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  1. Great idea; hope it works! But your kids may not be allowed to sail such non legal boats in regattas
  2. A Dutch boat with a Croatian accent...
  3. The idea for this format is 'stolen' from the Star Sailors League. I watched one such event and found it exciting. Mostly because the video was superb.
  4. I agree. Let him sail a Laser from now on to get used to sailing a boat with an undersized rudder. As long as it isn't MY Laser...
  5. I join the chorus. You may have gotten the wrong impression from this thread, but there are many more dinghy sailors that enjoy just messing around than ones that race class legal boats.
  6. Question: The scenario as shown is rather unusual. Often there will be a line of boats (on starboard) steaming up the layline towards the mark. Do they count as "obstruction" for the boats (Y and R) coming in on port as in the diagram? Thanks for enlightening me
  7. Someone needs to get FIRED at LP!
  8. Awesome to see a tiny bit of the same information that's been here for about 4 months finally make it to a print magazine headquartered minutes away from the Clark's garage. Truly impressive stuff. How about playing nice in the New Year?
  9. Ice bowl is on and Lasers can join
  10. Quite some mayhem on the Potomac River (near Reagan National Airport) as well. A relatively sudden gust of over 50 mph hit the frostbiting Laser fleet of about 15. Average wind around 40 mph for a short time around 2 PM. But all are safe and sound. Outside help (Coast Guard) is to be commended.
  11. Agreed! Williwaw appears to be in The Netherlands where Laser sailing is pretty popular. For instance, there's a certain Dutch lady that has won a Gold in the Radial at the Olympics...
  12. So many of the US classes aren't sailed in the UK. As I've said, I'm sure if the US wanted a deal to use the modern on line system the RYA has had developed something could be managed, but there'd be quite a bit of work to adapt it to the differences in the US system. Good points; we better harass US Sailing to get with it.
  13. Since the UK ratings appear to be more up-to-date, should US clubs use that system instead of the US Sailing Portsmouth numbers?
  14. Make LP GREAT again! Yes, we tend to forget that, at one time, LP actually supported Laser (and Sunfish) sailing.
  15. The second upwind leg is getting tighter; the French have joined the fight for first. And the French are first around the mark! USA second and Brazil third. Mandelblatt and Scheidt are faster downwind (usually). Should be exciting. Dash for the Cash! (stolen from Paul Cayard) It looks like USA (on the right looking downwind) has overtaken France. But Brazil is still close. Mandelblatt/Fatih win it. Rohart/Ponson second and Scheidt/Boening third. Amazing race.