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  1. I'm not sure why Trump would run in 2024 since he is going to be re-inaugeuated on March 4th. Mark your calendar. QAnon believers think Trump will be inaugurated again on March 4 ...But others have renewed their pledge of allegiance to “Q,” the anonymous poster who purports to be a Trump adviser and their leader. They have tried to rationalize Biden becoming president in increasingly outrageous ways, claiming that Biden and Trump are working together and even that Trump and Biden somehow switched bodies. And they are now looking to March 4 as the next big watershed moment for their movement — the date that they believe Trump will once again be inaugurated. I can't fathom how anyone believes this shit.
  2. bhyde


    Considering the current mental acuity of the average American, this pretty much had to happen. As Ben said in another thread, we're fucked. Fake snow? Conspiracy theory claims Texas weather ‘government-generated’
  3. bhyde

    When you've lost Naomi Wolf.

    How many times can Dog cry wolf?
  4. bhyde

    Republicans have hit rock bottom

    There is no bottom. It's turtles all the way down.
  5. This is just Texas' way of showing liberals there is no Global Warming. They should rake the ice off their power lines more often.
  6. Could someone point out the 82 people that were responsible? I lost them in the crowd.
  7. bhyde

    The Senate Impeachment Trial of DJT

    And the winners are... David Schoen and Bruce L. Castor, Jr. of the Roger Stone and "Bill Cosby is a great guy" court fame.
  8. bhyde

    Weta anarchy

    At your weight and the typical conditions in South Florida, I'd go with the fat-top main. Weta's are not known for their light performance and I've often wished for a few more square feet of main on those drifty days. I would recommend you increase the downhaul purchase to depower if one of those SF t-storms decides to visit you unexpectedly. With 8:1+ you can really bend the shit out of the upper mast and sail in the high twenties to low thirties in perfect comfort and style. Right about the time the Hobie guys are calling it quits is right about the time you pull on a gob of downhaul and party on. As far as tillers go...well, everyone seems to have a different take. I've had two Wetas and have rigged them with dual tiller extensions and the factory single extension. I've returned to using the single tiller extension simple because it's less shit to get tangled up on the spin sheets. If you decide to go with a bridle, be careful about the attachment points as the mounting location may not handle the load in extreme conditions. The self-tacker is a great feature. I wish I had one. The only downside being it is more difficult to heave-to, which I find a very convenient way to park the boat between races or just to chillax and have a sandwich, take a piss, or enjoy the spectacle of nature. My $0.02 worth.
  9. Remind the class who is the largest news media outlet in the US. No reputable "liberal" news agency (AP, Reuter's, NPR, etc.) claimed DJT was a Russian agent. That's bullshit. Many believe DJT is/was a Russian patsy, because he is.
  10. bhyde

    Joe stops arms trade to Saudi and UAE

    I think we should sell as many F-35s to SA and the UAE we can. At $100M a pop, they are a great way to support White Welfare and ensure limited combat.
  11. Millions of people did not believe Trump was an agent for the Russians. That's bullshit brought to you by Fox. And Manhattan is being pumped out constantly to prevent flooding. Weak sauce as usual bullshitter.
  12. Balderdash. That Lawrence O'Donnell claims Trump is/was a Russian agent doesn't mean millions of people believe it. Go read the Mueller Report and come back when you've got some actual facts, bullshitter.
  13. bhyde

    Trump Supporters Shutting The Fuck Up

    The current inflation rate is about 1.4% and Carter hasn't been in office in decades, so no. As far as I know no one is suffering today from the inflation rate in 1981 as opposed to Ronnynomics. Oh, and a quick fun fact. The inflation rate at the end of the Obama era was 1.26%, so you my want to make a minor course correction to a different subject. Just saying.
  14. bhyde

    Trump Supporters Shutting The Fuck Up

    Jacob's first night in prison was... let's just say "eventful."