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  1. Cwinsor

    Help: Friend's Dad is Lost at Sea

    Ali is a gifted writer. I am sorry for her loss, but grateful for her telling. Her father was an expert in the vagaries of the human mind, and in the end --in a kind of ultimate irony-- it appears these vagaries took him.
  2. Cwinsor

    Pilothouse For Puget Sound, $40K Or Less

    Don't know the design, but that is a lot of concept in just 33'. Shoal keel looks impossibly shallow, wonder how it would sail to windward? Is it ballasted?
  3. Cwinsor

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    "The high to her SW will move east, be centered on her great circle route by Wednesday and halfway between Easter Island and Chile by Friday." Not sure what her 24 runs will be during that period, but won't she soon pickup consistent E'ly backing eventually to NE'ly breezes that will make for steady sailing and good VMG between now and Fri? What am I missing?
  4. Cwinsor

    A Tale of 2 Propylene Glycols

    ^^^ try offsetting your hose clamps
  5. Cwinsor

    Rockport Disaster: Th-Th-Th-That's All Folks!

    Doesn't look too bad in this image, at least the finding the entrance part:
  6. Cwinsor

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Thanks for posting. I had wondered about the actual transfer. They were too busy obviously to film it but the first aid responder did day that they put him in a stretcher and pulled him out. Me thinks Tomy is one tough sonofabitch to be lying there in his own piss, fear and pain for four days wondering if he would ever get out of his predicament.
  7. shame. wonder why it dismasted? shock loading from al the rolling/pounding against shore?
  8. Cwinsor

    Bente 39 splashed

    I don't find the chines fugly. That's in the mould of the Boreal et al. Looks shippy. It's the raked/glassed cabin trunk I can't grasp.Too weird.
  9. Cwinsor

    Jeanne Socrates - nonstop solo RTW 2018

    Excellent discussion here, I appreciate all the wx and routing insights. Wishing the best for Jeanne this time round.
  10. Cwinsor

    Show your boat not sailing

    Slight thread drift - 'show-the-old-man ( or woman) and-the-sea'. Here is my father, ripping it up at 80. He drove grinning for hours. Couldn't pry him off the helm.
  11. Cwinsor

    Show your boat not sailing

    This pic of mine already feels 'painterly'
  12. Cwinsor

    M5 Dock Removal Service

    "Comfortably sleeps 12" ??? I can comfortably sleep 6 in a 36' The M5, the largest single-masted yacht ever built, dwarfs other boats at DiMillo's Marina in Portland. The luxury yacht measures 277 feet long by 54 feet wide and comfortably sleeps 12. The vessel has room for a smaller yacht held inside its hull, and deck space for a small float plane. Photo by Bronson Guimond
  13. Cwinsor

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    Lucid explanation thanks. And principles equally applicable (though in the inverse) for heavy sea state avoidance in the northern hemisphere. Am not a router or admiralty lawyer but would have to believe the RO has some culpability here— even if only moral. I listened to his storm updates and thought his over reliance on Windy to be laughable if not downright dangerous
  14. Cwinsor

    The 2018 Golden Globe Race

    In the images of Tomy rescue, is that him in the all black foulies in the boat's cockpit preparing to climbing down in the second and third image? There looks to be three in the rib approaching, two in all yellow foulies and one in yellow/black. And then there is one man all in black strapped on the stretcher board in the final image. So does that mean Tomy was ambulatory? That is obviously a good thing for his health, and would've made the transfer a lot easier. But of so why couldn't he have hydrated himself or got the other coms gear from the ditch bag? I didn't see a description of the transfer anywhere, only that it happened.