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  1. Wavedancer II

    Rumors Floating: LP selling out??

    The relationship between the International Sunfish Class Association (ISCA) and LP has been less than amicable for the past few years. A real low point was reached when LP decided to start its own class association in 2017. Fortunately, this turned out to be a bad move on LP's part and I believe that the parties settled but not without ISCA spending a fair bit on legal fees. But now the good news. LP has promised to provide 72 new Sunfish that can be chartered for the 2019 Worlds in Bonaire. Note that for the 2018 Worlds, participants had to bring their own boat (or charter from one of the dealers). Is it possible that LP has recognized that their 'business' model left a lot to be desired?
  2. Wavedancer II

    "fu ws" (from the front page)

    Not using industry abbreviations would help...
  3. Wavedancer II

    "fu ws" (from the front page)

    Eric Faust (ILCA) did not distinguish himself with that 'response', as has been noted earlier in this thread. Perhaps Saving the Sport of Sailing in the Olympics should be replaced by saving LP and Rastegar's a..
  4. Wavedancer II

    J22 Worlds

    Isn't protesting a UFD silly, unless there's an obvious mistake by the RC?
  5. Wavedancer II

    Enoshima - no laser or radial racing?

  6. Wavedancer II

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    APS used to have a few Lasers and Sunfishes sitting on an outside rack. Eye candy for folks such as me, thinking about buying a boat. But that was several years ago. Last week, I was told, one has to place an order and wait several weeks. Composite Laser uppers seem hard to get; not that I want one (too expensive). Don't know about other legal parts LP dealers must find it hard to run their businesses.
  7. Wavedancer II

    successful dinghy brand available

    I wish LP was on the block...
  8. Wavedancer II

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    Could someone summarize the current status of the Kirby vs LP legal case(s)?
  9. No room! Is another one; sometimes debatable...
  10. True! That one can give rise to 'spirited' discussions because it's not easy to judge when the lead boat enters the zone, even with one-designs.
  11. Good point(s). I have raced at least 100x (Laser, Sunfish). Mostly short course, windward leeward. On rare occasions triangle or trapezoid. I have yet to hear anything like 'proper course'. What I do hear is 'Starboard' (a lot of those, of course), 'Up/Up' (at the start), 'Leeward' (Up/Up is a subclass) ,'inside at the mark', and 'overlap'. That's about it.
  12. Wavedancer II

    Gay Test

    APS sure knows how to advertise!
  13. Wavedancer II

    Someone has been naughty!

    I sort of hate to get back on topic, but when can we expect the ruling from World Sailing?
  14. The Lasers (at that level) are all on the edge of Rule 42 when going downwind. Rocking seems to be the most common reason for a penalty But it's hard to judge IMHO: Prohibited actions: Repeated rolling of the boat that is not linked to wave patterns. – ROCK 7 Repeated rolling of the boat in connection with a change of course, by making big body movements followed by a relatively small change of course. - ROCK 6 Repeated rolling of the boat in the absence of waves. - ROCK 7 Single body movement followed by repeated rolling especially after inducing a roll to windward and before the roll is completed moving the body inward to counteract against it. – ROCK 5
  15. Good breeze for the Laser medal races. One guy actually capsized prior to the start; quite rare at this level of competition.