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  1. Cwinsor

    Bente 39 splashed

    I don't find the chines fugly. That's in the mould of the Boreal et al. Looks shippy. It's the raked/glassed cabin trunk I can't grasp.Too weird.
  2. Cwinsor

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    Excellent discussion here, I appreciate all the wx and routing insights. Wishing the best for Jeanne this time round.
  3. Cwinsor

    Show your boat not sailing

    Slight thread drift - 'show-the-old-man ( or woman) and-the-sea'. Here is my father, ripping it up at 80. He drove grinning for hours. Couldn't pry him off the helm.
  4. Cwinsor

    Show your boat not sailing

    This pic of mine already feels 'painterly'
  5. Cwinsor

    M5 Dock Removal Service

    "Comfortably sleeps 12" ??? I can comfortably sleep 6 in a 36' The M5, the largest single-masted yacht ever built, dwarfs other boats at DiMillo's Marina in Portland. The luxury yacht measures 277 feet long by 54 feet wide and comfortably sleeps 12. The vessel has room for a smaller yacht held inside its hull, and deck space for a small float plane. Photo by Bronson Guimond
  6. Cwinsor

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Lucid explanation thanks. And principles equally applicable (though in the inverse) for heavy sea state avoidance in the northern hemisphere. Am not a router or admiralty lawyer but would have to believe the RO has some culpability here— even if only moral. I listened to his storm updates and thought his over reliance on Windy to be laughable if not downright dangerous
  7. Cwinsor

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    In the images of Tomy rescue, is that him in the all black foulies in the boat's cockpit preparing to climbing down in the second and third image? There looks to be three in the rib approaching, two in all yellow foulies and one in yellow/black. And then there is one man all in black strapped on the stretcher board in the final image. So does that mean Tomy was ambulatory? That is obviously a good thing for his health, and would've made the transfer a lot easier. But of so why couldn't he have hydrated himself or got the other coms gear from the ditch bag? I didn't see a description of the transfer anywhere, only that it happened.
  8. Cwinsor

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    So with no ability for fixed-wings to land at Ile de Amsterdam , looks like HMAS BALLARAT will get a training opportunity in transferring casualties too. Albeit three days from now. And Gregor will be a walk on . Much better resolution to this mess than I envisioned.
  9. Cwinsor

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Media update at 21:00 UTC There has been no further communication with Abhilash Tomy, the 39-year old Indian Golden Globe Race skipper since his dramatic text message at 12:09 UTC today: ROLLED. DISMASTED. SEVERE BACK INJURY. CANNOT GET UP. Race organisers are working closely with the Australian Rescue Co-ordination Center in Canberra, which has issued an all ships alert and is now co-ordinating rescue efforts led by Australian Defence Forces. The Australians are also working with French Maritime Rescue Centre based on Reunion Island in the South Indian Ocean which is attempting to source a vessel that might assist, including a French Fisheries Protection ship thought to be in the area. Commander Tomy is a serving Naval Flying Officer in the Indian Navy which has also been alerted and is standing by to assist in the rescue. Don McIntyre, the Race Chairman based in Les Sables d’Olonne where the Golden Globe solo non-stop round the world Race began on July 1st, commented tonight: “We are very grateful to all these international organisations for mobilising their resources so quickly and for the lead role taken by MRCC in Canberra. The position of Tomy’s yacht Thuriya, a replica of Sir Robin Knox-Johnston’s yacht Suhail, winner of the first GGR 50 years ago, is some 1,900 miles south West of Perth, Western Australia at the extreme limit of immediate rescue range. The fact that Abhilash has been unable to make contact via text or sat phone, nor set off his emergency beacon is unusual and suggests that he remains incapacitated. The only link is the tracking signal we are receiving from the yacht, but the batteries have a limited life.” Other Golden Globe Race competitors have been alerted to the situation and offered to assist once this storm recedes. Gregor McGuckin, the subject of a CODE ORANGE alert himself following his yacht’s dismasting earlier today, is 100 miles SW of Tomy’s position, and has good communications onboard. He is reporting moderating conditions, and that all is ok and secure onboard his yacht Hanley Energy Endurance. The Irishman has also confirmed that the yacht’s engine remains operational following his 360° roll, and after he has made repairs, will inform Race HQ if and when he can head towards, Thuriya’s position. Estonian skipper Uku Randmaa is another within range, some 450 miles to the west of Thuriya and is sailing at best speed towards her. Dutchman Mark Slats currently 2nd overall sailing the Rustler 36 Ophen Maverick is still facing extreme conditions 230 miles to the South East of the Indian yacht, and having been knocked down several times during the day, is not in a safe position to turn back at this time. The MRCC in Canberra will issue an update once they receive official confirmation of the air/sea rescue assets available.
  10. Cwinsor

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Chay you are certainly knowledgeable about the waters they are in and what their bailout options might be, or the challenges for outside assistance if it comes to that. Any insights would be welcome as this develops over the next few days.
  11. Cwinsor

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Worst case scenario if physically unable to help yourself in those conditions. I fear there will be more carnage before these lows pass through.
  12. Cwinsor

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Rig cut away and he is uninjured, according to the 'breaking news' section of the GGR site. no mention of retaining the boom or other possibility for jury rig. That is going to be a very rolly platform for him to try to manage through the wave state he must be experiencing. Would not want to be in his shoes right now.
  13. Cwinsor

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Thanks 515 - saw a crane working under floodlight in that area last night so I assume they were pulling it .
  14. Cwinsor

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Anyone have a pic of what is said to be a Moran 38 hung up on the rocks at the entrance to Bluffer's Park or what the backstory is? There was apparently no salvage going on this weekend but can't imagine there won't be today.