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  1. Jaysus, you are a bit spoiled for choice! Have a look at http://www.wildatlanticway.com for plenty of ideas along the west coast. The Irish Times Saturday magazine has for years featured Walks: http://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/travel/walks. It would help if you gave us an idea of when and where you will be. Sometimes, you simply need to follow your nose. Many years ago, on a fine summer's day, I took a bus to it's terminus at Rockbrook at the base of the Dublin Mountains. And started walking. Uphill. Through Mount Venus, to the Old Military Road, views down to Dublin, on to Glencree and the very moving German Cemetary of WW II victims, then downhill to Enniskerry, a pint or two in the Inn and the bus back to the city centre. Let us know your plans. Add: I see Dreaded offers a take on Dublin pub crawls. Many years ago my friend Seamus Martin of the Irish Times was commissioned by somebody to write a book on "the 25 best pubs in Dublin." One such pub is / was Mulligan's of Poolbeg Street, the local for journalists from the competing Irish Press. Seamus wrote; "Mulligan's welcomed it's first customer in 1854 and hasn't welcomed anyone since." He was promptly barred from the pub for life.
  2. I use this one on the trailer to raise and lower SB20 mast and a second to raise and lower the keel, webbing on the trailer winch, 8mm dyneema on the keel winch. http://www.autoandtrailer.com/al-ko-winch-compact-450/ The wonderful advantage is that they are somehow internally braked. That means you can let go of the handle when lowering, there are no ratchets. Thus, your wrist will not break if you accidentally let go. The same Al Ko German company manufactured my boat trailer.
  3. Annalise Murphy, Silver Medal, Laser Radial, Rio 2016. First Irish sailing medal in 30 years. BRILLIANT!
  4. Jean Conchaudron is a very happy man. It was his 1991 Mini 6.50 that lost its keel. Number 111, named "Mahi Mahi" ex-"Alibi." See the Facebook page of the Waterford-based Coast Guard helicopter rescue 117: https://www.facebook.com/Rescue117.Official/ You need to scroll down a bit to read: Jean Conchaudron I am Jean, the french skipper rescued by R117. I broken my keel and capsized, weather conditions was quite good. I want to thanks my heroes, the Irish Coastguards who saved my life and gave me a new chance. I was lucky and born again on 26 of july. To Anybody who do sailing: Give yourself a chance to stay alive, keep your PLB in the pocket of your trousers, not only have it in the boat, be a warrior to survive and be sure all will be done to save your life if you can send your mayday and can communicate your position. keep you out of water to not loose quickly your temperature and die. Stay calm and conscious, do not fall asleep, rescue will do all for you until giving their own live. Thanks again to these guys. My mini 6.50, Mahi Mahi, number 111, may be even adrift if not sunk, and i am looking for... May be should have news someday, from Ireland or Wales, but the principal is here, I am alive. --- History of the boat is here: http://www.histoiredeshalfs.com/Histoire%20des%20Minis/111.htm --- The hull has not been recovered. btw LeoV: The buoy is called Coningbeg
  5. I can send you a British built Milanes & White centreboard... PM me for price...
  6. The wife's Fireball is named "Goodness Gracious" My SB20 is called "Smoke on the Water" because I gave up cigs to buy it.
  7. As said above, Steve Cockerill is yer only man https://www.roostersailing.com/ Your event is being hosted by my club. Any other questions?
  8. sail-world website has been down for over an hour, can't read Gladwell's reports. Anyone else with same problem?