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  1. Older well known IOR Boats

    Kiwi mini ton. Holland design built by Kiwi boats. This is the only one built as a single skin no core. Great light air boat.
  2. The lesson should be how quickly a situation can degrade into a really terrible outcome. Having fun and boom no boat. I bet all good sailors. I'm amazed at how smart we are at analyzing what they did wrong.
  3. Linda Tillman

    Grace to the family. Grace to the family.
  4. Locura

  5. Locura

    I see discussion about the Soverel 43 Locura. Always wondered what happened to the original 1981 39?
  6. upgrade Square-top mainsail

    Interesting topic have a Holland mini tonner. We added a a flat top main with a flicker. Have to say in the 8 to 12 range made us real tough. You might wonder that on old main driven Ior boats this might be a good option.
  7. Dr. Dan

    Another active sailor who gave many the opportunity to sail on a cool boat gone.
  8. Deep Sadness - we are not bulletproof

    Yes sir. Words cannot make it better. Hope the families can find comfort. Yes sir. Words cannot make it better. Hope the families can find comfort.
  9. Randy Smythe

    Why? Why?
  10. Locura Soveral 43

    If I am not incorrect there were 4 Locura's. The first being a green Soverel 30 with a very tall bendy rig like JB Express, I think this boat is now Wild Cherry. The second was green as well and was a 40 that had a distinctive extended flat stern, and a very tall bendy rig. The third one was white and became Dawn Patrol, It was raced in the 1983 Ad Cup with Ted Turner on the helm, along with Mark. The last one was possibly a 50 that did not get campaigned long. The Zingara boat that was referred to was Virginia Leigh, which was refused by the owner. I grew up in that era in Palm Beach and Mark was all us young guys hero. Great time in sailing to watch the new Soverels hit the water. Mark's dad the Commander Bill was a very hard competitor, a great friend of our family. Sad that both are gone