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  1. Tropheo Princes Sophia

    Live medal races? Or on Youtube?
  2. Tropheo Princes Sophia

    Yes, maybe the best website ever for this kind of event
  3. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    Can we call LP on rule 69? A two-year suspension seems right to me...
  4. Easter Laser Regatta

    Dave Chapin: Old Sunfish sailors never die..
  5. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    Rumors from the 2018 Sunfish Midwinters suggest that 'things' have not been patched up. Too bad, really.
  6. 2018 moth worlds - bermuda (march 25 - april 1st)

    Yes, about half the fleet DNC in the second race. Must have been quite something. Brad Funk is in second place with two thirds.
  7. What about the Sailors?

    Hogh-Christensen makes a number of good, some politically-incorrect, points. It's unfortunate that World Sailing kowtows to the IOC. Not going to change any time soon, it appears. On the other hand, the Stars seem to be doing just fine after being tossed from the Olympics, and with the large number of Finns around, there should be plenty of competition for years to come for the big(ger) boys.
  8. prism

    Will this compass ever be discounted somehow, somewhere, sometime?
  9. What a money pit!

    Hope you are paying your carbon tax...
  10. What a money pit!

    Bought a two-year old Laser (still in great shape) and (Trailex) trailer for 4K. By now, more than ten years later, I have spent an additional 1K for new sails and a nicer extension. That averages to $500 a year. Draw your own conclusions regarding the topic of this thread... PS: The Olympics were never on my schedule.
  11. British Dinghies sold in the USA & the sinking $

    West Coast didn’t say anything about a reduction
  12. Laser Performance?

    Wasn't there a rule that 'prohibited' importation of a Laser built by a builder 'from the outside'? Example: importing a Laser built in Australia into LP 'territory'?
  13. British Dinghies sold in the USA & the sinking $

    You got a point!
  14. British Dinghies sold in the USA & the sinking $

    POTUS likes this thread, especially since he was 'thinking' about putting a tariff on foreign boats... PS: Does he ever think?
  15. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Bad news indeed. World news will pick up on this tragedy and bring down the sport we love.