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  1. Wanda down

    They are fun for sure but kinda suck for any kind of distance racing and I already have one small boat
  2. Right material for 29er Spinaker halyard

    Nothing to do with arrogance - I'm just pointing out a complete mis-match in your post
  3. how fast is it?

    The cars on these boats don't move fore/aft. The lead moves in/out and up/down - for more precise trim
  4. how fast is it?

    Well - maybe not. I thought I remembered a mention of a false rudder post to get the driver further forward but looking at that pic she certainly has the rudder pretty far forward so maybe not. She will be a bit twitchy with the rudder that far forward
  5. Right material for 29er Spinaker halyard

    You are kidding right. Sailing a reasonably high tech boat and using clothesline for a halyard......................................
  6. Wanda down

    Thanks Huey - I am still considering what's next. Meanwhile I am sailing my VX One, which is also quite a fun toy
  7. Sailtimer Wind Instrument

    I just looked at their website. They claim it has been developed over a decade. It looks like something thrown together with a shovel by a blind man. It is not going to last long getting a UV beating
  8. how fast is it?

    Actually not - there is a linkage system below decks linking a "fake" rudder post forward to the real rudder post further aft. Done this way to get the driver forward in the boat
  9. how fast is it?

    Trying to keep all weight down. Same as TP52's where they put the vang line through a carbon tube of appropriate length to keep the boom up some as the class rules in the TP makes it mandatory - I guess it isn't in the Fast 40's
  10. Banque Populaire IX

    I'm 99% sure that the boat is NOT insured. If it were; it would be enormously expensive. If (and it's very unlikely) the boat is insured it would make no difference if the auto release system was implemented yet - unless of course you think that the insurance company has listed the auto release system as mandatory - and what do you think the chances are of that?
  11. Wind transducers - tall vs short

    You will have more upwash from a pinhead main than a squaretop - this is the reason that squaretop main is a more efficient planform in terms of lift/drag ratio
  12. Wind transducers - tall vs short

    Some sensors (like the Nexus - now Garmin) do NOT have any analog signals anywhere in their sensors. The signal generation is done with optical pick-ups on a ball with black and white sectors. The AWS/AWA signals are square vawes with varying vawe width with the width representing direction (AWA) and frequency representing AWS B&G has windspeed as a simple square vawe where the frequency representing AWS and a 3 line analog signals representing AWA Not sure about NKE
  13. Strain relief for wiring at top of mast

    Somebody is going to be bitching about you when they get their mast wires fried or cut and you have left a real mess in there that it impossible to remove Run the wires inside a dyneema chafe sleeve - tie off the sleeve at the masthead and you have a built in strain relief. For the steaming/bi-color light you just put them through the chafe sleeve at the right height (obviously have to do this before putting the whole assembly in the mast). The extra weight of the chafe sleeve is negligible and it is as very good protection against rope burns
  14. Hydrogen fuel cell generator

    Like the concept but the big stumbling block is that a 10 liter tank of H2 produces roughly 800AH of power. For any kind of offshore work that ends up being a lot of tanks to carry. While methanol has it's downsides, the energy density is much higher than compressed H2