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  1. 4ktsb

    where is webb chiles?

    It doesn't appear to me that his motivation is the record, rather the experience.
  2. 4ktsb

    Shear pin material recommendations?

    Brazenly as shamelessly stolen off Cruisers forum : Re: Fleming Wind Vane Web Site? They may be out of business. Someone else was looking for them and supposedly discovered they'd shut the doors. This is internet hear say but since the website is down it may be true. Pendulum Servo Vanes are pretty much commodity items. If you want one there are a bunch of manufacturers out there like Aries, Monitor, Cap Horn, WindPilot, etc. that all seem to work well.
  3. 4ktsb

    Teen Builds Worknig Nuclear Fusion Reactor

    Bingo. Use the least expensive fuel first. All fuel is consumed some way or the other.
  4. 4ktsb

    Teen Builds Worknig Nuclear Fusion Reactor

    If that's the case does our Sun have an extension cord somewhere that we haven't noticed?
  5. 4ktsb

    These guys are higher then Rick James

    Ironically, I thought this was. "We demonize what we fail to understand."
  6. Ignore the vote. An errant finger.
  7. 4ktsb

    confidence, experience and risk

    With the amount of rain we've been having ,we're going to have to learn to like sailing in the rain.
  8. 4ktsb

    Oreo DTS

    Where exactly was Woody when this sainted critter met it's demise?
  9. 4ktsb

    where is webb chiles?

    This us crazy, he never stopped for rum.
  10. 4ktsb

    Catalina 525 Announced

    Is that as opposed to the bow thrusters that are still virgins?
  11. 4ktsb

    Cell phone alert this Thurs

    Or abdication of his office to Obama, now that would really suck.
  12. How did she untie the cinder blocks?
  13. 4ktsb

    Milk in a box anarchy

  14. 4ktsb

    Normal noise for a Honda?

    In better days, I'd suggest you clean the.carburetor.