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  1. matt finish

    Don't know about the other teams but ETNZ used toilet tissue with this brand:
  2. Team Australia

    Will never happen. The All Blacks don't help the Wallabies. Why should ETNZ help them? It's just wistful thinking by him for gainful employment...
  3. AC36 - The Venue

    The H-H-W option looks to offer the most flexible utilisation in-between AC's - (assuming of course we defend successfully). The pending local "roading" petrol tax legislation will be expedited to help raise funding for the AC36 infrastructure. All good..
  4. Team NZ

    Only in Amerika mate...
  5. Team NZ

    Don't get too excited - Tauranga will never host an AC Defence..
  6. AC36 Auckland NZ

    Maybe 9 then - without an Aussie Challenge
  7. matt finish

    You and Nutta win a toaster each...
  8. Team NZ

    I was referring to 5000+ boats of every description and size descending on Tauranga harbour...
  9. AC36 Auckland NZ

    He's just a pretentious fake "intellectual" who's bitter over his lot. The mold in mum's basement has affected his limited ability to think before he smashes away at the keyboard...
  10. Team NZ

    Sounds nice but the logistics and economics won't work for Tauranga. How would they cope with 5000+ Auckland boaties descending into town for the events??
  11. Team UK

    Someone should tell Whitmarsh that proximity sensors for crash avoidance warnings are available from SuperCheap Auto and Repco..
  12. Team NZ

    Care to enlighten us as to how they are deserving of being criticised??
  13. Teams?

    There was no "herbie" you moron. But there's as much proof they cheated as there is of your mail-order Vietnamese bride
  14. Team NZ

    Thoroughly deserved - congratulations. How good would he go as Skipper and tactician on the AC75....