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  1. F395

    6 Shot in Mass Shooting

    In a perfect world maybe, but this guy was not going to go through an FFL for his weapon. Again, how do we stop this guy from getting a gun ? He has had no respect for any laws, why would he start now ? Convince me you have a way to stop this activity and I am fully on board with new gun laws.
  2. F395

    6 Shot in Mass Shooting

    From the article. "Public records show that he has been arrested about a dozen times since turning 18, and convicted six times on charges that involved illegal possession of guns, drug dealing, and aggravated assault. He has been in and out of prison; the longest sentence handed him came in 2010, when a federal judge gave him a 55-month term. And, his record would indicate, he does not like to go to prison. In 2008, he was convicted of escaping, fleeing from police, and resisting arrest. Along the way, he beat criminal charges on everything from kidnapping to attempted murder" What in all the new gun law proposals would stop this guy from getting the gun he had ?
  3. I have a question and am not trying to start anything. If a future POTUS (does not matter R or D or I or ?) decides to use the state of emergency for gun control, how will that go with the second amendment ?
  4. F395

    Calling out all the MacGuyvers out there

    We were heading from Musketucky to Chicago for the Columbia YC race weekend just prior to the NOODs. I think it was called the Chicago Classic, but I am not sure. The transport vehicle left for Chicago with the owner and some crew members as we were pulling out on the lake in a J35. I asked the other delivery crew where our delivery bag was ( it contained all the extra tools and parts that are not usually needed on buoy racing on Muskegon lake) and it was headed for Chicago in the truck. I made an off the cuff comment about that and was told we would not be needing it because the boat was in really good shape. After motoring for more than 8 hours of the 14 it took for the delivery, the engine over temp alarm went off and we shut down the yanmar. After a little looking I found the water pump belt had shredded and of course its replacement was in the truck in the delivery bag. The wind was on the nose at almost 2 knots so we put up the best regatta #1 and the main to sail the remainder of the trip. After 20+ hours at this, I looked at the GPS and we had 36 hours to arrival but the racing started in 18. I pulled the motor cover and started to look for options. The belt was shredded so it had no hope of being fixed. My next thought was we did not need an alternator to run the diesel yanmar so I started to remove it and hoped I could put the water pump in its place. I finally got it plumbed and the belt tight (there was Kevlar line and duck tape involved along with the water pump mount) I went up on deck and started the engine, put it in forward and headed for chi-town at 7 knots. The guy that was with me had been sleeping and knew nothing about my efforts until I started the engine. He was very impressed with my work and "creativity" When we pulled into Chicago we found out the owner had sent out a search boat for us as we were 24 hours overdue. after thrashing to put the motor back to normal, we made the start of the first race and ended up winning the weekend. Every time I have done a delivery since then I make sure the delivery bag makes it on the boat for the delivery...
  5. F395

    Purpose of 2nd Amendment

    Tomorrow, 250,000+ humans with guns of all kinds are going into the woods and fields in Michigan. How well regulated they are will be told by how much venison gets to their freezers.
  6. F395

    West Michigan Thread

    That will never buff out
  7. F395

    caption contest

    This offshore racing is not so easy afterall
  8. F395

    Florida Gun Ban Proposed

    I wanted to know what the damage difference would be between my 5 shot 30-06 with Remington round verses a .22LR hollow point CCI Mini Mag. .22" Hollow Point projectile, 35 grain with muzzle velocity of 1260 feet per second. That equals 123 Pound Feet of energy or 167 Joules per trigger pull. .30" CLPSP projectile, 180 grain with muzzle velocity of 2700 feet per second. That equals 2914 Pound Feet of Energy or 3961 Joules per trigger pull. If simple math is appropriate in this situation, here are totals per single magazine. 22 LR has 18 shots at 167 Joules energy for a total of 3006 Joules. 30-06 has 5 rounds in a hunting legal magazine, a 10 round magazine is available, just not hunting legal. 5 shots at 3951 Joules energy for a total of 19755 Joules. 7 shots of same ammo would yield 27657 Joules my simplistic conclusion is all 18 rounds of my Marlin .22 have less total energy than 1 30-06 round. I ask again, why does it make sense to ban the .22 when the 30-06 pump is still legal ? If you practice with the pump 30-06, the speed in which it is possible to put all 5 rounds on target is almost as fast as all 18 .22 rounds. CLPSP = core lock pointed soft point
  9. F395

    Berkeley / Antifa

    West Michigan just had 5 teenagers killed in a Dodge Charger, It looks like 1 of them drove it off the road and into a tree at 100+ MPH. So far the drivers ID is being held until proof is complete, but the age of all in the car was 15 - 17. Doubt anyone of them held a full drivers license to be out at 1AM, no one has a license to drive 50+ over the speed limit. Dodge - Ram - Charge - Challenge - all parts of Team Chrysler automotive names.
  10. My pump 30-06 can cause far more carnage with 5 rounds (that is it's standard capacity magazine) than any rimfire .22 can do with 18 rounds. My Remington pump 30-06 is not an assault gun, my Marlin .22 is. I have a 10 round magazine for the 30-06, Imagine the damage that 10 supersonic 185 grain bullets can do. A lot of planes were shot down in WW2 with .30 caliber bullets, I have not heard of 1 being brought down with a .22 rimfire. Why / how does this make sense?
  11. F395

    Uncooperative Californicators

    Please post a link to that event. I would like to read that for myself. - Thank you!
  12. F395

    West Michigan Thread

    is there going to be a new Majic this year or is it just gone?
  13. F395

    West Michigan Thread

    What are the PHRF section breaks for Wednesday nights and weekends for Muskegon racing ? Thanks for the info...
  14. F395

    West Michigan Thread

    Water temp off Saugatuck last night (3/29) was 36°F about 3 miles off shore and 43°F to 48° along the beach in the river plume. Way warmer than last year so far. Last year we were not able to get off shore until April 11th, this year I have been out 4 times so far, our first trip was on the last day of winter...
  15. F395

    West Michigan Thread

    Bump from page 2 Any news on the release date for Muskegon Yacht Club 2016 racing schedule ?