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  1. bushsailor

    All things Class40

    I wonder if it would be feasible to get an older class 40 and build a new bow section for it, a lot cheaper than a new boat. i also wonder if a bigger more protected cockpit would not be better over a longer race.
  2. bushsailor

    Sheeting Angle for Performance Tris

    Not sure that the 11% sheeting angle is the problem. You should be able to sail at 45 degrees TWA using 11.5% sheeting so maybe work on other areas first. Optimum sheeting angle is around 9 or10 degrees which is only 1.5 less than what you have now It is easy to choke a multihull by over sheeting. Sail shape? Too full? mast rotation? Try centering the mast. You should be able to point as high as a mono but you will only be going the same speed as a mono as well......which would be lower vmg. You need to work out your upwind target speed as well, maybe 9kn above 12kn windspeed at a guess. That will stop you footing off too much(easy to do because you don't have the feedback from the boat that you get from a mono. .
  3. bushsailor

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    Pretty sure she did the Caribbean 600 in 2019. if she is truly 6 ton she should be very fast but it is not that easy to get the most out of big cats. There was a video somewhere of her 2 sail reaching at 22 kn with little fuss. Nice looking boat. She uses round beams as her main beams which may mean she is not that stiff torsional wise, but who knows.
  4. bushsailor

    Older fast Aus multies

    All these multis are faster with less people but it is easier to sail with more and is more fun. Our goal is to sail with 5 but we nearly always sail with more. We often have mono sailors come out. One strange experience was a sceptic standing in the protected cabin casually stating "these cats are slow aren't they" when someone pointed out that we were doing 18kn he promptly sat down and was gripping the seat. He did enjoy it after a while .
  5. bushsailor

    "Brisbane Bill" L'Eau Commotion

    That is a fantastic effort!!!
  6. Couple of points from experience>>>>> Asymmetric boards in floats of a trimaran will be more efficient by roughly 10% (ie you need 10% less board to do the same job) Be careful of removing the central dagger board on many tris as they may not tack well without it, depending on rocker of main hull etc etc. On a cat you need much much bigger boards if you are going asymmetric. That is why you see the gunboats etc with 4 or 5m boards. This is because you can only have one board down at a time and so need to nearly double the size of the board(see line 1 above)
  7. bushsailor

    Vendee Globe 2020

    Burton and Bestaven probably both deserve the win IMHO . Burton had breakages, fixed them, lost 900nm to the leaders in doing so. Sailing his own race, trusting in his routing, not just covering, all pretty impressive. Bestaven built a 400nm lead only to park and watch everyone sail around him must have been a nightmare. The front of his boat is badly damaged as well.
  8. bushsailor

    Pilot calibration secrets (B&G H5000)

    We have had the system calibrated by experienced people(some of the best in aus) but not offshore, some good points above though, we will check them. Thank you. Also we tune the system using a laptop and it is possible to get a expert to access the laptop and run through the system remotely as long as you have internet
  9. bushsailor

    Pilot calibration secrets (B&G H5000)

    Good topic. We have never conquered the H5000 autopilot!!! Works Ok in flat water but hunts a lot in ocean swell, and will not steer to wind. One tip I have been told is turn the auto learn part of the system off as this prevents the system trashing the previous settings. I have a long term plan of taking an expert out for a day off shore in a good Southerly and stay out till the thing will steer the boat. We have always calibrated the system inshore. A B&G trouble shooting guide would be a huge help. We use a Raymarine ST2000 to steer the boat most of the time, does a great job.
  10. bushsailor

    Adjustable headboard

    It has a multiple lashing system that kind of replaces the bolt and spacer in the picture above. I cant really remember(or I wouldn't be asking the question) It is not designed to be adjusted under sail but the lashings can be adjusted to allow for some sail stretch and fine tuning of the head. With my new sail we have to pop some battens anyway so no big deal to pull a pin and eliminate the automatic headboard.
  11. bushsailor

    Adjustable headboard

    No the question was about an adjustable headboard. Volvo 70s had them. I need to make one for my new main which has a big (too big) a squaretop head and we need to adjust it to set it up correctly. We did have a very similar set up to picture above but I have a new mast with track locks so this system no longer works well.
  12. bushsailor

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    Early Weather forecast looks like a very heavy southerly storm coming through on the first night and may be around for a few days. Half wishing we were going and half pleased we are not.
  13. bushsailor

    Vendee Globe 2020 - Virtual Race

    Well I made a mistake and went south early not realizing the game punishes boats in high wind very heavily. Down to 13kn at some stages. I will loose around 100nm to the leaders I would think. Mind you in real sailing you would never sail into a storm like that so fair enough I guess. The northern group have nailed it as long as they can get back to the ice line.
  14. bushsailor

    Vendee Globe 2020 - Virtual Race

    That polar chart tells the story!!!!! Thanks for that
  15. bushsailor

    Vendee Globe 2020 - Virtual Race

    Also I have just learnt that boat will slow down in more than 30 kn, may help some other newbies..... Obviously that is why Your Mum etc have stayed north in this system although wind angle is worse.