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  1. There's a rules advisory where the Race director can determine that the penalised team has done enough to pay the penalty if the other boat deliberately acts to impede the resolution attempt.
  2. Isn't the penalty to "lose 2 boat lengths"? Seems to be inequitable if a boat is 400-metres behind and the leading boat has to drop back behind it, losing more than the penalty-mandated 2 boat lengths.
  3. Kiwis will remember forever Ashby's loyalty to ETNZ after the clusterfuck of being cheated out of AC34. He could so easily have packed up for a bigger pay-cheque from one of the teams chasing his autograph at a time when ETNZ was taking on serious water. But he braved it out with Dalton and mapped out a plan which has seen them where they are today. He deserves all the kudos that come his way, which I and you hope reflect well in his sail business...
  4. Glen Ashby is all class - on and off the water. He would easily be more revered and appreciated throughout NZ than across the Tasman.
  5. Revolutionary drone operator has Team NZ flying high in Bermuda RICARDO PINTO/ ACEA 2017 Team New Zealand's speed and power is captured from the sky. A ground-breaking drone and its American operator has helped Team New Zealand fly into the America's Cup final. Team New Zealand skipper Glenn Ashby recruited Wisconsin's Nick Bowers as the syndicate's performance analyst on the back of his revolutionary work with the flying cameras. As Emirates Team New Zealand surge deeper into the Cup final against defenders Oracle Team USA – the Kiwis hold a 3-0 lead and need four more wins to lift the Auld Mug – more revelations seep out about the ground-breaking technology they are using beyond their radical cycling grinders and remote wing control system. The New York Times reported that Bowers has developed a drone that is capable of accelerating from 0-96 km/h in one second. That enables his lens to keep pace with the foiling 50-foot catamarans that approach that top-end speed and has proven a problem for stock-standard drones. READ MORE: * How low will Oracle go? * What Team NZ must do from here * What the next America's Cup holds * America's Cup: Faster than a speeding ... RICARDO PINTO/ ACEA 2017 Team New Zealand helmsman Peter Burling heads across the Team New Zealand boat's trampoline. Bowers has also developed a technique to fly his drones at angles others haven't mastered, even getting below the level of the hulls that lift out of the water. America's Cup teams use onboard cameras to sync with telemetric data coming off the multiple sensors that cover these boats. Bowers' drone work, done from the Team Newe Zealand chase boat, has added another dimension in terms of synchronising the crew's work to the catamaran's performance. Bowers, who made his name filming smaller foiling catamarans, said he needed to make adjustments to cope with the demands of yachting's biggest arena. "I wanted to film one of these America's Cup boats sailing upwind, but nothing commercially available could do that," he told The New York Times. "It wasn't like I woke up one day and said, 'I want to build drones.' It was done out of necessity." The Kiwis snared Bowers from under the nose of defenders Oracle with his ground-breaking work known to the United States Olympic sailing programme. Leandro Spina, the development director of that programme, said: "He can fly in conditions other people cannot. When it gets pretty windy, Nick will fly. Other people will be like, 'No, it's too windy.' But he has no limitation with drones." Bower said his breakthrough technique came out of necessity. Initially he filmed without a monitor because he couldn't afford one. He instead watched the drone rather than a video feed, discovering it gave him better control and footage, especially when running the drone right alongside the catamaran. He also replaced the traditional wide-angle lens with one that had a more direct focus. "Basically, I wanted to trick people into thinking I was flying a big camera," he said. Bowers and his young family moved to Auckland for the development phase of the Team New Zealand boat. Sadly Bowers isn't in Bermuda to witness what will hopefully be the crowning glory of his work because of Bermuda's strict drones laws. Drones were banned from flying above the regatta course on the Great Sound and other areas in Bermuda from May 22 to June 30 But the innovator hasn't stood still. The New York Times reported he and his family, which now includes a son born in Auckland, have headed back to Wisconsin, where he is trying to start his own company, Bear UAV, using a 3-D carbon fibre printer to stamp out new drones. - Stuff
