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  1. Yes, I would say Venom would be quite a bit quicker than Rushour inshore but offshore Rushour will be over the horizon in any sort of breeze. Hopefully they will race her so we can find out!!! Rushour is getting a bigger rig next year to help light air performance.
  2. bushsailor

    Cat tails from over the horizon

    helms in that position are very good, dry unless power reaching and way better visibility. reality is 95 percent of cruising is on autopilot unless you are in a crowded waterway(need good visibility) or if it is very rough in which case you need to be outside to feel the boat and waves see the sails etc. (you need a good autopilot and a good back up autopilot.) Winches appear way too small, need to be 60 minimum on a 12 ton cat
  3. All cruising multis (or racing multis that are cruising) benefit from sailing deep angles downwind. I believe that an asy set up with tack to windward as per picture above would be the best option, sail at about 160 true wind angle. Only other option is sym with snuffer and no main dead downwind but can be hard to pull the sock over if windy.
  4. bushsailor

    2019 Aussie Nationals

    Thanks for all the effort that you have put in over the years, I am sure it is a challenging job that you have done very well. nearly impossible to handicap a foiling trimaran or a formula 40 open beachcat type boat against a cruising offshore multihull. Simply need different divisions. OMR works very well when comparing like for like boats. This was demonstrated at Hammo where many fast boats chose to sail in PHF rather than OMR simply because they can not compete with the hull flying, foiling machines. (And the PHf division had 30+ boats compared to 5 or 6 in the racing division)
  5. bushsailor

    Inward vs Outward AMA lifting foils

    I wonder the same thing. The original thinking was that the high pressure/low pressure drag was high when the foils faced out but I do not understand that. Also when the cat or tri is flying a hull the curved foil is working at much higher efficiency with inward facing foils. Downwind, outward facing would be better as the foil is dragging the boat to leeward. opposite upwind.
  6. bushsailor

    New Hugo Boss Spotted

    The thing most people do not realize is that the autopilot systems on these boats are completely custom built with no relation to any off the shelf components from any brand. Therefore it is a smart move from Raymarine to get there name on a boat.
  7. someone asked how fast do they charge, Mine take about 60 amps all the way up to 99% full, but I have no idea why they do not take the full alternator capacity. (It is a balmar 125 amp alternator. Also it does not really matter. They charge pretty quickly. We just did a 2 and half day ocean race and charged the battery once for 45 minutes and finished with 60% capacity left. That included a fridge (no freeze dried) and full instrument system. (that has a 200 amp system) It does make a huge difference.
  8. bushsailor

    Gunboat 68

    I see on that video that they are set up for outside jibes. Why would they do that on a cat?
  9. bushsailor

    how it went down

    I still do not get why racing monos are not required to have a watertight bulkhead in front of the rudder.
  10. bushsailor


    I was referring to rudder balance, pretty simple to design a rudder that gives feeedback but doesn't need three strong men swinging on it to turn.
  11. bushsailor


    We have had the most experienced B&G guys in the country install the system. I think it looses or changes its settings due to its learning and constantly needs fiddling with.. I really have no idea though except it is annoying. I agree a simple system is often better unless you are full time on a boat and happy to hose many many hours at it. An old H2000 system will often work for years and years without trouble.
  12. bushsailor


    What races are you doing? I have not had good experiences with H5000 pilots but that may be the operators!!!! We had an old st2000 that would steer my cat arrow straight for days but the H5000 system was all over the place. Many monos seem to have high loads in the rudders, never quite worked out why designers do that. What races are those?
  13. bushsailor

    New imoca boats

    If I was designing a 60 using someone else money it would be similar to a orma 60 trimaran , foils instead of amas and water ballast in the wings as well. Keel only really required to get the stability index up so it could be say 6m long and retractable so that less lead required. Might look a bit strange but.....fast. Will this be the new Boss?
  14. bushsailor


    What hppened to the Tennant power of one?
  15. bushsailor

    All electric boat setup / Moonwave

    I have a cat and am thinking of one electric and one diesel. The diesel for windless periods (it pushes the boat at 8kn and is already in the boat)) electric for marina and getting off a lee shore etc. The electric motors are actually very cheap if a auto one is used (water cooled and fully waterproof) If it had a retractable drive it would be able to be used for regen as well(fixed prop) but that is a lot more work.