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  1. bhyde

    Another Cancellation

    To prove he's not the cowardly little pussy everyone knows him to be. Oh well.
  2. bhyde

    Stormy pays Trump, mid gets mad.

    You're right. Shark Week is just going too far. Never mind.
  3. bhyde

    Stormy pays Trump, mid gets mad.

    If you put on Shark Week and slap my fanny with a rolled up Forbes, I'll consider it.
  4. bhyde

    Mika calls Pompeo a bad name!

    Was she bleeding from her eyes, or wherever? Refreshing.
  5. bhyde

    Drip Drip Drip

    Pence was hypnotized by Nancy's bodacious ta-tas. That, and he was stoned to the bejesus.
  6. bhyde

    Stormy pays Trump, mid gets mad.

    Trump takes the $300 and, like everyone else that has ever worked for him, doesn't pay his lawyer. Then doesn't pay the $1.5M, but writes it down on his taxes. Trump Business Math 101. It's a win!
  7. bhyde

    By 44 Former U.S. Senators

    I don't think these senators realize how the Russian government works.
  8. bhyde

    Drip Drip Drip

    Is it possible that Trump hasn't figured out he is Individual 1?
  9. bhyde

    Oz gets first F35s and Japan is set to triple its order

    Jack is a single-cell platform at best.
  10. bhyde

    Drip Drip Drip

    You're that idiot that when caught doing something stupid says, "But Jonny did it too Mom" thinking that is some kind of defense. Grow a set you pathetic dipshit.
  11. I know I feel much safer.
  12. bhyde

    Tillerson out

    I've seen fourteen year-old girls act more mature than this fucking idiot. He has no place being a president, and no place running a business or being in a leadership position of any kind. He's the laughing stock of humanity.
  13. bhyde

    Nice Summary

    A few of his favorite things...
  14. bhyde

    Tillerson out

    So presidential. Fucking asshole.
  15. bhyde

    Drip Drip Drip

    "I don't support Donald Trump" - Dog Next question.