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  1. bhyde

    President Donald Toadstool

    The idea of Donald sticking his death cap into Stormy's ivory funnel, or worse, in her brown roll-rim, makes me ill.
  2. bhyde

    Stormy Daniels' : Full Disclosure

    President Puffballs is not to be truffled with you bunch of spore losers. Fuck with him and he'll put a milk-cap in yo ass.
  3. bhyde

    President Donald Toadstool

    This is mildly amusing. Especially the part about Hillary and Donald's admiration of her.
  4. bhyde

    President Donald Toadstool

    The fact that Donald is mostly in the dark and eats nothing but shit tends to support Stormy's claim.
  5. bhyde

    Stormy Daniels' : Full Disclosure

    Great. Another coffee mug that I can't use any more.
  6. bhyde

    Puerto Rico

    Could someone point out the Democrats Trump accused of inflated the death toll numbers. Is it the same 17 angry Democrats that are conducting the witch hunt?
  7. Hillary Too or Leaky Dinghy (correct spelling this time).
  8. bhyde

    Puerto Rico

    It's kind of like when that tsunami killed 250,000 people in Indonesia in 2004. How could those ignorant brown people not have the proper building codes?
  9. Hey Jack, just say something like this... While my (our) poll numbers are good, with the Economy being the best ever, if it weren’t for the Rigged Russian Witch Hunt, they would be 25 points higher! Highly conflicted Bob Mueller & the 17 Angry Democrats are using this Phony issue to hurt us in the Midterms. No Collusion! Everyone will think you're a genius.
  10. No kidding. Woodward didn't find any collusion, therefore none exists. Let's just forget the fact that Woodward didn't get involved with Trump & Co. until after the election, which would be after any collusion. Jack is a moron.
  11. bhyde

    Drip Drip Drip

    Remind us again who predicted Manafort would walk. Was that you?
  12. Sounds like you're a reasonable conservative, not a Republican. We need more of that.
  13. bhyde

    Immigrant Children

    But the economy is good and the F-35 is a intel goldmine!
  14. bhyde


    If you are having a stray period problem I would suggest you get to the gynecologist as soon as possible. Get that shit looked at.