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    Low buck cruising - Ranger 29 vs Cal 29

    I have sailed an R29 in Puget Sound for years. I enjoy the boat, since it was dirt cheap and does well in light air. It has an encapsulated keel, and has no keel bolts. Before buying one tough, I would lie down in the bunks to make sure you are comfortable. I sleep in the quarter berth, and at 6' don't feel like I have much extra length. I bought a trailer for mine on Craigslist. One nice thing about an R29 or a C29 is that you can easily put it on a trailer, and pull it with a modern half ton pickup. That would be harder with a Catalina 30. Of course, if you need the space, get the bigger boat. SE
  2. SeattleEngineer

    So beautiful it's pornographic

    I am a fan of the Alerion Express line of boats. While I have never sailed one, they are just gorgeous to my eye. Bing apparently agrees, and has decided they are pornographic. I always thought the term boat porn was a metaphor. SE