  6. Even Sir Russell is resigned to the result of AC35... Oracle bosses Sir Russell Coutts and Larry Ellison lament 'one-sided' America's Cup match REUTERS Sir Russell Coutts senses Oracle's grip on the America's Cup is loosening. America's Cup boss and Oracle supremo Sir Russell Coutts has conceded Team New Zealand "have the better package" and is disappointed at the one-sided final in Bermuda. With Emirates Team New Zealand leading the defenders 3-0 in the race to seven wins, Coutts offered some honest thoughs ahead of the resumption of racing on Sunday on the Great Sound. "We have seen so many exciting races in the Challenger Playoffs, it is unfortunate that this is not the case in the finals," Coutts said in an interview with German magazine Yacht who are in Bermuda with a German team having been involved in the Youth America's Cup. Coutts said his boss, Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison, shared a similar view after watching Team New Zealand's commanding winning margins. READ MORE: * How low will Oracle go? * What Team NZ must do from here * What the next America's Cup holds * America's Cup: Faster than a speeding ... "Of course he would have liked to see his team more successful. But I think he was most disappointed that we did not see better, more exciting races last weekend. We all hoped for a good fight. We hope now that Oracle has made some good changes in the preparation. So far it's been rather one-sided." MIKE SEGAR/REUTERS The America's Cup match in Bermuda hasn't made great viewing for Oracle boss Larry Ellison (third from left). Coutts, who helped mastermind Oracle's miracle comeback against Team New Zealand in San Francisco four years ago, didn't seem so optimistic of a repeat performance on Bermuda's Great Sound. "The guys are working hard on it but it is different than four years ago," Coutts said. "At that time I was convinced that Oracle had the better package. They only had to learn to use it optimally and to sail optimally. This time, the Kiwis clearly have the better package. RICARDO PINTO/ ACEA 2017 Emirates Team New Zealand have simply been too fast for Oracle Team USA. "It is now about improving the Oracle package as much as possible. But it is a very steep mountain which they have to climb." The more restrictive rules for this 35th America's Cup will hamper Oracle but Coutts felt there was still some wriggle-room for Jimmy Spithill and his crew. "I think you can improve a lot, so you make changes. Whether that is enough, we must see." Coutts, the most successful skipper in America's Cup history having won at the helm of Team New Zealand and Alinghi (Switzerland) boats and overseen two Oracle victories, believed if the Cup returned to Auckland, the Kiwis would "do a good job as organiser". He seemed consigned that a Team New Zealand victory would mean changes to the format he has engineered over the last two editions in foiling catamarans and incorporating a world series. But producing a product that transferred into "a good TV broadcast will be in their interests". He felt the AC50 catamaran still had development in it to make it a better boat and he would like to see it operate better in high and low wind spectrums. http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/other-sports/93995085/oracle-bosses-sir-russell-coutts-and-larry-ellison-lament-onesided-americas-cup-match
  7. A picture worth a million words...
  8. Good luck convincing one of them to back your second defender...
  9. Golden Gate Yacht Club holds the AC and makes the call on their defender. As it was, they had to fight off a potential defender in court in AC34.. The point is that NZ does not have the money for another defender. Pointing to the likes of Graham Hart, Todd family etc is like hoping to win Lotto.
  10. In over 20 years involvement in the America's Cup, Fay Richwhite have been the only Kiwis with the foresight and wherewithal to fund the original TNZ for a couple of challenges. It's a pretty safe assumption that no one else in the country can afford a second challenger - unless you know different.
  11. Anyone in Christchurch willing to bankroll a second defender? Mate you're fucking dreaming - NZ can barely afford one AC team: in fact, we couldn't afford ETNZ, they had to go looking for sponsors to bankroll them because the government was too sensitive to politics.
  12. There is not enough $$$ in NZ for another defender to challenge ETNZ. If Ellison with his billion$ couldn't hold a defender series, what makes anyone think NZ can?
  13. I wonder how much ETNZ's wing weighs in measurement condition with all those multiple hydraulic cylinders inside the wing? Just as well the Class Rules only specify a minimum weight of 445 kgs.
  14. Mate, don't let spinbot bother you...he's just a little depressed at the moment. Enjoy the trip - and the drinking !!