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  1. bhyde

    Here come the Florida deaths

    If we move the goalpost to cancer and heart disease death rates that should buy them some time. Now that Covid19 has gone past gun deaths you can almost feel the collective sigh of relief.
  2. How do you "out a 29er?" Will the parent 49ers be disappointed?
  3. Fuck. I can't believe I'm going to respond to this but... Mikey, here is an interview with the scientist who actually put the data together in Florida. I posted it in another thread, but here is the answer to your question if you're don't want to listen to the entire seven minute interview: All of my data comes from one of three sources, either the Department of Health, the Agency for Healthcare Administration, ACHA in Florida, and the Department of Emergency Management. God forgive me.
  4. bhyde

    Trump’s niece Mary

    Unfortunately, Mary signed a confidentiality agreement to not air the families dirty laundry as part of the estate settlement. I think she may be fucked here. Anyone know what is the penalty for violating the terms of a confidentiality agreement?
  5. bhyde

    Here come the Florida deaths

    You might have missed the part where DeSantis & Crew are cooking the books. Have a listen to the scientist who was gathering the data and publishing it. See if you think she is lying. edit: thanks BJ
  6. I have no real interest in anything in this thread mostly because it's the same boring shit recycled ad nauseam, and I'm sure it will won't change in the next ten years. But let me ask you a question. In the next election are you going to vote for Trump or Biden?
  7. bhyde

    Greatest country in the world

    So Mars is still up for grabs. Cool.
  8. bhyde

    Greatest country in the world

    Well said. However, minor point of clarification - The Soviets were the first to the moon by landing Luna 2 on Sept 12th, 1959. Ten years before we got there. Carry on...
  9. How much time do you get for burning a confederate flag?
  10. bhyde

    10,000 US Troops in Germany ??

    Ever wonder when Germany will be pulling their 10000 troops out of the US? Yeah, me neither.
  11. bhyde

    Joe Biden call your office

    Funny how certain people can connect all the dots from a single NY Post tabloid article, but have real trouble when everything is laid out in a detailed 480+ page report.
  12. bhyde

    Lol dumb fuck protesters

    Zero. A big fat zero. I like the cut of your jib.
  13. bhyde

    Lol dumb fuck protesters

    -666 is really Jack's number. It should be retired in honor of his heroic effort to convince the entire world of his monumental stupidity. No other person has even come close to his shear buffoonery with the consistency and passion of that idiot. To use his number would trivialize his complete lack of accomplishment. I would suggest, with all due respect, a different number for Double B. Maybe -42, since 42 is The Answer, and BB is never the answer. Or maybe -911 because 911 is useful and BB really isn't, ever. Let's use our imagination here. I'm sure there are other interesting numbers, but -666 belongs to Jack and whatever sock puppet he returns with.