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  1. floater

    trickle down

  2. floater

    DC's boat ont he front page

    time and distance - Conner even nails his thank you's.
  3. floater

    More than 30 killed off santa cruz island

    getting there.. FBI and ATF raid Truth Aquatics: "The office was ringed in red "crime scene" tape as more than a dozen agents took photos and carried out boxes." https://ktla.com/2019/09/08/search-warrants-served-at-santa-barbara-company-that-owned-dive-boat-that-burned/
  4. floater

    More than 30 killed off santa cruz island

    here you go: Homendy [NTSB] said one crew member should have been looking for dangers. “There is a requirement in their certificate to have a night watchman,” she said. somebody may be headed to jail.. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2019-09-06/harrowing-stories-of-death-and-survival-aboard-conception-as-fire-ravaged-boat
  5. floater

    More than 30 killed off santa cruz island

    Fritzler - the owner: "said the company will shut down operations for a couple weeks out of respect for the families involved." Two weeks? I don't think so..
  6. floater

    Aquilon 800

    FWIW - Shuttleworth: http://www.shuttleworthdesign.com/gallery.php?boat=shuttle28
  7. floater

    Muddy anchor chain cleaner?

    FWIW - more stuff on riding sails.. The winner kind of a cool design: "over the boom" (#3). https://www.practical-sailor.com/issues/45_8/product_update/Rest-Easy-with-a-Riding-Sail_12626-1.html?ET=practicalsailor:e40781:2172099a:&st=email&s=p_Waypoints080319
  8. floater

    Muddy anchor chain cleaner?

    good stuff, no doubt your advice is sound and your solution excellent. and it's completely intuitive that much chain is good to avoid sailing at anchor. Further true that having a bunch of slack nylon rode floating around a nightmare (been there, done that). Still, the Fraysee analysis is cool. A couple quotes: "..an all-chain rode is both dangerous for the anchoring tackle and prone to dragging. On the other hand, an all-nylon rode is safe, but it needs very high scopes that can be incompatible with tight anchorages." "A short chain + long line rode can be considered as a derivation of the Line + Kellet version, in which we replace the kellet with some length of chain. For a given chain weight, a short and big chain is better than a long and thin one, because it puts the weight closer to the anchor." "..the Long Chain + Short Nylon Line is the (overall) winner, except for small boats that have on-board weight problems (aha!). Actually, there is no boundary between the mixed-rode versions: one can choose any Chain/Nylon mix inside a wide range, say, from 40/60 to 80/20, with no significant performance differences" And, as for sailing at anchor - he has a solution for that too:
  9. floater

    Muddy anchor chain cleaner?

    you know, thinking more about this, Frassee has a pretty good answer for a ULDB anchoring solution (move the locker aft). It is this: chain weight is the thing, not length. So, carcrash's notion of having a short chain should work (essentially just the length of the foredeck) as long as it's heavy. And for your fear of keeping the rode off the "sharp bits" on the bottom - fuck it - you can't do better than dyneema anyway..
  10. floater

    Muddy anchor chain cleaner?

    what. no lightweight anchor for my lightweight rode? the analysis above (Alain Frassee) does have a solution. But it involves attaching a kellet (which is heavy) to yeah, get the rode on the bottom. So, all of this seems kinda obvious and common sense - but I was branching off of carcrash's insight above that - somebody - had actually tried something like this in real life..
  11. and the Dutch also went on to great things. Here, Pieter Goos (in 1666) accurately plots the waypoints to California..
  12. floater

    Muddy anchor chain cleaner?

    In the realm of to-good-to-be true would be an all dyneema rode. But isn't the limiting factor the anchor itself - as in: the anchor design necessitates horizontal (or near horizontal) force to be effective? ..enter the catenary. But actually, I'm kinda thinking the opposite, the anchor works horizontally not so much to maximize hold (although I suppose it does) but the sailor needs to retrieve it. Pulling straight up trips it - so 90 degrees is just the switch we need (on all the anchors I'm used to). So.. even if an all dyneema rode can work structurally (and surely it can), what would the attached anchor look like?
  13. floater

    trickle down

    the tractor's field has grown a tall poppy.
  14. floater

    trickle down

    okay, I think we can close this thread.. Macif looking familiar...