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  1. The medical/health insurance industry will be fighting hard for their part of the medical industry cash flow. And sadly the ACA incentivises the insurance companies to encourage the increase in the gross billings for healthcare. Totally fucked up. The ACA needs to go away and now that the Republicans are able to do that they're losing their nerve. Once more, America is getting the best government that money can buy.
  2. Trump's protectionist trade agenda

    Trump's position on trade will never be realized in full or even in a substantial way. The big money interests that control congress are enriched by free trade. QED
  3. Poll: What Is Your "That's It!!"????

    I disagree in my case, I've looked at the negatives with both candidates and compared their policies, which are often missing with Trump, and I tabulated them in a list. HC is no Trump! Trump's policies are not that obscure. He would cut taxes for himself and his rich friends, pay for the tax cuts by reducing medicare, the ACA, social security, and federal funding for education. He would eliminate the minimum wage. He would reduce regulations protecting the environment and consumers. While doing those things he would have the complete support of the Republican Congress. He will not build a wall, penalize companies that export jobs, or restrict free trade because Congress would not let him do any of that and he can't do it on his own. Trump will appoint SCOTUS judges that will inhibit women's freedom of choice to not reproduce.
  4. Grab her - a woman's perspective

    I'm shocked to hear so many women interviewed who still support Trump and say "boys will be boys". This article speaks to that: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/parenting/wp/2016/04/14/why-we-must-stop-saying-boys-will-be-boys/
  5. Who will you be voting for?

    Clinton will be a steady hand at the helm. She has my vote.
  6. Trump promises to throw Hillary in jail.

    You're a sick man.
  7. Syria, Russia and Obama - Good analysis here

    Russia is welcome to Syria. Good riddance.
  8. The DNC Russian Connection

    Hedging their bets. Putin will decide who the POTUS is.
  9. Time to impeach the Ass in the White House

    Seriously. You have mental issues that need intervention. Get help . There you go!!! We were having a discussion, I have carefully outlined my reasoning and supported my presentation. Suddenly you have stopped responding to the content of the discussion and have lept into personal attack mode. This behavior is beneath you. Please go back, read my post and respond to its content . You need to practice being more concise Gov. We don't have time to read your lengthy expositories in their entirety.
  10. Asshole Elite 8 - Conservative Bracket

    NGS looks to be a prohibitive favorite going forward.
  11. Woah! explain away this one Dabs

    Why would you not want to give police officers the benefit of the doubt? Because they are agents of the government. You, of all people here, should appreciate that. True enough. That's why God gave us the second amendment -- so we could have guns to water the tree of liberty with.
  12. The Truth About Islam

    What does this all mean Nanny?
  13. Bombings in Saudi Arabia

    How many times has the tipping point been mentioned? We never seem to see more than a mention. Sunni and Shia have been killing each other for hundreds of years. There is no tipping point.
  14. I'd like to do some penetration testing.
  15. Bombings in Saudi Arabia