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  1. floater

    tuning a single spreader, fractional rig.

    need to correct some mis-information here. of course Pineapple did not screw up a sail shape. Yours truly is the idiot in charge of screw-ups here. The sail did need some correction to get the furler to work - but it was just a longer pennant.. I added the pennant to the bottom, but it needed to be added to the top. And the key piece of information came from Kame himself: "that sail was designed to sheet inboard the upper shroud, and outboard the lower". Hey, who knew? I thought that was against the rules.. PS: can't wait to try out this new uphill weapon in anger..
  2. floater

    Retirement Planning

    funny thing is - when I wrote this, the question was purely academic. now I just spent a week home-schooling my kids.. It went fine. thanks for the info.
  3. random non-english vid about jet contrails? don't tell me, you're stoned.. amirite?
  4. floater

    Waquiez Gladiator

    +1. lol.
  5. floater

    Waquiez Gladiator

    I've got this great looking 2 inch vinyl tube with one end in the bottom of the bilge, but follow it along and it disappears into a closed compartment, starboard, heading aft.. ..where does your's emerge?
  6. floater

    Waquiez Gladiator

    here's an oddity: what 30 foot unsinkable cruising boat doesn't even bother with a bilge pump? yeah, also, its made in Belgium.. PS: gonna be installing that bilge pump, just kind of flabbergasted than none came with the original boat.
  7. very well said. I once turned down an initial offer (renovated house), to my regret. another: I failed to contribute getting the (classic BMW) to the buyer - lost that sale too. so, I feel like I am a shitty salesman now and lean towards hiring experts to manage the transactions for me. That said - BJ seems a sharp cookie, with a good boat - and prolly one step ahead of all of us here.. with luck he'll be boat-less day after tomorrow?
  8. yeah. kind of astonishing that he set up those shots - then ski'ed through them. a natural talent for cinematography for sure.
  9. floater

    Retirement Planning

    school for the kids. imo, teaching the kids by far the biggest hurdle for full time cruising - given kids are involved. oof..
  10. yes, I completely believe you that in the academic sense, they were not anarchists - just kids who wanted to shout and break stuff - and yep, change the world..
  11. idk shit - but bringing it back to the American west coast seems a risk. Is any market is as downtrodden for used sailboats as here? The local techies may have lots of money, but it looks to me like they don't sail. gddm but I've seen some beautiful boats go for pennies on the dollar here..
  12. no black. no masks. not real anarchists perhaps - but that's what they called themselves. also, they liked to break things.. reference 1989, SF and Berkeley riots.
  13. floater

    Retirement Planning

    how does this work? my understanding is that pre-tax money is subject to tax upon withdrawal..
  14. anarchical discipline? I once asked a mob of anarchists (yes, really) where they were heading. reply: "we don't know, we're anarchists".
  15. is that simple though? given his entire existing wardrobe sports a tape. my thought - see if you can salvage a foil somewhere.. otherwise, I guess its up for grabs. on my previous boats, always had hanks. my first try right now with a furler. its kind of weird - and I guess if you care about performance - the furler an annoying compromise from the get-go. Also, if you already have a whole stack of decent sails, the furler kind of rules them out.