etc
  8. bushsailor

    Need Chartplotter Recommendation

    I have a Zues 3 and a 6 year old Garmin on the same boat. Garmin is still 10 times better in usability, accuracy etc etc
  9. bushsailor

    Melbourne Osaka 2018

    Runaway is way less comfortable than any other boat in the fleet so not only are the boys on board doing well they are doing it tough. They have the mental toughness to finish though.
  10. bushsailor

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018 only

    Regarding the rudder shafts The last boat had hollow shafts with no problems but this is a vastly different beast. Talking to others having a hollow shaft with solid section through the exit point still failed. The first rudder on the existing boat had this and it bent, solid shafts in 2205 never fail. I will machine the top hollow and taper the bottom to reduce weight. I am sure you are correct regarding larger diam hollow vs solid but then I would have to rebuild the whole rudder structure. Helm is a cable system and never loads up so I do not think balance is an issue.
  11. bushsailor

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018 only

    Well another incomplete B to G !!! more lessons learnt .... do not use carbon rudder shafts on big cats. We now think that the shock load of big swells hitting them broke them down one fibre at a time. They were a solid shaft with a fiberglass core and carbon layup on the outside. (70% uni 30% off axis carbon filament wound) Deflection of these shafts was 0. They do point load where they exit the hull and that was probably the cause. Solid stainless 2205 shafts next time. We sailed a very good race up till both rudders left the boat. Not sure when we lost the first one but the second one was obvious. We sailed a very good race up till that time. We cleared the bay in a good position, rolled out the mast head screecher and sailed fast for a couple of hours. It was rough with TWA around 120 and a big beam swell. Our top 10 minute average was 21.4. We were taking alot of water over the boat though as we were punching into the seas every now and then. Luckily when we were well in the lead we were able to back right off and 2 sailed it with a reefed main all the way up and around Fraser. Minimal water splashed up in this configuration. We did catch up to the 2 tp 52s around Mooloolaba (they started about half an hour earlier) but we were not racing them and we paced them . Ichy Ban was about half a mile in front around the top of Fraser. Our crew did a great job, conditions were rough and we nursed the boat but the boat handled it beautifully. We had no scary moments(except for not being able to steer)Top speed of 29kn top wind speed 30.5kn Our trip average till the rudder broke was 16.5kn. Wind speed was 10kn at the start building to 14 as we left the bay. At Caloundra we had 20kn and it never dropped under that again. Indian Chief sailed a fantastic race given the conditions. They nursed the boat and used good seamanship. Next year.
  12. bushsailor

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018 only

    Looks like a windy race, 25kn around the top of Fraser against a 2 kn current will be wild in the middle of the night. Anyone's race this year. Lower rated big boats such as Avalanche and plan B could easily out sail their rating. We have a chance of line honors if Boss and Indian Chief has to back off too much if the breeze really kicks in. It will also be interesting to see which monos we can beat. Will be fun.
  13. The BtoG is coming around again. We are looking forward to it immensely, the first day is the highlight of our sailing year. Rushour is now getting there and will be good to go by race day. There are some new boats entered which is great to see. Entry list will be published shortly.
  14. bushsailor

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018

    You are missing the point. We obviously were not going to run over them. And yes we did our penalty turn just in case.
  15. bushsailor

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2018

    Well I guess some of this post should be refuted by someone. The first part of the post is absolutely correct. The Diam had absolute right to make us tack away on the line. We did assume incorrectly that the Diam would be interested in finishing ASAP (as per the bottom paragraph, which is why we left 25m of line for them to tack through. (see photo which shows Rushour 150m from the line starting to luff up to give the Diam plenty of room) I have no issue with what you did it was just .... annoying to have to tack with a screecher. What did not happen as was claimed in the bar by the Diam crew was that they had to avoid getting run over by us. (see attached photo taken by tele photo lens from the finish boat which clearly shows Rushour on starboard with the Diam still reaching down on us screaming. The diam is obliged to keep clear in this situation.) The second part of the post above I have issues with since you brought it up. I believe that when you missed the mark another boat sailed over and informed you that you missed the mark. You told them to go away.(in a not very polite way) You then protested them for outside assistance because they called up the race committee on vhf to question which side of a mark to round, (perfectly legal and the protest was later thrown out in the jury room) You did not retire from the race. When another competitor heard that you protested Fantasia they protested you for missing the mark which also went to the room, you lost and you then retired from the race and did not race the next day. This was a social regatta put together to promote and encourage multihull sailing. The above mentioned behavior is disappointing and if I was the owner of the Diam I would be very disappointed. He puts a lot of effort and money into supporting multihull regattas around the country.