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  1. bhyde

    Hillary Back On The Deplorable Wagon

    The best thing Hillary can do for this country is to endorse Trump.
  2. In Trump's case it's called the Mindless Touch.
  3. Another trip up Mt. Stupid in a Ridgeline.
  4. We have moved on from the question of whether Trump knew Parnes or not. He most certainly did. You're best tactic now is to use the time tested "So-What" defense. After that use the Dog approved "It's Not a Crime" defense. And when all else fails try the "Obama/Hillary Was Worse" defense. There are many ways to avoid the obvious conclusion that Parnes was one of Trump's henchmen. I recommend that you use all the possible excuses to avoid the truth.
  5. bhyde

    PA HOF

    When you're as big an asshole as Dabs, bowls are butt plugs.
  6. Parnes' credibility problem appears to affect photography in a way no-one thought possible.
  7. bhyde

    PA HOF

    I can assure you he is very much alive and spinning bowls in the Tahoe area. Like Trump, these annoying old fucks never die.
  8. bhyde

    Trump 1 Iran 0

    Mush like your brain precedes you Jack. Fucking idiot.
  9. I'm not asserting that an engine failure can take out the transponder or comm. Only that an engine failure is more than capable of bringing an aircraft down in dramatic fashion. Other examples of planes blowing up mid flight aren't too hard to find like TWA 800. Although, missiles are pretty good at that too. I hope that is not the case. That would be a galactic fuck up.
  10. "Even a catastrophic engine failure – a possibility originally mooted by the Ukrainian authorities but then withdrawn – would be highly unlikely to have such a dramatic effect on control of the aircraft," he said. You may want to make quick review of Flight 191, Chicago 1989. Engine and engine related equipment are more than capable of rendering an aircraft uncontrollable. United 232 is another example, although they managed to hit the ground in a semi controlled fashion. There are hundreds of examples of aircraft crashing quickly and dramatically because engine explode, catch fire, rip off the wing, etc. He's a fucking idiot.
  11. bhyde

    Where will Iran hit first?

    I wonder if Soleimani's funeral was bigger than Trump's inauguration.
  12. Without the imminent threat of Iran, the fine people of these United States would have been inconveniently reminded that their current president has been impeached. Most forgot due to the Christmas and New Years holiday. Yes, we really are that stupid.
  13. Maybe then we'll be able to see how well the F-35 works against Uncle Vlad's S-400 and S-500 systems.
  14. Mike says no. We're going to stay in Iraq and continue to make it great. Pompeo dismisses Iraqi leader’s call for all foreign troops to leave Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Sunday dismissed calls by Iraq’s caretaker prime minister for a timetable for all foreign troops to exit the country, in the wake of a U.S. strike that killed top Iranian military commander Qasem Soleimani, arguing that the Iraqi people want the United States to remain and continue the fight against terrorism. Pompeo appeared on all of the Sunday morning news shows to discuss U.S. strategy following the strike, which also killed eight others, including Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, a powerful Iraqi militia leader.
  15. This makes it pretty obvious. A high school education or equivalent No felony convictions An IQ over 72 and a sunny disposition At least 18 years old At least pretending to be heterosexual Still the same gender as the day you were born No more than 14 percent obesity with a willingness to lose weight Read the comments on the Omar article. Seems some of the Faithful aren't in on the joke. Funny shit.