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  1. Cwinsor

    What's your approach to Risk Management?

    Thanks for sharing. Do you have access to part 2? All i could find was this report, in which Stuart Pederson is a fatality after becoming enmeshed in the drogue attached to a life raft. Was the raft dropped by the rescue helo? The article you posted indicated the boats raft had been torn away. If true, this should occasion a major SOP rethink concerning the use of rafts and drogues
  2. Cwinsor

    How About Some Spring Lines

    My spring is started on the dock too. It is pre-measured and ends in a spliced loop and hangs off a line holder at the end of the dock that gets retrieved by me or crew as we come in and is dropped around a midship cleat to arrest forward motion. I have a short stern line hanging off there too which I can reach from the helm to counter the ass kicking over when the spring bites, or if I don't feel like it I just motor gently ahead and turn the rudder away from the dock and just sit there on the spring, tug boat style. I don't understand in your scenario how it works if the spring is started from the boat -- how does the "next most" experienced person be responsible for "grabbing the spring"?
  3. Awesome work Steve. You are the Ansel Adams of the sea.
  4. Cwinsor

    C-19 Is not a Class. It's Bullroar!

  5. Cwinsor


    Daughter, 22, has just passed exam and is now brand new registered nurse. Historical plan for her was to spend summer in Europe to celebrate amazing achievement. Then look for work. Dilemma now is whether to look for work immediately. She will be hired for sure. Health care regulators have been asked to build HR contingencies for the expected surge - looking at re-activating recent retired, accelerating almost graduated students, etc.. She is torn - obliged by what drew her to nursing in the first place and the fact that 20% of serious cases in some jurisdictions are infected health care workers. She has stated that if she is nursing she will be at risk and therefore so are we (same house) Shitty call to have to make when up until a few weeks ago she was thrilled to be embarking on next chapter in her life
  6. Cwinsor

    Yacht Club openings on Lake Ontario RE: Covid-19

    I participated in an Ontario Sailing Association videoconference today for club management. OSA officially recommending all clubs that have not already done so to close their grounds immediately to comply with most recent provincial emergency declaration.
  7. Cwinsor

    Yacht Club openings on Lake Ontario RE: Covid-19

    Best of luck. I visit WYC annually. I am at Highland Yacht Club. We have postponed launch and closed the clubhouse. Bluffers Yacht club has likewise . Ditto Queens City Yacht Club We modeled how one could launch with volunteer crews and respect health guidelines. Decided we couldn't. Then the Province ordered all non-essential workplaces to close. They included non-profits in the definition of workplaces. Sailing clubs were not on the list of essential workplaces, no matter how many of us think otherwise. I am not optimistic that the restrictions will be short lived. Nothing to base that on, but what I see and read.
  8. Cwinsor

    Star blast~~~~

    Interesting how they were able to roll a few boats in the vid with the jib occasionally luffing/snapping. Is that fast?
  9. Cwinsor

    Bow-Cow Fugly

    Love the plate on C&C's ride. You could not get away with that shit today.
  10. Cwinsor

    Greta Rides Again?

    Please explain the irrefutable evidence of climate change before humans ever walked the earth. On second thought, don't bother.
  11. Cwinsor

    Bow-Cow Fugly

  12. Cwinsor

    Greta Rides Again?

    Amidst all the virtue signaling about dietary choices and saving the Klimat etc has there been any mention of who their router is/are, or is the presumption they are doing it themselves?
  13. Read Web Chiles. Every word. You can thank me later.
  14. Cwinsor

    Brexit, WTF

    Likewise. Though am still struggling to see the logic in this. The house leader had already prepared for the eventuality the programme motion wouldn't pass, and appeared to take delight in sending the 2nd reading win into limbo, purgatory, committee or whatever or wherever it currently is. The Speaker appears tired, and was only able to clarify that it was static or inert. Yet BJ mentioned nothing again of the GE threat. So the end game is earn symbolic victory with passage of Bill in principle, but architect proceedings to preclude scrutiny and then crash out with a no deal and blame parliament for it? The mind boggles.
  15. Cwinsor

    Brexit, WTF

    So whither Brexit?