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  1. Cwinsor

    Brexit, WTF

    Qui sait? All is speculative at this point. Could it not be equally the case that Barnier is extending one final courtesy, to enable the pencil scratchers to hand in their best, rushed , dog-eared thesis right up till the deadline before declaring it not worth a passing grade?
  2. Cwinsor

    welding broken cast alum spreader base

    So apparently rigrite sells a replacement that you actually bolt through the mast ( as well as rivet ) . I have never seen that before. Would allow me to stop chasing welders and ensure the correct upward angle. Just gotta miss the masthead wiring and the nema2000 backbone on the way through BF3 Bolt-on Spreader Base - Port: BF3-37P: BF3 Bolt-on Spreader Base - Starboard: BF3-37S: Identical to BF3-36, above, but attaches to mast with (4) 6mm (1/4") rivets, and (1) 10mm (3/8") bolt going through the Mast.
  3. Cwinsor

    welding broken cast alum spreader base

    That's OEM from Isomat. What would properly look like differently.
  4. Cwinsor

    welding broken cast alum spreader base

    So Rigrite quoting me $340 USD for a replacement casting, the only spar manufacturer/repair place within 200 miles quoting me $1200-$1500 to collect the mast and do the job in their shop (no mobile service) and I'm hearing anecdotal quotes of $400 just to show up and look at it from people who have used/recommended mobile welders in the past -- none of whom have returned my calls. I get that there is a historic construction boom in this town at present, but WTF. Also, the crane op was a fellow club member ( club has hydraulic mast crane onsite) so no recourse there and no offer of help. To add insult to injury, the wx is perfect over the next few days and others are actually sailing.
  5. Cwinsor

    welding broken cast alum spreader base

    Thanks Sass, sounds reassuring. Ras, yes the spreader itself torqued and tore maybe only about an inch and a half where it slides over the casting. I was surprised the damage to it wasn't greater. Spreader is on boat so will post pic later. Great idea about the car-carrier, hadn't occurred to me. My preference is to find someone who is set up to do mobile. Can't imagine I will find anyone who would be sailing specific, so what industry do welders who do mobile repairs typically service?
  6. So, pic one shows the damage - facker got snapped off by an inattentive crane op when pulling the mast. Pic 2 shows my chief concern: the cast aluminum spreader base was badly deflected downward before the tip snapped off which you can see compared to the correctly upwardly angled base of the intact one. Can a skilled welder cut notches or whatever required to rebuild the base to the correct angle ( and rejoin the missing bit, which I have kept?). Or should I source a new base and just have him/her grind off and reweld an intact one? also, what problems with doing in situ? Mast is 55ft it would require finding an 18 wheeler to haul it $. Any insights welcome.
  7. Cwinsor

    When to go out, When to stay in

    ^^^ this. You will never become experienced until you gain experience. Sounds tautological I know. But go with someone for whom these conditions are routine until you gain some miles of your own.
  8. Cwinsor

    Brexit, WTF

    Proposal has landed:
  9. Cwinsor

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    I'll bite. Boreal 52:
  10. Lee Chesneau I have attended his seminars and bought the big book. Colourful guy, to put it mildly. But a passionate and knowledgeable pedagog.
  11. Cwinsor

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    From her most recent blog: "Spent a lot of time over the day, downloading and checking updated weather files. The big High to the E, that we've been skirting for several days now, will move soon, changing its shape and shrinking, and is likely to give very light winds close to, or on, our track over the weekend, so the question is how to avoid the lightest of the wind and how to keep moving by avoiding light headwinds... I've also become very concerned by a deep Low forecast to develop just to our W, over Sat/Sun, with its associated Cold Front moving E across our path by early next week. I've been hoping to avoid getting too close to its centre, but looks as though we shan't be able to avoid the gusty winds and heavy rain on its Front. Hoping to make use of its strong W winds to get NE towards B.C. over next week. It's still quite a few days away, so the forecast could well change in the meantime - hopefully, for the better!"
  12. Cwinsor

    Royal Sail!

    "Hike bitches!"
  13. Cwinsor

    Brexit, WTF

    Fack me - @Jack offers a throughly relevant/researched, contemporaneous submission additionally illustrated with recent personal experience as a business owner, and all @Wayne can do in return is splutter the ad hominem equivalent of 'nah na na na nah'. Doesn't say much for the Leave case, at least in his hands. In trying to understand this mess from abroad, and contrary to some opinions on this thread @Jack is consistently among the most elucidating imho.
  14. Cwinsor

    What have you lost overboard?

    The most expensive was my wife, when bringing our new-to-us boat alongside right in front of our clubhouse for the first time after picking it up from the previous owner. Overzealous 6'3 teenage son suddenly decides he's going to be helpful and athletically leaps past my wife who was waiting patiently to step off with a spring line, knocking her into the water -- but not before she gets her upper lip hung-up on the stanchion gate. The crowd on the club's veranda jumps into action, I one-arm my wife back aboard who is now spitting buckets of blood, but teeth intact thank god. One of the guys, a retired fireman who'd seen a few things, checks her over and says not quite out of earshot, "you should really encourage your wife to take better care of herself, she looks awful". I am still paying for that one. Other than that the usual things: tools, spin sheets, boathook, and back in the day, a brand new radio direction finder that I was using to try to get a transit just as the boat rolled hard and the RDF went over in 200 ft. Gravity always wins it seems.