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  1. What a fuckwit!! The ensuing penalty was not for Hayden's hollywood you moron
  2. You have to forgive surfsailor - too much salt-water contamination of what passes for his brain!. And you are correct - AC35 was a fiasco, with only one competitive team (Artemis) from OR-Xerox and their poodles..
  3. ETNZ were able to foil upwind, but never consistently or with any stability, and neither could OR-Xerox - until they were 0-8. Now why don't you fuck off and whinge over Hughie Fury's loss in Manchester
  4. Well put.
  5. OR-Xerox sycophants and stateless morons like you keep crediting the cheaters' ability to "foil upwind" for their miraculous recovery in AC34* as a weak retort to their cheating foil control system. Maybe they learned their upwing foiling skills in the dark after they installed their illegal foil control system.
  6. Without the hydraulic power on tap from the cyclors, the ETNZ control system would not have been as effective as it was. You can have the smartest most responsive control system on the planet, but if the power is not there to move actuators when needed, you might as well have a system like Groupama had.
  7. They cheated, fuck features. Only yanks think denial is the river in Egypt. So they learned to foil upwind overnight??
  8. What a lot of crap!! When did ETNZ & LR conspire to change the rules and the boat in AC34* ? LR PURCHASED ETNZ's AC72 design package in AC34*: OR-Xerox supplied OR-JPN with the AC50 package in AC35, and then refused to practise-race with ETNZ. Fat lot of good it did them, having spent 2+ years in Bermuda and failing to defend with all of Larry's $$$ and rules-jimmying. Good riddance to the AC35 poodles ....
  9. LOL, the "other teams" being the LFA poodles?? "Consensus" facilitated from retrospective rules manipulation for majority decisions? Thank fuck they're gone from AC36.
  10. Spinbot has run out of food stamps so he's suffering withdrawal symptons... Why don't you go down to your usual street corner and hock off some more meth...
  11. Spithill identifies himself with the sailors, which goes a long way to explaining why he will never be management material as we've seen with his failure to defend when he was in charge.
  12. He's too thick to realise the hypocrisy of "before you go sign up to something, you really have to know what it is". He's just a loser trying to hustle a few copies of his book because the only possible way he'll get into AC36 is with Alinghi - his value as an AC skipper disappeared out the stern of Aotearoa in Bermuda in June.
  13. I don't think he'll be selling too many books in NZ
  14. It's silly to equate the speeds of the AC50s to a new AC36 monohull. The speed of the AC50s made most of the races in AC35 boring processions, with only one close finish (ART and ETNZ, when Burling went walkabout before the finish line). The results were so predictable that most Kiwis found it more exciting to hope for ETNZ to lose the start just to see how soon they can go around their opponents and sail into the sunset - most of the boats weren't even in the same TV shot. I'm hoping the AC36 Class Rule leaves plenty of room for designers to let their fertile imaginations run amok and we see radically different approaches to keep things close. Let's not forget that we arrived at multihulls for AC only thanks to Bertarelli's fake CoR which handed Ellison the opportunity to race for the Auld Mug in a DoG match - an opportunity he would never have got going through any Challenger Selection Series. Having won the AC33 DoG match, they felt confident enough in their multihull experience to leverage it to give themselves a "significant advantage" (or so they thought!!) in AC34*. When that nearly pitch-poled on them, they were still arrogant enough to believe they still had the design edge to continue in multihulls for AC35, but just to ensure their advantage they gamed the rules to disadvantage the only credible Challenger. Of 6 competitors, only 3 were truly independent Challengers. In respect of your comment, I honestly believe the AC match will be between the Defender and CoR, regardless of how many other Challengers turn up, so I think AC37 will be in monohulls as well OR-Xerox? I don't think they'll challenge. They were humiliated despite all the self-dealings and unsporting behaviour they foisted on at least one Challenger, and they do not have good history going through CSS. They fluked into AC33 because of another billionaire's attempt to game the rules - something which Ellison & Cronies criticised but promptly took aboard. Alinghi? They don't have the Famous-Five anymore, so they might get Spithill and one or two others but they won't be competitive. Aussies? Don't think so.