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  1. J-105 cruising down the ICW

    yes, but won't that buff right out?
  2. There was that time when I screwed up...

    Amen to that. Last summer, 3 a.m., double-handed on a three-day passage, I decide to douse the big gennaker using its sock. Breeze has built from nothing into the high teens and come forward, but because it had begun so light, I did not have the main up to blanket the cruising sail for the takedown. No worries, that is what the sock is for. Except it won't come down. Jams really nicely in fact. So I tell the helm to head into the wind, and I lower the thrashing angry now wet thing to the deck via the halyard, and not elegantly either. Halyard rips through top of sock, spaghetti cordage ensues. Next day, I call my helm to debrief on what we could have done differently. "Uhhh, sheet out?" he says sheepishly. I was so fucking tired I didn't realize the sheet was loaded the whole time and I was working against myself. Drama and rippage for nothing. Never liked that damn sock anyway.
  3. Classic Boats down South

    Those pics gave me a woody
  4. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    I stopped reading after " and their two dogs.."
  5. There was that time when I screwed up...

    Two weeks ago, helping someone lower a deck stepped mast on a 26' boat using a new-to-me , home-built rig ( two long poles secured to the toerails midship forming a 'V' well forward of the bow and attached to a beefy block and tackle) It's almost dark and I am hurrying to clean up the mast wiring, co-ax cable, halyards, loosen shrouds etc and I holler back to the skipper asking 'everything has to be free to run, right?' We start lowering and immediately down the mast comes - fortunately there are two of us on deck to slow the speed of descent, just enough that it doesn't smash the just replaced , expensive and hard to repalce plexi hatch cover to bits. Skipper yells, 'who the fuck untied the alternate halyard'? That's what we were lowering against! Uh, I thought you said everything had to be free to run? I said sheepishly. At least now I know how the pole thing works...
  6. caption contest

  7. Mirage 24, anbody know these little boats?

    I owned a Northern 24 - same C&C design. (Northern and Mirage built them also. ) Great boat, easily handled, will slalom through large waves just fine. It's a 40-yr old boat , but a solid and pleasing ride.
  8. blooper time!

  9. Boiling Atlantic - Lee and Maria

    How did the preps work out for you?
  10. Can prop walk change over time?

    Checked the coupling/shaft today, no slip thank gawd. Quite a bit of growth which many be influencing foils. Rigged some longer tie-up lines to allow more movement and experimented with revs. Short answer is yes, it's taking more thrust to create flow over the rudder before it bites. We are in tight confines, and my slip mate has a Catalina 42 and some slack in his lines under cetain conditions. Maybe it's as Zonker says. Hard to predict at times.
  11. Can prop walk change over time?

    Btw, I Googled shaft and coupling and it appears I should be doing it this way:
  12. Can prop walk change over time?

    I'm thinking the perp walk trumps it, but I will check for Russians lurking under the bed,the condition of the gum on the post and most importantly, slippage between shaft and coupling.
  13. Last three times I have departed my slip, doing nothing consciously differently than previous, the prop walk has been radically stronger , causing me to abort my normal route backing out and ‘give in’ to the walk to avoid banging the dock. There is no way prop walk can change over time, correct? The only thing I can think of is that I was unconsciously using fewer revs, as I was single handing and being very deliberate. There is some algae growth on the rudder which might change its lift, but no weeds that are fouling. Boat is 16,000 lbs, shoal draft , LH prop , stbd tie up, bow-in. Two weeks ago when landing at a new club I was given wrong info by the dockmaster and so overshot the assigned birth, and backed the boat down pretty hard to slow down and reposition, so now I am wondering if I did something to the quadrant steering , but it is fine when going forward, and I’ve visually inspected the wires and stops etc below . It simply must be RPM related, but it’s facking unnerving...
  14. Chicago-Mac/Meridian X MOB Recovery

    Thanks for the link. Experienced the same phenomenon during the 2016 LO 300 as we closed the Niagara mark and I have been looking for an insightful explanation ever since.
  15. The Yacht Club - Do you get value from your dues?

    I am on the committee of management of our 35 yr-old, self-help club on Lake Ontario- 132 boats/senior members, no for profit bar/resto though we do social events and have trained servers who can sell alcohol under certain conditions. Fledgling youth sailing program provided by a qualified third-party, 2 -night/wk PHRF racing with 7-15 boats, 6-8 planned cruises to reciprocal clubs per season. Our ethos is as sportscar described it upthread. We work hard for what we've got. And are modestly proud. For comparison, our initiation fee is $4000. Annual dues average about 1100-$1500 ( ranges because members pay for their individual sling times during launch and haulout.) We are by far the most reasonably priced club on our part of the lake, from a pool of about 15 clubs. Our members love our cost consciousness. I have never heard anyone discuss our fees as anything but tremendous (relative) value. I am shocked at the numbers that others are throwing out here. Many of you have it very very good. And our season is at best 6 months a year, to boot.