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  1. SY Sassy, Palmer Johnson Maxi 78 ft by Ron Holland for Dutch Schmidt

    I was there, thats me sitting on Dolphins pushpit. It was wild to see the broken boom flying around in that wind.
  2. Best Offshore Jokes

    Got any onions?
  3. C&C Custom 43

    Here's the boat the OP bought. http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1979/C-%26-C-Custom-43-2611436/Detroit/MI/United-States#.WPduUlLMz-Y Is that an old rdf in the nav station (green box with circular dial) ? the good ol days... I'm not sure exactly, pre dates me. Seller said it was a range finder pre loran. I'll take your word for it. Thanks for all the feedback, much appreciated. I think it may be a SSB control head, had one like it on Dolphin. Sailor type 46 T.
  4. Recommendation for a Marine Surveyor in Cleveland, OH

    Ask Rich Wilbur at Sobstad, he might know someone.
  5. Obama expands Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument

    Fucking libtard just trying to keep us from being energy independent.
  6. BYC - Mackinac

    Again? What did they do last time?
  7. Jammer or winch?

    Strap it to the top of the mast with a wire strap. no loads no chafe.
  8. Chicago Mac Race

    Looks to me like they dragged it across the parking lot.
  9. BYC - Mackinac

    Whats your h'cap? As REW states, its 86.4 secs but that is for a 3 decimal place h'cap, like IRC. If its phrf like HuronBouys example, then 1 tick,/ .0001 difference, is 8.64secs over 24 hrs. ORR is . 9960 phrf is 15
  10. BYC - Mackinac

    Does anyone know what one tick means over 24 hours?
  11. BYC - Mackinac

    $303.00 For a rating not as bad as I thought it would be.
  12. BYC - Mackinac

    War horse class could be interesting.
  13. Boat Nick Names

    I think it was Polaris that called Namis Unguided traffic cone. I thought it was funny, the boat is Dolphin now. somebody called Renegade rent a grenade thats funny.
  14. Naval Action - Sailing/Battle Video Game

    What is your boat name? We may have raced each other.