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  1. Next America's Cup Free to Air

    SkyTV in NZ is haemorrhaging subsrcibers, and will face stiff competition for Rugby with Amazon coming to NZ - they've already had preliminary discussions with Rugby NZ. Amazon has also been mentioned in relation to AC36 so it looks good...
  2. The LV (not the AC) WS

    Except the bit about Bertarelli competing in it. Why would he, after being caught cheating with a fake CoR by the subsequently-convicted cheater, bother to be involved with Ellison after the spiteful AC33? Or have they kissed and made up, like most cheating couples do??
  3. Team NYYC

    Thought your IQ might have improved after several years...
  4. Oracle Team USA

    You're like a very impressionable kid...
  5. Team NYYC

    He never stopped trying to chase down Jack's record 18 Majors, his self-admitted motivation - the field just became too deep and he wasn't intimidating the young guns. and his game went to shit. Whatever motivation he had for the SEALs distraction, the fact remains he won 4 more Majors after his father's death and could easily have caught Jack's record in 2009-2010 where he contended in all the Majors, before all the crap about his extra-curricular activities came to light - and his game went south. He openly admitted that he changed his swing with Haney because he wanted to keep up with the young guns, but his swing from his amateur days and in the early days when he turned pro was so violent that many specialists were impressed he lasted as long as he did before he started having problems with his body. He is the best golfer the planet has ever seen, and the PGA Tour can thank him for bringing in the multi-million $$ prize money which all of them are enjoying now. Hope he returns to the winner's podium but may have to wait for the Senior Tour to do so.
  6. Team NYYC

    Actually, Tiger's decline had more to do with the depth in young talent making it onto the PGA Tour, meaning he was no longer competing against the aging Duvals, Micklesons (to whose credit he's still competitive!!), Singhs, Prices etc. but lining up against fearless youngsters who hit the ball as long and longer than him. His pursuit of length off the tee has led to his problems with his knee, back, etc as he became a gym monkey trying to keep up with the kids.
  7. Oracle Team USA

    No need to fret mate: it gives the losers' supporters something to get excited over - lord knows they haven't had anything to cheer since February when ETNZ launched the NZ StarShip "Aotearoa".
  8. Oracle Team USA

    Puhleeze!! With Larry's hi-tech company behind them they couldn't "press sailing technology" in Bermuda and were humiliated by a low-budget team they tried their darndest to block and disadvantage at every stage since AC2014*. Where would they suddenly be able to get all that new tech without ETNZ for them to Xerox?!?! that tonque is getting very unhealthy brown
  9. Oracle Team USA

    He'd have to pay the poodles to play with the cheaters. This rumour is looking more and more like a Rob Mundle Spithill-inspired wind-up. There's a certain dead-rubber Bledisloe Test coming up in Brisbane on Saturday, and the Aussie media have no sensationalist "revelations" to try to distract the All Blacks from business-as-usual at 10pm Saturday.
  10. The LV (not the AC) WS

    The alt-Right movement are looking for revisionists to dumb down historical facts. No comparison mate!! The Louis Vuitton Pacific Series was an initiative to keep AC Challengers from previous editions engaged while the self-serving Bertarelli-Ellison dick-measuring contest was going through NYSC, ultimately resulting in the DoG Match. The Larry Ellison Petulant Series is being touted as a stand-alone event for the 5 AC35 losers, for the bragging rights of being the Biggest Loser
  11. The LV (not the AC) WS

    "direct comparison with" what? AC35? No comparison because the winner won't be competing in that mickey-mouse Larry Ellison Petulant Series AC36? No comparison - it's the America's Cup!
  12. AC 36 Protocol

    That's easy to understand. It's ETNZ running the show, not the cheating self-dealing OR-Xerox mob who thankfully are gone. You're too dumb bitter and twisted to see the certainty for Challengers knowing the AC75 won't be changed to an AC50.5 as the cheaters OR-Xerox did in AC35. Keep drowning in the kool-aid. Btw, why aren't you rooting for the African Diaspora Maritime Challenge?
  13. AC 36 Protocol

    The end justifies the means?? No thanks. ETNZ learned the hard way - 2003 Bertarelli gutted TNZ who never managed to fill the void left by the departees and lost. 2007 ETNZ were good enough but made mistakes - including persevering with Barker. 2013 they were cheated out of the Cup. 2017 they learned from 2013 and humiliated the cheaters. Nothing wrong with remembering history so we never repeat the mistakes of the past.
  14. AC 36 Protocol

    Just think of him as Inspector Jacques Clouseau and everything he posts becomes easier to ignore.