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  1. bushsailor

    Can anyone ID this Cat?

    email sent
  2. bushsailor

    Which Cookson 12 would you buy?

    How much different are Cooksons compared to a Farr40 in hull shape?
  3. bushsailor

    Can anyone ID this Cat?

    marstrom 350 x 150mm x 18.6m carbon rotating with stays etc
  4. bushsailor

    Can anyone ID this Cat?

    I agree that rotating rigs obviously work on the high speed full on race multis etc etc but they are very big masts and the apparent is always well forward of the beam. Most cruiser racer multis however have small chord masts so the proportion of mast to sail area is very small. eg we have a 350mm x 120 marstrom mast and a sail depth of 5500mm so the mast is only contributing a max of 8 % of the main sail area. We can rotate, not rotate etc etc with minimal difference. (perhaps some gain when reaching) Next time you are on a cruiser racer in the 40' + range try it. It is also difficult to rotate the mast to say 80 degrees so that the rotation is benefiting in downwind sailing. I have found the same thing on several other cruiser racer cats. One of the most successful race boats in AUS was trilogy a 34' carbon tri which had a fixed rig. I know on smaller beach cats etc mast rotation is huge benefit and I thought that a rotating mast set up well would make a big difference on my current boat but not so. I agree re Comanche except to say that they were trying to create the fastest monohull ever with a unlimited budget and they went with a fixed rig.
  5. bushsailor

    Can anyone ID this Cat?

    Well in my opinion on bigger boats a small rotating mast is of no advantage. I would change out to a fixed mast tomorrow on my cat, (if I could sell the rotating rig) stiffer, stronger rig, tighter forestay tension lighter etc etc. If rotating rigs were faster I am sure boats like Comanche with unlimited budget would have them.
  6. bushsailor

    New imoca boats

    I bet the reason for the extra thick foils on Charal are to solve the breakage issue.
  7. what speed will she do upwind? As soma said. Schionning foils are often "average" so need plenty of speed to get them working well. Very easy to choke a multi
  8. bushsailor

    Leopard 42 fore/aft trim question

    empty all the fuel and water out, then put in 20 l each side. Not sure that it will go any faster though, they are stuck at hull speed and that is it.
  9. bushsailor

    Carbon3 trimaran coming to Hong Kong

    Custom made bracket and slide so when retracted the whole lot sits on the deck. Sportboats do it all the time. Also gets weight in a bit.
  10. bushsailor

    New imoca boats

    It is crazy to suggest that these super high powered boats should be multihulls. They would be falling over all round the world. And I own and sail a multi. Perhaps T rudder foils in the older boats may balance the playing field? I suspect that the keel ventilation all the way down to the bulb is deliberate to reduce drag and keel lift.
  11. bushsailor

    Carbon3 trimaran coming to Hong Kong

    9.9 hp extra long Yamaha should do the job no problem. secret is a shaft extension to make it longer again. Then it will push it easily.
  12. bushsailor

    New imoca boats

    Anyone got any info pictures of the foil bearing systems used in these boats? Cheers
  13. bushsailor

    curved foil bearings

    That is the problem, I cant find any info. The orma boats have been doing it for years but the immoca boats pull these foils in and out all the time. I suspect rollers are required or the foils would bind up.
  14. bushsailor

    curved foil bearings

    Now that many boats are using various foils Imoca 60 etc what are the best bearing systems. I guess the entry support bearings are still acetal but because of the high loads rollers must be used as well? Any photos etc? Cheers
  15. bushsailor

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    excellent thread. Thanks Soma. Only comment I have is The open transom thing is dangerous. It needs a door or step at least. A wave hitting someone at 20kn can punch them straight out the back. Keep us updated about the warn system, very interesting.