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  1. they are both single handed foilers. Kind of fun from that point of view, and it looks like - from reports above - the A class is closing in on the moth. A class is fun to follow as the foiling cat was borne of AC34 - although the A class subject to its own set of rules and restrictions hence they developed their own style of lifting foils. And now with AC36, perhaps something yet again new will be born.
  2. This might be relevant to what Burling may endorse. After all, his NZ olympic success is in the 49er. I made some poor assumptions myself concerning the apparent wind machine that RNZYS would create for Burling and Tuke. And yes, of course they will have an apparent wind machine, but - apparently - the 49er is no moth.
  3. Thank You

    Yep. Don't you love it when half a dozen rich sailors become so infatuated with the Cup and sailboat racing in general that they tear up hundreds of millions of dollars and just throw it into the ocean? i guess a few have rationalized they are involved in a business start-up - hence fronting a loss is a legitimate risk. But we all know that's absurd don't we. In the end, it's all about the mystery of sailing, and the devious trick that sailing plays on the human brain.
  4. Are Z foils that much slower?

    Thank you Herr Professor. "a problem with three unknowns" is simply the best and most concise explanation of twin z foil sailing I have encountered - and at last my understanding of this phenomena has progressed out of the chop and on to smooth water. thanks again.
  5. Poll: Next AC Boat

    You seem to be dumping on AC35 as a commercial flop. But who the fuck cares? the point is that it was a brilliant regatta. I prefer my AC regattas to be abject commercial disasters: The most money thrown away on the coolest boats. That's success.
  6. Poll: Next AC Boat

    I salute your imagination, and suspect you are on to something, but if folks find a catamaran novel - not sure what they would make of the machine you describe. But I suppose it makes sense to build a boat around the foils, rather than strap foils onto boat shapes we are comfortable with. My guess is RNZYS will settle on something to suit their rising stars: Burling and Tuke. So my assumption is an apparent wind machine, but then I heard a rumor of them looking for a Volvo berth...
  7. Shed a tear for GGYC

    Fun fact: PAYC - Palo Alto YC. It was a thing.
  8. Ellison on Defs vs Challs in LVC

    Criticizing ETNZ? RC or JS - not LE. If memory serves.
  9. Ellison on Defs vs Challs in LVC

    Ole Dicko didn't fare too well - yet Ellison returned. It is not humiliating to lose in sport. If losers were to simply quit, the game would shortly end. Holy crap, the best race I ever had was a dreadful loss, but just the memory of it thrills me.
  10. Poll: Next AC Boat

    not safe? Simply rule on max breeze and/or sea state. Recall in AC34 the teams had a big discussion on lowering upper limit - prior to the match. ETNZ disagreed and, to make the point, took Aotearoa out to play in 30 knots and a wicked ebb. It was a stunning demonstration of both seamanship and the seaworthiness of Aotearoa.
  11. Ellison on Defs vs Challs in LVC

    Humiliated? Nope. Fatigued? Maybe
  12. Are Z foils that much slower?

    Wow: "Leeward only Z foils used". Looks like somebody guessed right (OP), and to answer your question: No, Z foils would be faster! A 3pt. foiling cat with z foils would be something new - and unexpected - at least for me. But I guess a z foil could simply mean "having a tip angle downwards". The purpose of which - I suppose an end plate, more dagger surface, or both. Still, the big deal would be flaps.
  13. Are Z foils that much slower?

    Not following references to trimarans. Seems like a foiling tri would tack like shit. For certain a tri makes a worthy open water boat. But around the buoys - is - absurd. if we don't stick with the general hard sail, two hull platform - which was arrived at by no accident - I'll be a monkey's uncle.
  14. Team NZ

    That's the thing - ain't we lucky these few owners are willing to burn tens of millions in pursuit of the cup. They know it's important to sailors, if to no one else.