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  1. 4ktsb

    Furnace filter anarchy

    Frigging Lowes Filtrete 1550 MPR Ultra Allergen (Common: 20-in x 25-in x 5-in; Actual: 19.75-in x 24.4375-in x 4.69-in) Electrostatic Pleated Air Filter Easy peasy
  2. 4ktsb

    Sailing to Halifax

    Maybe so, but we'd have to pay tariffs.
  3. 4ktsb

    Damned Kids Won’t Grow Up

    It benefits folks like this to be held accountable for their behavior. Yes, they have problems making connections, giving them a pass only causes problems later, and reinforces their poor development. Good luck with your son.
  4. Jon, that's no way to talk about trannies.
  5. 4ktsb

    Fareast Sails

    Isn't that city in a foreign country that is known for stockpiling huge quantities of maple syrup? Murica
  6. 4ktsb

    Solar update

    Pornstars, finally this thread has some value.
  7. 4ktsb

    Home security camera anarchy

    What year do we get to install autonomous machine guns?
  8. Wait what we're we bitching about?
  9. 4ktsb

    Suicide by Uber

    For.you maybe, but I'm not cute.
  10. 4ktsb

    March 2018 Cyclone Bomb

    Musk is certainly an interesting fellow. http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-hy-musk-subsidies-20150531-story.html
  11. 4ktsb

    March 2018 Cyclone Bomb

    Sorry, I left the plug out.
  12. 4ktsb

    The Oscars - I’m Curious

    It's a chick show, but go ahead if you feel that way.
  13. I before e is just a suggestion.