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  1. F395

    West Michigan Thread

    That will never buff out
  2. F395

    caption contest

    This offshore racing is not so easy afterall
  3. F395

    Florida Gun Ban Proposed

    I wanted to know what the damage difference would be between my 5 shot 30-06 with Remington round verses a .22LR hollow point CCI Mini Mag. .22" Hollow Point projectile, 35 grain with muzzle velocity of 1260 feet per second. That equals 123 Pound Feet of energy or 167 Joules per trigger pull. .30" CLPSP projectile, 180 grain with muzzle velocity of 2700 feet per second. That equals 2914 Pound Feet of Energy or 3961 Joules per trigger pull. If simple math is appropriate in this situation, here are totals per single magazine. 22 LR has 18 shots at 167 Joules energy for a total of 3006 Joules. 30-06 has 5 rounds in a hunting legal magazine, a 10 round magazine is available, just not hunting legal. 5 shots at 3951 Joules energy for a total of 19755 Joules. 7 shots of same ammo would yield 27657 Joules my simplistic conclusion is all 18 rounds of my Marlin .22 have less total energy than 1 30-06 round. I ask again, why does it make sense to ban the .22 when the 30-06 pump is still legal ? If you practice with the pump 30-06, the speed in which it is possible to put all 5 rounds on target is almost as fast as all 18 .22 rounds. CLPSP = core lock pointed soft point
  4. Hi shortbob you are being redundant today
  5. shortbob - WRONG I have been a member since 2004
  6. http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/delaware-city-struggles-gun-plague-afflicts-youth-49697580 Here is an in-depth article on small & large inner city violence. Submitted without comment - just for information.
  7. https://www.nrablog.com/articles/2016/5/a-brief-history-of-firearms-the-self-contained-cartridge/ I know it's the much feared NRA, but here is a brief history on the evolution of the rim fire cartridge. Pin fire was first then the rim fire was next.
  8. F395

    Berkeley / Antifa

    West Michigan just had 5 teenagers killed in a Dodge Charger, It looks like 1 of them drove it off the road and into a tree at 100+ MPH. So far the drivers ID is being held until proof is complete, but the age of all in the car was 15 - 17. Doubt anyone of them held a full drivers license to be out at 1AM, no one has a license to drive 50+ over the speed limit. Dodge - Ram - Charge - Challenge - all parts of Team Chrysler automotive names.
  9. My pump 30-06 can cause far more carnage with 5 rounds (that is it's standard capacity magazine) than any rimfire .22 can do with 18 rounds. My Remington pump 30-06 is not an assault gun, my Marlin .22 is. I have a 10 round magazine for the 30-06, Imagine the damage that 10 supersonic 185 grain bullets can do. A lot of planes were shot down in WW2 with .30 caliber bullets, I have not heard of 1 being brought down with a .22 rimfire. Why / how does this make sense?
  10. F395

    Uncooperative Californicators

    Please post a link to that event. I would like to read that for myself. - Thank you!
  11. F395

    NE party wishes Scalise was dead

    I am not debating anything with you. I provided an example (a news article from a reputable news outlet) of a criminal who could not buy a gun so he used a knife instead. Anything past that is YOUR imagination. In my response to you I pointed out it was a sample size of 1. Fact is a data point is significant if it proves something is being done - even with a totally unknown frequency.
  12. F395

    NE party wishes Scalise was dead

    THE ARTICLE SPEAKS FOR ITSELF, I DID NOT IMAGINE ANYTHING. I know that a sample of 1 is not a statistically significant number, but it proves it happened and if it happens once, it CAN happen again.
  13. F395

    NE party wishes Scalise was dead

    http://woodtv.com/2017/06/21/police-officer-stabbed-at-bishop-airport-in-flint/ more of the story
  14. F395

    NE party wishes Scalise was dead

    http://woodtv.com/2017/06/28/flint-airport-stabbing-suspect-back-in-us-court-wednesday/ here is link to part of the story edit, he stabbed the officer in the Flint airport.