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  1. That's an incredibly powerful argument. It has completely changed my view of the Ctrl-Alt-Del-Right. Well done.
  2. "I can't quite remember...wait...how does it go? On the tip of my tongue. Yeah, yeah, I got it." I'm not the man they think I am at homeOh no no no I'm a rocket manRocket man burning out his fuse up here alone
  3. Pretty good explanation by NPR of ICP and the Juggalos. http://www.npr.org/2017/09/15/550724673/who-are-the-juggalos-and-why-are-they-marching-in-washington-d-c Video at the end of the article is a good overview of their music and following. Most definitely not a hate group/gang, and like Earth, mostly harmless. Just a bunch of outcasts who find a common connection through ICP. The FBI is way off on this one. They really don't like sexual predators. https://youtu.be/y-yRfRwJ7q8
  4. Good info Jeffy, but if I'm reading the Wiki page correctly, it seems like ICBM intercept is currently not possible (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aegis_Ballistic_Missile_Defense_System). At least not in the mid-course phase. It looks to me that these system are being used for short and intermediate range missiles. I'm not sure what is considered "short" or "intermediate" range in this context. Certainly a target like Japan/SK would be protected, but what about the mainland US? Does the Pacific coast of the US currently have any capability to defend against an ICBM launched from NK? I'm planning a getaway this weekend and I'm wondering if I need to pack my radiation suit.
  5. Wonder what Mueller is up to today.
  6. I think we already had this discussion and determined that the current missile defense systems uses a "terminal intercept" technique. So an incoming ICBM gets knocked down about 90 miles from the target, in the terminal phase. The Norkies would need to lob a missile at a real target for it to get intercepted. The middle of the ocean east of Japan really is not well defended. Edit: What Mark also said ^
  7. Same color it has always been - yellow.
  8. Thanks. I had no idea. I'm reevaluating where I commit crimes now. Good info.
  9. Help me out here. A crime committed on a campus is not in the jurisdiction of the local/county police?
  10. I would suggest you select a college for your daughters as far any from the Chesapeake as possible for starts.
  11. Let he who is without a spinnaker wrap throw the first stone.
  12. Dabs Jr. doesn't care, he just doesn't like brown people. And like Dabs and Dabs Lite, Dabs Jr. will find any reason to blame his failings on someone else. It's what Dabskind does.
  13. That's kind of the problem. There are many that take Breitbart as gospel, and those idiots vote, a lot.
  14. Point taken. I think Inskeep's view of an immigrant is someone that was born in another country, rather than a subject who's country changed. Basically, people who weren't born here, but came here in whatever capacity. A fine point at best. It would be interesting to know how the West Indies culture compared to the early pre-US British culture. Laborwise, I have no idea. My impression is massive amounts of low skilled labor are a thing of the past. We're not building railroads anymore. I do know that this isn't 1776 and any logic Bannon is trying to apply to this 21st century county is ridiculous. Why do these guys always live in the past? Trying to make an argument based on how great it was "back then" is complete nonsense to me.