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  1. It's a competition between yacht clubs in name only. I don't disagree that it would be symbolic for the first thing to have happened would have been to have the GGYC commodore present it to the RNZYC commodore but I still think it was very appropriate for Glenn to be the first to speak on behalf of the entire team.
  2. Matt Struble is equal or better in any foiling craft to the list above.
  3. That would be Glenn Ashby being called to the podium as the first to speak on behalf of TNZ. He was undoubtedly the brains, motivation, and maturity of the sailing team. We A-Class sailors are so proud of you Glenn, good on you mate!
  4. Ummm........Dennis Connor defended in 1988 and Koch/Melges defended in 1992, both successful.
  5. Regarding the subtitle that not a one of us "give a Goddamn" about the protection of sea mammals, a big Fuck You to the editor as I have been a donor to Sea Shepard for the last 10-11 years and I am sure there are many SA'ers who also offer monetary support. The editor's rants are boring and insulting. It's why I visit SA about 1/4 of what I used to in the past.
  6. I totally agree with Peter on this. The Weta is one of the most forgiving boats I have ever sailed if you use proper sailing technique. Most of the pitchpole capsizes I've seen seem to show the sailor too far forward. It's quite easy and comfortable to sit on the center hull cockpit seating behind the amas and you can be pretty happy sailing with the chute out right here in 20-25 knots of wind. I sail on Lake Pontchartrain and we get 2' up to 4' chop in anything over 15 knots and I am always impressed with how our Weta handles those conditions downwind but again it takes proper weight placement. I've beam reached in 15-20 knots in big chop also with no issues and the trick is weight aft with the jib slightly eased to unload the leeward ama bow.
  7. Looks like you are easing sheet too much once the boat foils and that is probably what is causing the "teabags'. When the boat starts foiling, sheet on and bear away and when you turn back up just use a slight ease of the sheet. It's kind of counter-intuitive to what you are used to doing.
  8. All kidding and satire aside, the way PHRF is administered in this country has IMO contributed to the general decline in sailing. PHRF fans point to weeknight beer can racing as a barometer of their success and while I give them credit, what I see are relatively few boats packed with a boat owner and a lot of non-boat owners who only really do weeknight beer can racing and some take it the point where they actually believe they are WORLD CLASS sailors. Look at how the sailing industry has declined in this country because no one is really buying boats and I believe PHRF feeds that beast. At our clubs on the gulf coast, new sailors are typically pointed to the POS club boats that are in poor shape or pointed to the PHRF crowd to become rail meat. I'm on the Gulf Coast and OD sailing is pretty much dead. They recently voted in the Viper 640 as the GYA interclub boat but most clubs will only have one boat with something like 10-20 sailors that want to sail it, Not really a OD class building scenario. I don't see things getting better unless you can somehow get OD sailing growing again in popularity and people willing to invest in a boat to have skin in the game. I've done plenty of work as a district chairman and a class president in two OD classes. I'm close to 60 years old and more ready to go cruising for a while. I hope the situation improves.
  9. Class act. I was lucky to spend an afternoon in Newport talking to him about catamarans racing in the Little America's Cup in 2004. What a thrill for me. He was incredibly friendly and engaging. Left me with his business card and told me to look him up if I was in California. Warm winds Bill.
  10. I still have Elvstrom Speaks and Illustrated Dinghy and Keelboat Technique on my bookshelf. The latter is IMO the best book ever written on small boat sailing. He inspired me as a 12 year old and to this day 46 years later. He became a big multihull fan so I hope you are foiling an A-Class in heaven Paul!
  11. You will do plenty of sailing on a foiler in marginal foiling conditions where a small aft section will work against you especially with a sailor like Mischa who is pushing 200 lbs. The wider, flatter sections keep the boat on its line as you accelerate. The smaller, rounder sterns will really only have an advantage in non-foiling, downwind conditions IMO.
  12. Given the level of competition at the Olympic level, I would think that Lange's battle and comeback from lung cancer during the most crucial phase of his team's program has a lot to do with this award and yes I agree that his teammate should share the honor as the battle against the illness affected them both and she played a (big) part in getting him back on the water.
  13. Randy finished 5th at the 2010 North Americans and 15th at the 2009 North Americans. In both of those events, he was sailing a Morelli and Melvin A2. At the 2010 Worlds, I think he sailed a V1R for the first time and had a great regatta finishing 10th overall but everyone should remember that there was never more than 5-6 knots for the entire event. Randy is an exceptional light air sailor. He now has a V1R at home that he just retrofitted I believe for an Exploder foiling package. I hope to see him on the race course with it soon. The only V1R I have ever seen is Randy's and it appears to be a good looking, well built, and well finished boat. I just think the boat as it is from the factory is a step behind in foil development and optimization and that is why I believe it is not seen recently in top finishes at major events. However, if you are looking for a competitive C-board platform, I think the first generation V1R is a good choice. If the boat in the ad described above is in good condition, I believe it is a great starter kit for someone new to the class.
  14. One clarification from above, in over 12 knots we put the mainsheet trimmer behind the traveler downwind with the chute up, everyone is on the weather float upwind and all of us are behind the shroud. This allows the boat to sail with just the knuckle of the bow up and it feels like the center hull is planing when you have it right. Boat speed will be 9-12 knots dependent on sea state.
  15. I'll also add that the boat is quite a bit faster than the F-24 MkII in anything under 12 knots and it still seems to have an edge if properly sailed and setup in big breeze. That is based on our experience racing other F-24 Mk II's at the Corsair Nationals regattas 2007-2015.