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  1. The whole point is the boat is sailing pretty much dead level in the video. she looks like she is nose down because of the deck shape. The water stay is about 300mm above water level but they still hit the tops of waves which is creating the spray. That video was taken sailing across Morton bay which is quite a rough piece of water. Adding a leeward foil in this situation would not make the boat go any faster, it would simply rotate the boat to windward and the windward hull would depress more into the water causing drag. (They would work brilliantly if you can sail the boat like a F18). I think the foils would work very well on say a 12m boat that is high powered(eg omr over 1) but I am not sure anymore how effective they will be on a 50' boat (and I have already built the cases in) Probably best come for a sail one day. They need to exit through the bottom of the hull.
  2. Also you need a very high powered sail plan to get the boat to lean on the foils. (ie you need to be comfortable flying a hull continuously). Foils can only be turned in, they will not work curved out, something to do with pressure dumping causing drag. The foils will work more effectively on a 12m boat. I had them on a 7m tri and the Tfoils on the rudders made more difference than the curved foils but together they made the boat very fast.
  3. This system will work. I have just launched a 15m cat with the foil cases built in but have not yet installed the foils. The main benefit of the lifting foil is increased buoyancy and reduced pitching so that the boat behaves like a 60' boat instead of 50' which is obviously quicker in certain conditions. However I am surprised at how smooth my boat sails anyway so I am not sure as to how much benefit the lifting foils would have in normal sailing conditions. I never planned to use the foils upwind in conjunction with the daggerboards but they will certainly give more speed reaching and running but perhaps adding another 5' would be just as effective and less trouble. Modern 50' cats are surprisingly fast, i suspect the lifting foils may give about 3 kn extra on a good reach which would push speed to around 28kn but how fast does one need to go!! There is a guy in Townsville that is building a 50' cat super light that would be worth tracking down if you are serious. Link to video of Rushour sailing. We had 11 people on board and were sitting on between 20 and 22 kn in this clip. Wind was around 15kn. This stretch of water would have been quite rough in the old 40' boat. Link: https://youtu.be/xeJ8tH1OXN4
  4. What am I missing? Jon Sayer designs some awesome boats and I am pretty sure Wasabi would beat a class 40 to Osaka. The Osaka race is pretty light wind most of the way. Plus she is a full carbon build.
  5. Big thank you to all the people involved in running the event. We were very disappointed to have to pull out, but I think that we learnt a lot from the experience and will be a better team in the future. At least Rushour was starting to hit her straps as we tuned her up when we got past the fairway buoy. Congratulations to everyone who competed in the race and of course the winners.
  6. i believe they should be sanded to an equivalent smoothness of 360 sandpaper ie smooth. Any more is a waste of time. Something to do with 1 layer of water particles on hull.
  7. Still too early to get an accurate forecast but I am excited at the moment 15 to 20kn south east would be nearly perfect, maybe a little more east!!!! Now all we have to do is bolt a few more bits on, get all the construction tools off the boat, fill the fridge with beer and go. I think the start will be different this year, a beat to Fishery beacon, then back through the start line then off. Good for the crowd, just hope there are no crashes.
  8. Rushours new weight will be 7000kg (1000kg more than we hoped for) OMR estimate will be around .90 to .92 Was a good sail back on Saturday. That bowsprit stay punches up a lot of spray. I would love to get rid of them altogether but not brave enough.
  9. If anyone knows of a yacht who might be interested in doing the race let us know and we can help them. Entry is easy and the race is cheep to enter and it is a fantastic experience. We may even be able to find some experienced crew. We are trying to get Rushour sorted as fast as possible. She is coming together very well.
  10. going east has to be faster???, even heating up to stay in the pressure longer. I dont get the west option, expedition and those blindly following it have a lot to answer imho
  11. yep and it worked, more time in the northerly and less current when out wide when the southerly hits. they came in a bit too early and spent time becalmed though.
  12. The way AT has been sailing lately I think he has sail problems, maybe A 1 and 2 not available. No bowsprit? Will be interesting to see if he accelerates when the breeze builds.
  13. St Helena cup is the best racing of the year in my opinion. Why not make it the first 2 races of the nationals, Configuration of the fixed T course perfect for multihulls.
  14. I think there is probably 2 knots difference port to starboard on Boss. That would be extremely frustrating for Alex over a long period. That is where experience comes in.
  15. It would appear that Hugo boss is the fastest boat in the fleet. 9nm faster than anyone else over the last four hours is a lot. I am sure when AT hits the lead again he will cover next time.(That was a painful lesson) Breakage will be the only thing that will stop him from winning.