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  1. bhyde

    "Trump Doesn't Talk Down to Anybody"

    I hear what you are saying, but you think winning over the hearts and minds of the 44% is a good plan? Bullshit. The Dems have been trying to do that for decades and now we've just had four years of the absolute biggest clown show on the planet. How'd that work out? Right now, this very minute, 44% of my fellow Americans think, "Yeah Trump, that's my guy. Give me more of that." They think someone who is manifestly unfit to hold office, in any organization, by any measure, is a wonderful leader. They think that making liberal heads explode is an actual political platform. Being Russian is better than being Democrat. Sorry, I can't fix that and I couldn't care less what Trump supporters think about me and my "smug" friends. But don't mistake my distain for Trump and Trump supporters for indifference. My plan is pretty simple at this point - Fuck the GOP and Trumpaloos over every chance I get.
  2. bhyde

    "Trump Doesn't Talk Down to Anybody"

    They will turn a country that is the laughing stock of the world into a country that is still the laughing stock of the world. Whether it's 44% or 51% matters very little. We've reached moron critical mass. The last four year was exactly what happens when they reach 51%.
  3. bhyde

    "Trump Doesn't Talk Down to Anybody"

    That's fucking funny. The burn-this-bitch-down poster child is now concerned with fostering national unity. Get your broom and sweep up the ashes Jeff, because Trump and every one of his little Trumptard supporters can go fuck themselves. Those asshole are still pushing the idea that Trump won the election. I've heard exactly one Republican speak out against Trump's attempted coup. They are traitors to this nation much the way Trump is a traitor to humanity. At no point, now or in the future, will I lift a finger to help them out or try to understand their hurt little feelings when they are clearly too stupid to realize they elected a fucking reality show host to our highest office. I'm done dealing with the 44%ers. The best way to deal with these idiots is to stuff them back down in the shitholes that Trump allowed them to crawl out of.
  4. bhyde

    2020 Election Fuckery

    Well it's a good thing Trump & Co. are dusting off the 'ol firing squad laws. Because... Trump campaign lawyer says former cybersecurity chief should be 'shot' An attorney for President Donald Trump’s reelection efforts said on Monday that Chris Krebs, the former head of U.S. cybersecurity, should be “shot” for going against the president’s conspiracy theories and declaring the 2020 elections as secure. “Anybody who thinks the election went well, like that idiot Krebs who used to be the head of cybersecurity,” said Trump campaign lawyer Joe DiGenova, “that guy is a class A moron. He should be drawn and quartered. Taken out at dawn and shot.”
  5. bhyde

    "Trump Doesn't Talk Down to Anybody"

    Sorry Mark, the NKians are living in a bubble created by their government with no alternative. If they change the channel to PBS they get shot in the face with an anti-aircraft gun by Crazy Kim. The 44%ers are living in a bubble of their own choosing. Who the hell takes OANN or Fox seriously? I'll tell you. The 44% of the electorate that are idiots. I know it sounds simplistic, but until I see a shred of evidence otherwise, I'm going with the obvious answer.
  6. bhyde

    "Trump Doesn't Talk Down to Anybody"

    It's like the YMCA. MNSA is the NSA, but for men only.
  7. bhyde

    "Trump Doesn't Talk Down to Anybody"

    Normally I would wholeheartedly agree with you. The root problem is misinformation and would agree that we should work towards correcting that. But then I think about people like Warbird and Dog and Joker and all the rest. Are they misinformed? They have access to exactly the same information we do, and have been called out on their myopic bullshit time and time again without any obvious effect. They, like most Trump supporters, simple ignore facts and continue to propagate hate and division like the idiots they are. Well, guess what? You want hate and division? You got it. Sound harsh and narrow-minded? It is, but consider what would be going on right now if Trump had won the election. Imagine how many of our Trumpaloo friends would be reaching across the aisle right now to make all us all one big happy nation. Yeah, exactly zero. Fuck Trump. Fuck Trump supporters. And fuck the GOP. I'm done with those assholes.
  8. bhyde

    "Trump Doesn't Talk Down to Anybody"

    You're right on both accounts, but you know what? Fuck 'em. I'm not spending any more time trying to reason with people that can't be reasoned with.
  9. bhyde

    "Trump Doesn't Talk Down to Anybody"

    Sure, it takes a little effort, but it's worth it. Keep in mind, Trump still has a 44% approval rating after losing the election. It was hard to believe that Trump was elected in 2016, yet it is true. It is equally hard to believe that half the country is filled with idiots, yet it is true. Let's just call them the 44%ers and put them in the total loss column.
  10. "The ruling with prejudice means that the plaintiffs are barred from bringing another action on the same claim." How the fuck do you go to court with no evidence and not expect to get laughed out of the place? Glad all the Republicans are voicing their strong condemnation of this fiasco.
  11. bhyde

    Calling out Bullshit

    Nice thoughts, but nope. I use to do this. Now when dealing with Trumpaloos, I'm going with: How To Call Trumpaloos Out On Their B.S. There is one single right way to call B.S. Here are the guidelines you go by: Call bullshit on the claim, and the person. Say, “I don’t think that’s correct and you're a complete fucking asshole for even suggesting it. What the fuck is wrong with you?” Do not do it respectfully. Learn to call bullshit while disrespecting someone, because if the past four years have taught anyone anything, it's that these fuckwads have zero respect for anything, include you, the country, or the entire world for that matter. They deserve the exact amount of respect they have shown the world - zero. Call bullshit without humility. It can be tempting to do so with a righteous tone, and you should as often as possible. If you don't, then they will start to think that in some parallel universe their meth addicted high-school dropout brain should be included in state and national decisions. It shouldn't. Let them know in no uncertain terms that being stupid is not an opinion or position, it's an affliction and best kept private. Assume it’s malicious. When someone says or writes something that is bullshit, absolutely assume that it has been done maliciously, because all that really matters to these morons is making liberal heads explode. They couldn't care less about you and would rather see you burn to death rather than miss a rerun of Celebrity Apprentice. "I ain't got nuttin'. So neither should you. Ha ha."
  12. So Trump supporters are woke. Got it.
  13. bhyde

    Are You a Socialist ?

    I find it ironic that a bunch of people here claiming to be sailors find this concept difficult to understand.