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  1. F16 like foiler?

    WnW, I didn't know Jim or Greg that well back then so you may have more insight than us. I am not sure what molds they used however it is all A Class in front of the front beam and aloft. All Mozzie from the rear beams back. What they ended up with was perhaps the best OD single handed cat ever built. Pre foiling A's the Taipan made a perfect training boat for an A or a very capable alternative. Coming from Spinnaker cats though, I became bored with them downwind and ended up putting a kite on mine, sailing predominantly that way. Can't imagine anyone getting bored with an A Class though
  2. F16 like foiler?

    Spot on Mitchell, compare the Taipan and Mozzie from the front beam back and they are identical. The bows are similar to the MkIII Boyer as with the rig (in alloy). Also agree, a Foiler is not kid friendly. Now I have bought an A, I am asking myself why did I hold off for so long. Awesome boat to sail.
  3. A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    Talk to Stevie Brewin. I wonder if a DS with a bigger head would be benificial?
  4. F16 like foiler?

    Jim Boyer
  5. Where is Best Beach Cat Racing/Sailing in Australia?

    The F18 fleet is very strong in Australia and growing further. Potential Worlds coming up as well in about 2021 with the likely venue in Victoria (Geelong is a possibility). Last Nationals in Victoria saw 45 F18s of very high calibre. Note, off the 62 Nacra at their Nationals, only 16 were F18's and very few of them, if any attended the F18 Nationals after their Nationals. Likewise with Hobie. The best F18 fleet getting around Victoria at the moment would have to be Port Melbourne followed closely by Frankston. NSW are also a very strong F18 Fleet with the Kurnell Catamaran Club being the best NSW have to offer. NSW also have an F18 travellers series. The C2 is very popular in AUS and a great all round package. The Windrush Edge is growing in popularity and is equally as good. A few Exploders are now hitting our shores with Stevie Brewin being the AUS agent, racing one with his step daughter at Kurnell, when he isn't racing A's. WA also have great fleets however they travel very long distance when racing on the East coast. Also a VERY long way from NZ if you fly back and forth. Personally, I would look at moving to Sydney and join the F18 fleet at Kurnell. Second option being the F18 Fleet at Port Melbourne. if you are looking at buying a new boat, I would recommend either the C2, Edge or Exploder. If you are looking at second hand, the C2 is probably your only option out of the 3 and there is now a good second hand market of them as they have been around a bit here now.
  6. Where is Best Beach Cat Racing/Sailing in Australia?

    McCrae are also holding the Vic Cat Champs in a few weeks. Expect a strong showing of A class,F18, F16, Taipan, Mossie and H16s to name a few. Hoping for the usual solid sea breeze with flat water along with some of Australia's / World best A Class sailors there.
  7. Where is Best Beach Cat Racing/Sailing in Australia?

    Hardly a long commute. I use to live in Glebe (inner west of city) and race at Kurnell. Took 45 min to get there. Travelled up from Melbourne and raced their annual Regatta las weekend. Great breeze, flat water and no traffic. I forgot how much I loved racing there. Victoria have more cat clubs and they are quite spread out. 3 of the biggest would be Port Melbourne (where I race), Frankston and McCrae. Port and Frankston have strong F18 fleets whilst McCrae has one of the best A fleets in Aus
  8. A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    If you have an opportunity, could you please measure your stocks. I am 203mm from top of gudgeon to top of gudgeon with an 8mm pin hole.
  9. A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    Hey mate, do the stocks you have fit a DNA? If so, I am interested. Are you going to McCrae at the end Nov?
  10. A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    Definition of a Classic boat 1. The "classic discipline" A Class must fit all the current class rules. 2. Rule 8 is restricted to daggerboards having either a straight or constant curve axis.
  11. A Class Worlds - Classic Division

    Looks like the IACA have formally announced the adoption of the Classic Division for the Australian Worlds with the possibility of crowing a WC. I might start looking for a set of C boards for my DNA. I will continue to sail mostly on the Z10s however may also train and take the C's to the Worlds. My boat won't be competitive as a Foiler however should make a bloody good C board boat. We have a lot of floaters in AUS and it will be interesting to see how many more come out of the woodwork. http://www.a-cat.org/?q=node%2F1090&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  12. F18 ownership costs

    If you are not constantly tweeking an A Class or other uni rigs, they are a lot cheaper to run than an F18. We are talking maintenance, not tweeking. I love my Spinnaker sloops however the fact is, they chew ropes and blocks and you are replacing a lot more often. As for sails, there are 3 of them vs 1. The Spinnaker needs replacing a lot more often than the main and job. The cheapest cat to run I have owned has been the Taipan 4.9 (One design uni)
  13. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    Did the Multihull Central Pulse get out and race today?
  14. A Cat Worlds Sopot

    Where are you based Mitchell?
  15. F18 ownership costs

    I am not a fan of long boards and don't believe they are quicker. The only time they are all the way down is in pre trapping conditions upwind and even then I believe they cause more drag. Having them partially up, up wind when trapping is a pain in the a$$. Downwind they get lifted about as high as short boards in their fully lowered position.... meaning I could lift my boards higher on my short board C2. My C2 was very quick in pre trapping conditions and I lost nothing against the long board boats, often quicker.