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  1. 4ktsb

    SpaceX SN8 Starship DTS

    What? There's no nuns in Poland?
  2. 4ktsb

    New sail order headache

    Since you're dumping her anyway, do me a solid and send her my way.
  3. 4ktsb

    Hurth HBW-5

    Valid criticism, but damn that's clean. Give the devil his due.
  4. 4ktsb

    When I Win the Lottery

    After 20 years of losses maybe it's time to repurpose the capital for something with a better return.
  5. 4ktsb

    My season just ended, and...

    I should have. Work is overrated.
  6. 4ktsb

    The Dark Side Of Social Media

    Easy for you to say, from Poland.
  7. 4ktsb

    Everyone is buying boats...

    This year's paranoid is next year's common sense.
  8. 4ktsb

    Used boat with rod rigging

    Baseball or Chinese?
  9. 4ktsb

    Used EPIRB- Would you ever?

    Some countries buy used Russian submarines. Quit worrying, you'll be fine.
  10. 4ktsb

    US Postal Service USPS

    The question is, is it kind?
  11. 4ktsb

    DIY butane torch?

  12. 4ktsb

    Marooned on Corona Island

    This is news, when did we acquire civilization?
  13. 4ktsb

    Post-covid Cruising?

    One catch on that. The courts in Delaware, at least, are closed.
  14. 4ktsb

    My sons $1 dollar boat gets a re-fit.

    What keeps the potato from falling past the reducer?
  15. 4ktsb

    Falling overboard

    In Canada, it's nearly instant death.