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  1. Took his own lifestraight after a concert..... "In my time of dying, I want nobody to mourn / All I want for you to do is take my body home. Jesus, going to make up my dying bed / Meet me, Jesus, meet me / Meet me in the middle of the air."
  2. I am far from an expert when it comes to A's however my pre purchase research indicated an A14 Exploder would be a good platform as the front beam is a little further forward than an A15. The A15 would still make a very good platform though. I purchased an older DNA (about 2012?) with a Z10 conversion already completed for quite cheap.
  3. Got out today in 10 to 15 knots and managed to get up on foils a few times. Longest burst was about 15 seconds which I am stoked with. It is pretty scary how quick the boat accelerates and the apparent comes around when up on the foils. Also managed to stick the nose into a reasonable size wave whilst on foils which resulted in me swinging forward to just in front of the front beam...... managed not to swim and find my footing again. Later in the day whilst on foils I heard the crack of Carbon so limped it back home. Ended up splitting the head of a rudder which was previously repaired.
  4. It may not be the main question however it is a question I have asked a couple of times. It is also a very relevant question that I have only seen you answer now so thank you. FYI, the video in post 422 does not show beaching of the boat. Any chance you can upload video of a full solo launch and return showing how you manage the wands and also handle the beach wheels. Would be a great video to showcase how easy the boat is to handle solo on and off the beach.
  5. Furthermore, I don't really care if the S9 is or is not quicker than an A..... They are both very cool boats and I wish the S9 great success. For me, I want the class racing along with the ability to go out and sail without anybody else's assistance. The S9 is also not readily available for me in AUS.
  6. How do you remove or retrieve your dolly solo to put under your boat? Many times there is someone there to help however when there isn't, I will rest the boat up onto the sand. I do not slide it up but lift it up and place it 2/3rds on the sand. I have also seen a lot of solo sailors do this as well without hesitation....... and I am not talking about punters either. These are one man boats and it is important to have the ability to be able to rig, launch and sail solo. Beach launching is the norm in most clubs around Australia without facilities such as boat ramps, jetties or docks.
  7. Why don't you show us your 'real facts' then. - Show us a competent well set up A competing against the S9. - What speeds are you seeing up and down wind in a variety of wind ranges. - How much would an S9 foil conversion kit cost? - Show us a video of you launching an S9 off a beach with beach rollers, then coming back in. - How many man hours and different foil designs and systems have you tried on the S9 compared to every A Class manufacturer. I really don't care if the T eventually proves to be a superior set up on a cat. I will watch all development with interest and wish it success. I am not pushing any agender here so feel free to pull your head in at any time.
  8. ITA, are you Ok??? 😳 Care to elaborate further on your statement above?
  9. Also for the record, the video I posted was my first outing in breeze strong enough to foil. I do not know the angles of my boards yet with reference to the trim numbers on the tramp. I do not know how many degrees I should run. I was also running with the traveller out too far and not enough twist in the main for the conditions I was sailing in. I will be engaging the services of one of the top A Class guns to double check my boat is set up right and advise what setting I should use....... He knows my boat well as he did the conversion originally for the previous owner. I will also be looking at some coaching as I would like to fast track my learning. The Worlds in Australia are not far away. I would love to attend and be able to foil around the course without becoming a hazard. I will continue to upload video of my journey for the entertainment of all 😂
  10. ITA, for the record I never said Z foils are or will be better than T foils..... I do not know that yet (and may never will) as I have only just commenced sailing on Z's and may or may not even try a T foil cat. My comments were in response to you questioning Phil's post. I believe the A Class has developed and refined the Z foils a lot more than any other class of cat has developed and refined theirs. I am sure if the S9 was a development class based around a box rule where multi manufactures can compete with designing and refining foils and systems, the S9 will in time see the same level of refinement.
  11. BTW, I am not talking about just getting up and foiling but a boat that is very fast and efficient around a race course. Several A Class designers have invested a lot of time and money in developing and fine tuning the fastest catamaran foilers (within the A Class dimensions ie length, width, sail area and crew). This level of development is not easy outside of a multi manufacturer development class.
  12. Yes, deck sweepers are an old design not originally intended for foiling as with sealed tramps and T foil rudders on cats..... it is how they have brought all these things into a package and fine tuned the package as a foiling catamaran for around the cans racing.
  13. I won't pretend to be even a partial expert in foiling as I am only very new to it and haven't as yet really foiled. I am really enjoying the commentry though from people such as A Class Sailor, WNW, Phil and Wayne. The Moth as we know has given more to OTB foiling design than any other class. As for the A Class, it has lead the way in development for foils in Cats. Foils shapes from J's to Z's, asymmetric and symmetric foil profiles in OTB catamaran implementation. L and T foil rudders. Development in areas such as foil adjustment, sealed tramps, low profile deck sweeping rigs.
  14. From what I read of Phil's post is other classes have not been involved in anywhere near the same level of development as the A Class and Moth. Many new foiling designs have tapped into what the A Class and Moth classes have learnt.
  15. Should get a few Southerly Busters 😜😂