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  1. Vendee Globe 2016?

    There are three speeds compiled (see spreadsheet at http://www.vendeeglobe.org/en/ranking-history ) Average over thirty minutes (what we usually see on the tracker), 4 hr average, and 24 hr average. Try the 'classement' option to see more at http://bastideotio.geovoile.com/vendeeglobe/2016/mainboard/?leg=1 Ask and thou shalt shalt receive........... thanks very much!
  2. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Great how once again we see HB & BP neck and neck and now lined up in pretty much the same conditions. Difficult to tell from individual scheds but once again it looks like boss maybe has the edge on speed? The next day or so will be telling..... Does anyone know if the boat speeds recorded for the tracker are instantaneous snapshots taken at each recording time or are they some form of average taken over previous minutes/hours?
  3. Vendee Globe 2016?

    I seem to remember hearing somewhere (in this thread or perhaps one of the dockside videos) that some of the teams were being very secretive about potential contingency plans for if/when foils broke. Alex is clearly getting something right - he's reportedly taken some major damage, but still managing to stay very competitive. Good routing and being in the right place has helped, but he's still seriously quick. I can't find where I saw the discussion originally - any thoughts?
  4. NY-Vendee 2016

    That looks like a giant sushi slice to me.
  5. Boss Sinking?

    I also remember that a few months ago AT Racing announced with some fanfare that they were playing with ultra-thin graphene. I wonder if this actually made it into any of the final design of the boat?
  6. Transat Jacques Vabre - 2015

    Tracker showing something going on with HB......... Big round up and then currently heading east........... nothing on the newswires yet?
  7. New imoca boats

    Looking forward to seeing the footage of Hugo Boss - they seem to be keeping very quiet at the moment. Watching the wall of water coming off the bow of Safran, its going to be fascinating to see the effect of the cutaway bow/deck on HB
  8. New imoca boats

    Is there any information around on the new Hugo Boss? Am I right in thinking it's in build at Green Marine - Is it close to launching? Theres not much on the Alex Thomson website. Is he joining this particular gun(foil)fight?
  9. New imoca boats

    I was looking for any updates on Alex Thomsons new boat - but couldnt find much, although this looks interesting........Lifted straight from alexthomsonracing.com/ ...... "A collaboration agreement with Alex Thomson Racing has been signed today with Haydale Graphene Industries plc Alex Thomson Racing (ATR) has reached an agreement with Haydale Graphene Industries plc (Haydale). The Technical Team at ATR will implement their graphene based products and technology in their latest Research and Development programme. Haydale technology has been selected to be used in future design concepts of the HUGO BOSS IMOCA 60 which Alex Thomson competes on in the Ocean Masters Championships. The Technical Team at ATR are developing materials and techniques never used before to improve on overall strength and stiffness, which could be implemented in prospective projects. ATR will provide a review for Haydale on areas such as the bearings and friction points and provide reports looking at critical areas such as delamination of materials and thermal heat management." I dont know much about graphene except that its potential is only just being scratched at - has anyone tried this before? Do they use it in Formula 1? Is HB well ahead of the curve on this?