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  1. How to build large format display

    This unit is aimed at small sportboats - many of which do NOT have any kind of power installation - and as you say this unit is an alternative to Velociteks two boxes (basically both of them put into one unit with a bigger/better display. But you have not provided a power solution. Sure some will connect the unit to other sources like paddle wheels and wind gear - but they may still not have a power source on the boat. Some sort of battery box with the proper cable on that fits into the unit and is waterproof is severely needed if you want to sell these in mass - and be added for not a ton of money or you will loose in comparison to to a dual velocitek or velocitek/tacktick setup. having to fuck around with making up some sort of waterproof battery solution will most definitely keep many potential customers away. For good reason. The "kit" from Sail 22 is a pile of crap that won't survive more than a few salty days on the water - what a joke. Try installing that on a Viper or VX One and let me know how that works out for you........................ Ideally you would make a power "backpack" that simply plugs into the back of the unit like a cell phone external power pack. When you get that done - come talk to me and I will be a customer - until then the Velocitek and Tacktick stay on the boat
  2. Halyards

    It is a really good core for halyards. Very good experience with Dynice Dux (Used to be called Dynex Dux) - tough as nails and one of my favorite Dyneema lines. Just put a core plug and a cover in the clutch/winch area or it will slip.
  3. Garmin Instruments - Any Experience

    All their sailing instrumentation was developed by Silva (under the Nexus name) they are not starting from scratch
  4. Dumb Luck

    You mean brian half-cocked, who feels like his thoughts on anything sailing is like gospel? Please hold my drink while I barf
  5. Calling/denying buoy room

    Nope. In the case where a 50 footer is ahead (and thus closer to the mark) of a 150 footer - the 3 bl zone is 150 feet (defined as 3 x bl of the boat nearest to the mark)
  6. Get bent, let's get rid of the jackstays !

    The best solution is tubular webbing with a Dyneema core pulled through it. That way you can make it very strong, low stretch while not rolling underfoot when stepping on it. Ideally use tubular webbing with luminous tracers in it so it glows in the dark. With a solution like that, they last a long time since the structural core is shielded from UV and abrasion by the webbing.
  7. Tether clips

    That spur is what actually locks the carabiner on certain types - without it the load bearing capability is probably only 1/4-1/3 of the unmodofied version. You most likely rendered your harness a worthless POS. Please don't lend it out to anybody.
  8. Harken Carbo Becket Pin Removal

    Normally the becket pin on Harken blocks is a clevis pin with a ringding trough it on one end - easy to remove and re-install. I'm not sure I have ever seen one with a fixed backet. If it is fixed - just use a softshackle to attach a line with an eye splice
  9. Foils

    Douggie - Please just go away and play with your FaRt ArOuNd toy. You are an embarrassment even to old white men from Florida
  10. Serhad, Definitely like the mods to the boat - nice job! It seems like a bit of a hefty price tag. The boat will end up at 110K+ by the time it hits the starting line. I am wondering if that is going to be easy to sell.
  11. Inhaulers for Fareast 28R - PART DEUX

    You are using way too many parts and are ending up with an under-performing setup
  12. Maserati on Foils

    I know. But the fucking idiot feels like he needs to report if someone lets out a fart on the dock next to ANY boat with any kind of lifting foils - he would never stop to think for a second if his posts provide ANY kind of value - hence - most of them don't
  13. Which sensors for Racing Sailboat?

    Impossible to tell without some more info: What level of racing are we talking about? What kind of racing boat? What kind of instrument package are you planning on using? What is your price sensitivity?
  14. Waterproofing neoprene glove seams

    or Probably the Seam Grip in your case
  15. Battery size for instruments

    Lot of the peeps are going off on tangents and some suggesting waaaaaaay over the top solutions. Look for a 12-15 ah motorcycle or UPS battery - Agm preferred as it won't spill and can be mounted in any orientation without problems You can get this done for under $50