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  1. Indio

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    That's junk! This is more B2'ish Chiron.webp
  2. Indio

    AC TV Coverage

    Good if she's part of the broadcast team...
  3. Indio

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Foster would have performance milestones in his contract which would define whether there needs to be any "buying out". In fact, I rather fancy a three-strikes-and-fuck-off clause but we're far too nice for that. They'll just announce he's leaving to pursue other "challenges" which means the Poms will hire him next
  4. Indio

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Since we got kicked out of RWC-JPN, in a way I hope we lose to the Pumas to drive another nail in Foster's coffin! But alas it won't happen - there will be some fireworks in the first 10 minutes tonight. We don't do losing very well...
  5. Indio

    Christmas Regatta

    It's free in Aotearoa
  6. Indio

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    The only lying around here are from you and some of your fellow conspiracy nutbags! Go take your bottle of pills...
  7. Indio

    AC TV Coverage

    There was an application by ERTNZ to the Arbitration Panel a little while back against LR-PP/CoR for failing to pay their share of the broadcasting budget.
  8. Indio

    AC TV Coverage

    They did - but they've just this discovered the incompetence of Mayo&Calder who were engaged to manage the whole broadcasting infrastructure and worldwide agreements - and rightly sacked the fuckers!!
  9. Indio

    AC TV Coverage

    Except it's not the America's Cup, but carry on.
  10. Indio

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Oh FFS go take a cold shower to cool down your hard-on for Dalts!! How the fuck could he have foreseen in 2018 that the Harbour Master would make the decision he did in 2020?
  11. Indio

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Some of you conspiracy-infected Yanks should go lie down and take a pill - in fact take a whole bottle!!
  12. Indio

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I realise some of you Yanks have difficulties with proper English, so I'll give you a hint: look up "co-ordinated", that's the operative word.
  13. Indio

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Man who loves the sound of his own voice, our Tommy-E