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  1. 4ktsb

    Everyone is buying boats...

    This year's paranoid is next year's common sense.
  2. 4ktsb

    Used boat with rod rigging

    Baseball or Chinese?
  3. 4ktsb

    Used EPIRB- Would you ever?

    Some countries buy used Russian submarines. Quit worrying, you'll be fine.
  4. 4ktsb

    US Postal Service USPS

    The question is, is it kind?
  5. 4ktsb

    DIY butane torch?

  6. 4ktsb

    Marooned on Corona Island

    This is news, when did we acquire civilization?
  7. 4ktsb

    Post-covid Cruising?

    One catch on that. The courts in Delaware, at least, are closed.
  8. 4ktsb

    My sons $1 dollar boat gets a re-fit.

    What keeps the potato from falling past the reducer?
  9. 4ktsb

    Falling overboard

    In Canada, it's nearly instant death.
  10. 4ktsb

    Is Kim Jong Un DTS?

    Is Hillary still at large?
  11. 4ktsb

    Post-covid Cruising?

    Any idea when Governor Larry might let us sail again?
  12. 4ktsb

    Bark EUROPA

    Still, an A+ on the boobies.
  13. Page 34, after dousing spinnakers.
  14. 4ktsb

    MD recreational boating stopped!

    Just came from that site and the guidance actually was that recreational boating was not allowed. The real question is whether they're actually going to fine or arrest you for that. For the time being I think I'll wait and see what develops, I'm not interested in putting the boat back in a slip just to watch it gather mud.
  15. 4ktsb

    Sealing out exhaust gasses

    Thanks for that. I hadn't considered they would close. I need some bottom paint.