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  1. When all is said and done, I confess I quite like Ben Ainslie, from when he was in ETNZ in Valencia. I still believe we might have won back then had misplaced loyalty not influenced cold hard decisions they should have made. I don't blame Sir Ben for racing today. He's got 3 points, and probably felt he needed at least 1 more from today and perhaps 1 from tomorrow to be safe into the top 4. I quite like Campbell-James...maybe Sir Ben should consider stepping aside to concentrate on oversight of the on-the-water stategy. I think in the modern era, only one person has successfully managed and skippered an AC Challenge - Sir Russell.
  2. Perhaps he should let Paul Campbell-James helm for the rest of RR2 - I liked watching him in the ESS's. Nothing else to lose..
  3. Stop being a Larry lapdog. The defender has no authority to look beyond the current defence. Wankers like you just can't see the principles involved - must be a cultural thing with you lot!!
  4. There was a shot of Burling looking down at the steering wheel (sorting his buttons??) just as they drifted into the start area - maybe he was distracted. Still no excuse for such an amateurish error.
  5. Fuck off!! ETNZ did the right thing and is doing all it can to ruin their little self-serving poodle parade. And the first thing to do when the Cup is in Auckland is tell them to fuck off with their ACWS nonsense. But I'm guessing the loss of OR-Xerox and OR-JPN will be offset by a few more genuine challengers.
  6. Unless ART or G-F or SirBen beats OR-Xerox, it's pretty much on the cards that OR-Xerox will get the bonus point. I doubt OR-JPN will be allowed to beat Mr. Miyagi. I think ETNZ will beat OR-Xerox on Saturday, but there is a lot of incentive for ART to beat ETNZ tomorrow and then deal to OR-Xerox if they are to pip anyone to win the Round Robins. I don't think BAR can make it now, same with OR-JPN.
  7. Rule 60 amendment addresses the seemingly excessive water draining from BAR in their first race today, and takes away the right of a yacht to red-flag protest another yacht for a breach of a Class Rule. Seems to provide the RD and Measurement Committee with a lot of new discretions to make subjective decisions over Class Rule violations and whether or not they affected the boats' performance(s)... Understandable why ETNZ would not sign...
  8. Virtual Eye is not too bad...
  9. The yank TV co-commentator (Rice?) was certainly orgasmic when he saw it, and kept coming back to it as the moment of the day for him..
  10. I would love for Groupama-FR to take 2 points from their 2 races tomorrow, but I'll settle for them to win at least 1.
  11. ETNZ's burst of speed in Leg-1 to haul in BAR and discharge their penalty was a significant revelation which I suspect they had not intended to reveal at this early stage but were forced to because of Burling's distraction which caused the early entry penalty. I think all the other teams now realise that ETNZ has serious speed which they've managed to hide since their arrival in BDA. I thought we saw a bit of it in the loss to OR-Xerox when they accelerated to over42-knts in the sprint to the finish line, before they suddenly backed off the throttle.. I feel quietly confident that ETNZ will use their speed as their get-out-of-jail card next time Burling fucks up, and win all their remaining 6 races.
  12. Got ya' . These 4-am Irish coffees tend to add up very quickly with top-ups after every race. More manageable with only 3 races in the next few days.
  13. (b) if the winner of the America’s Cup Qualifiers is a Competitor in the Match, the Competitor that did not win the America’s Cup Qualifiers shall start the Match with a score of minus one (-1) point; This doesn't make any fucking sense!! Why would the competitor who did not win the LV-AC Qualifiers get into the Match?? The Challenger has to have won the Qualifiers to...QUALIFY to be the Challenger!! EDIT: Amendment 6.61 corrects the language... 6.1 Article 29.1(b) of the Protocol shall be amended as follows: “(b) if the winner of the America’s Cup Qualifiers is a Competitor in the Match, it the Competitor that did not win the America’s Cup Qualifiers shall start the Match with a score of minus one (-1) point;” BUT, here's a potential, theoretically possible situation: OR-Xerox wins the first 6 races = 6 points The Challenger starting at -1 point wins 7 races, minus their handicap = 6 points.
  14. I suppose theoretically OR-Xerox could get to 6 points (+ their bonus point) = 7, and the Challenger can get to 7 points as well. Possible though improbable..
  15. For ETNZ to win the Round Robins, they'd have to win all their remaining races including beating OR-Xerox in Race 12, and then rely on ART doing the deed on OR-Xerox again in Race 9. Every other permutation must be considered long shots. Can ART go 2-Zip against OR-Xerox? I'm hoping so.