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  1. Helly Hansen buys Musto

    Maybe the service level in the US will be bettered by this - hope so as it right now it is far below what it used to be and lags other brands; which is sad for the best gear available
  2. lost at sea?

    +1 Adrian
  3. il mostro attempting chi-mac speed run record

    Well it's 289 nM in normal sailing speak. I am not sure what outright record (if any other than the ones mentioned above set during normal racing) there might be out there. Seems unlikely that IM have been the first one to gun at the outright record
  4. I'm rehabbing an older Creekmore 23 and would like to covert it to a lift keel.  Do you have any plans for the keel?  I am in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

    Jim Keeley

    561-625-4691  (Home)

    1. Christian




      Sorry, I don't even know what a creekmore 23 is.



  5. VOR 2017-18

    Actually you can - depending on boat speed. The scoops work as a ventury and will drain water (not fast though) just like an Elvstrøm bailer. The fill scoop will on the other hand fill the tank above the waterline (maybe not all the way though) as there is higher pressure in front of the scoop (obviously also depending on boat speed). Done all the time on O60's and Class 40's Im not sure sure if the V65 have separate drain and fill scoops or the kind that simply rotates - both systems available.
  6. Best Navigation App for GPS enabled ipad

    iNavX - hands down
  7. Foam deck

    Why do you say Sea Deck is DIY? I got a very nicely fully cut set from them for my VX One. From what I have gathered the Sea Deck lasts a fair but longer than Raptor If you want to DIY cutting you should also look at Hydro Turf which is very tough wearing
  8. FT 10M

    Instead of being a lazy ass - why don't you search the sportboat section - there are mountains of info.
  9. Adhesive Recommendations

  10. Same as I have been doing on the Viper 830. Now Rumors was born with a swinging dick which is a bit tougher to get waterproof
  11. It will wipe the floor with a J125
  12. Thommo is holed up in a Vietnamese whore house. I think he even got shacked up with a local "lady of ill repute" - But he will occasionally respond to email You have hitched a ride on a very fun boat
  13. Could off course be right - the sheer idiocy of taking a Mumm 30 stick, converting it to straight spreaders, running backs and checks is beyond laughable though
  14. I meant to type most definitely NOT a Mumm 30 mast. The rig in the pic has straight spreaders, runners and checks -> Mumm36
  15. That is most definitely a Mumm 30 rig. It does, however look a lot like a Mumm36 rig and it is a bit "spindley" for that water-dozer