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  1. Even with a standard rig, my crew would be making his way under the boom as I am coming in off trap. For mobile sailors, this will not be an issue. For less mobile, stick with the standard rig. It may not make a difference to your sailing. As for the F18 class in Australia, it is showing strong growth and yes, we are even seeing youths buying boats or jumping on as crews / skippers. Been several growing out of the Viper Class and moving up. Re Long time F18 sailors moving across to A's...... for as long as I remember, F18 and Tornado sailors often move to A's. Quiet a lot of AUS A Class sailors have spent time racing sloop boats before shifting over. This is largely to do with helms becoming over looking for good crews. The A Class is such a brilliant boat with strong Class racing that T and F18 sailors are not disappointed. I am one who shifted for this reason. I do however really miss my F18 racing and may get back into it in the future however plan to also stay with A's.
  2. Well blow me a way..... it can be done on Multis
  3. You are hanging out at the wrong (possibly old mans) yacht club. Plenty of AC talk at other clubs. There is also more to sailing than lead slugs. Plenty of high performance Foiling and non foiling mono and multi sailors all who would have appreciated the boats in the last AC.
  4. Foiling Multis can be designed to operate without stored power just the same as monos. And guess what,..... they actually trim sails on multihulls as well. Do you enjoy watching a team of grinders grinding away and sitting on the rail?
  5. Canting keels and foils on monos are attempts to get monos sailing as fast as Multis that are cheaper and have less technology invested.
  6. And nothing trickled down into the foiling multi world??? Some of us sail foiling Multis..... I guess we are not real world sailors. Nothing but arrogance!
  7. Looks like a multihull
  8. All Black turd my son
  9. It will fall over
  10. Anyone who thinks match racing in foiled monos will be easier / better than Multis are a fool. If it has a canting keel, it will be a lot slower. The foiling Multis turned bloody quickly. If Monos are developing high boat speeds, they will also weigh up the cost of doing manoeuvres around the course and minimise manoeuvres to what is only really necessary. The only way to bring back match racing that will please the purists is to slow the boats down..... So you really want to see that. Some may!
  11. However the boat loads up a lot more adding further compression and you can carry the kite upwind in more pressure. Another issue would likely be where the mast rotation is set going upwind. No doubt they are adding downhaul at the top end of this mode and one of the pics showed a main that was eased slightly...... everything you could possibly do to put the rig under a lot of pressure.
  12. Great article on Stevie's campaign written by Simon. http://www.catsailingnews.com/2017/09/a-class-worlds-2017-brewin-campaign.html?m=1
  13. RIP Meade.....
  14. Forget good design...... get a crew to pull the strings