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  1. The flea bag pink palace got torn down months ago!
  2. herbie verstinx

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    I hope the power boater isn't a deputy sheriff!
  3. herbie verstinx

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Fire that plastic surgeon!
  4. herbie verstinx

    Archery Anarchy

    PB, there's an archery store next door to turners in fountain valley. Brookhurst and Garfield. They have an indoor range where you can try before you buy. Also mile square park has a public outdoor archery range.
  5. herbie verstinx

    Navy stunt in the sky

    Would have been perfect if the blue Angels were in town.
  6. herbie verstinx


    She walks amount us!
  7. herbie verstinx

    Best Rock Song Intros

    Thunderstruck - ac/dc
  8. Hello, I read you owned the Whiting 1/4 tonner Afternoon Delight. Do you maybe have a picture of the boat? I am very interested. Also check my 1/4 ton Facebook-page! Regards, Hylke Steensma

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    2. hylke


      Thanks for the picture of Afternoon Delight. Loose Change does ring a bell somewhere... I met a guy via Facebook who is refitting a Pet 25 1/4 tonner. Could you mail the pic to hylke_steensma@yahoo.com? Thanks!

      1/4 ton rules forever ;-)

    3. herbie verstinx

      herbie verstinx

      A friend of mine also owns a pet1/4 later model called rat race. Use to be Dave ullmans boat then called blitz. Daggerboard version of star eyed Stella which I think was tom blackallers boat which sits on a trailer at San Diego yacht club rotting away.


    4. hylke


      Thanks. I got the ics of RAT RACE of him some time ago. I even send Dave Ullmann an email but he didn't reply.... Thanks for the LOOSE CHANGE pics, nice looking boat!

  9. herbie verstinx

    John MacLaurin. RIP.

    One of the good guys of sailing. Six Pendragons by my count, 5 Davidsons and 1 Farr 40. Throw in a Davidson 30 (morc) an ultimate 30 of sorts and when I first raced against him, a Peterson 25 1/4 ton (shadowfax). Sailed on the 1st two Pens' and the morc stardancer. The purple boat was the most fun (before the keel was put on) especially in light air and chop. Was untouchables! I remember the Cal YC juniors ask on a whim if they could use Pen' II for their junior cruise to Catalina. "Just have it back by Wednesday night".
  10. herbie verstinx

    DH Pac Cup boat

    This years transpac class winner has. They have a Facebook page. Search "Dark star racing"
  11. herbie verstinx

    SB/KH #45

    Extending the boom another 5' wouldn't hurt either. how do the big sails affect the balance?
  12. herbie verstinx

    SB/KH #45

    Yep, it requires a match and a little lighter fluid!
  13. herbie verstinx

    Random PicThread

    Ground zero? The bridge survived?
  14. herbie verstinx

    Plastrend/Composite Technology 1976 Peterson 1/4 Ton

    Star Eyed Stella was at SWYC in the late '70s. would be very surprised if she was still there. Mmmm well into the 80's at least It's still there. Looking a little beat up. And not from sailing!