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  1. herbie verstinx

    Random PicThread

    Off to the island for some R&R
  2. herbie verstinx

    The Dick pics thread

    Over 1000 short track race victories, it's hard to BEAT Dick Trickle!
  3. herbie verstinx

    Do You GAMBLE? Freaking classic video

  4. herbie verstinx

    Propeller help

  5. herbie verstinx

    Windward Passage

    Kialoa at 79 feet, but look closely in between the spinnaker!
  6. herbie verstinx

    Sailing from LA to SF, Solo w/ Little Experience

    Bummer. That was his last 1/2 ton design
  7. herbie verstinx

    Windward Passage

    I drive by everyday hoping to see it out or even have a peek down below. The boat is immaculate. Its my "if i ever win the lottery" boat! http://lenboseyachts.blogspot.com/2013/11/notes-from-my-tour-of-windward-passage.html
  8. herbie verstinx

    Roy Clark

    Damn, he's a badass!
  9. herbie verstinx

    C&C Mega 30 One Design

    Once you figure out which is the pointy end, you go sail then realize "im sailing a ball peen hammer"! But once you get by its ugliness and lack of sailing characteristics its , like any boat, use it as a learnib tool if the price is right!
  10. herbie verstinx

    Toyota Camry air conditioning anarchy

    Not sure but it works on my 2006 honda oddysey when it goes out every 18 to 24 months. Something about the actuator getting stuck. Cost nothing so worth a try. If it doesnt work, see if the clutch is engaing on the compressor. And see if you have a sightglass in the line. Also could be a bad relay. Always good to go the cheap route before paying someone top $$$
  11. herbie verstinx

    Toyota Camry air conditioning anarchy

    Try this first. 1. Turn the fan on high 2. Turn thermostat on high till it gets hot 3. Turn thermostat to cool If it doesnt work immediately repeat a few times. Hopefully it works
  12. herbie verstinx

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    1973 transpac finish
  13. herbie verstinx

    Granite Mountain Hotshots

    I think about them everytime i travel the 405 in seal beach. Thanks for posting.
  14. herbie verstinx

    Jeopardy Bad Ass

    Sports jeopardy?
  15. herbie verstinx

    Random PicThread

    Those pants are toast unless his mom bought him some sears toughskins! If so, iron on a patch and he's good to go.