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  1. AC 36 Protocol

    Yeah it was like stepping back in time. I miss not seeing posts from our old friends from that thread..
  2. Oracle Team USA

    Can't see Louis Vuitton or Ernesto Bertsrelli hitching themselves to a convicted cheater, in a mickey-mouse regatta sailed by losers from AC35. Lazza would have to fork out for the French and Japanese teams, for bragging rights?? It would make a great April fools' day story...
  3. AC 36 Protocol

    Thanks for the link...hope most of the old 'friends" in that thread are still healthy and will hopefully return for the AC36 threads...
  4. AC 36 Protocol

    Nice to see you SimonN.
  5. Team NZ

    There's a very good reason why the Tasman is the most expensive stretch of water on the planet for moving goods...
  6. Team NYYC

    I think the NYYC Challenge will be very formidable. The mere fact that two owners have agreed to collaborate for a common target implies they have accepted the likely chain of command and roles separation which will be required to succeed. The common denominator is clearly Hutchinson, and putting him in charge of the sailing operations while presumably the two owners concentrate on funding and talent-scouting, etc should allow Hutch to concentrate on assembling a sailing team and preparing them for the Challenge. This Challenge won't be doing sausage sizzles to raise funds - they'll buy the entire herd and ranch!! Ten years stewing on the docks means the NYYC Challenge has a lot of dry powder for AC36. I would suggest that when it became apparent that ETNZ was going to yank the Cup from the cheaters, NYYC would have secured the designer(s) they wanted, while Hutch probably already had sailors he wanted on first-right-of-refusal preliminary agreements. The NYYC should provide a stabilising overwatch to minimise any potential egocentric contretemps. I would not be at all too unhappy to have NYYC v LR in the CSS Final. I can see NYYC as CoR in AC37 if ETNZ defends successfully in 2021.
  7. Team NZ

    Thank you for your very informative contributions. I hope they don't change any of the engraving - the size of the AC34* engraving makes it stand out as good as having the asterisk
  8. Artemis?

    Whine off to someone who gives a fuck!!
  9. Artemis?

    I stand corrected - you are correct re. property. The Artemis foreign mercenaries will just have to freeze their nads in Stockholm for 6 months a year for 2 years - IF they challenge.
  10. Team NZ

    Your stupidity is boundless... Maybe he can take off a year or two - because he can afford it!!
  11. AC36 Auckland NZ

    Actually, it was more of a joke ..
  12. Artemis?

    Hahaha, Assange's circumstances are more political asylum. But if the world recognise and accept that a country's embassy is that country's territory, then theoretically the Swedish Embassy in Auckland could accommodate Artemis' foreign sailors as guests or "employees" so they can practise in the Hauraki Gulf while qualifying under the residency requirement. There's nothing in the Protocol that says non-nationals have to reside in Sweden (as an example). The Arbitration might have to adjudicate but I think they'll agree with me.
  13. Artemis?

    I hope the "final Protocol" reference was lost in translation, and he meant the AC75 Class Rule. But if the real deal-breaker for Artemis is the Nationality qualification, there's nothing preventing the Swedish Embassy in Auckland or any other warm-water city in Southern Europe or Australia from hosting 8 or 9 Artemis foreigner sailors for 6 months each year to satisfy the 380-days residency requirement.
  14. Team NZ

    Nothing wrong with being a pussy man
  15. Team NZ

    Why should you worry about it? Have you a dog in this thing?? No??