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  1. Indio

    Team NYYC

    The "JIT methodology" was was not optional following the nosedive, as new bits and pieces were arriving almost seemingly on a daily basis as they were finished back home.
  2. Indio

    INEOS Team GB

    Looks like that bromance is over
  3. Indio

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    ETNZ did say they were building a mule some time back - no big secret.
  4. Indio

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Actually, the "statement" that's got your knickers in a twist is on ETNZ's web site where they can publish whatever they want - not on the AC36 site. You are correct that LR are simply following what more recent CoRs have done: looked after their own interests, as ETNZ know only too well as they were frozen out of all decisions by CoRs. But I'd expected LR to be a bit more inclusive of the other 2 Challengers
  5. Indio

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Nonsense! ETNZ are perfectly entitled to question why LR's position is non-representative of the other 2 Challengers' on whose behalf the CoR is meant to act. It's now patently obvious that LR are pushing their own preferred wind range rather than one agreed to with the other Challengers.
  6. Indio

    The Creche

    The next poster will remind you of the obligatory "show-us-your-wife's-tits-or-fuck-off" welcome LOL...
  7. Indio

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    It was really eerie this afternoon - felt like a scene from "12 Monkeys"
  8. Indio

    INEOS Team GB

  9. Indio

    INEOS Team GB

    Can you guys please take this to the "Don't Mess With Me" thread
  10. Indio

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Very impressive in the conditions. I wonder if Spithill was helming...
  11. Indio

    Youth America's Cup

    If they make this event affordable, they may need to limit entries to 2 or 3 from each country rather than leave it open, as I can see the French, Swiss, Italians, British and our American friends entering multiple teams. A potential NZ$140k racing budget plus accommodation and shore support might poke it out to NZ$240k...
  12. Indio

    Team Alinghi

    Ironic how he whines about rules being changed, etc when he started it all. Uncle Larry just had better lawyers. Very disingenuous to claim he was "surprised" by the wingsail in their DoG match, when a wing-sail-powered cat won the only other DoG match in the 20th century!!
  13. Indio

    ACWS - Portsmouth

    Ahh, now we know why they needed to amend the Protocol for Portsmouth ACWS - Emirates have naming rights, not Prada. So happy for Portsmouth to get this event..
  14. Indio

    INEOS Team GB

    All posters on an anonymous forum.
  15. Indio

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    You're quite right - my bad.