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  1. Tornado_ALIVE

    35 years ago. Australia’s Greatest Sporting Moment

  2. Tornado_ALIVE

    Yacht washes up in Boat Harbour (Sydney) -- Man dead

    Thumbs up...... Great way to respect the dead.
  3. Tornado_ALIVE

    Yacht washes up in Boat Harbour (Sydney) -- Man dead

    Boat rolls or capsizes on breaking reef, guy gets tangled and drowned..... could have also been a heart attack.
  4. Tornado_ALIVE

    Corsair 28/28R.....?

    Looks like a new Corsair 970 just hit our shores.
  5. Tornado_ALIVE

    Oz Music thread

  6. Tornado_ALIVE

    Schock Catalina Catamaran History?

    Let us know if you want a hand to get her off the trailer.
  7. Tornado_ALIVE

    Revitalising the East Coast Australian Tornado Fleet

    It’s fair to say I have committed to returning back to the class
  8. Tornado_ALIVE

    Nacra F18 infusion MK3

    10 masts. Only 3 masts going to the Worlds. 1 to Frankston with the boat on top, a second off to Frankston for another sailor. 1 is an A Class mast going to NSW. Not sure where the other 4 x F18 masts are going but Brett is heading up to NSW next.
  9. Tornado_ALIVE

    Nacra F18 infusion MK3

    The green boat is a very good looking boat
  10. Tornado_ALIVE

    Nacra F18 infusion MK3

    3 x Edges loaded into a container in Melbourne now and off to the wharf for shipping. The one on top is staying and joining the Melbourne fleet.
  11. Tornado_ALIVE

    Favourite Boat pic?

    Not my boat but one I have raced a bit.
  12. Tornado_ALIVE

    Favourite Boat pic?

    The next pic in the series. Note how far eased the kite is........ gust on :D