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  1. LarryE


    I believe most single family new construction, at least in this county, require storm shutters. The real sad thing is those effected people, in NC, will be effected for months, maybe years. The president will do the photo op at the next disaster, the TV cameras will be gone and they will be left to deal will all the aftermath. Lived through it after Andrew.
  2. LarryE


    What strikes me from watching the TV coverage is what the population will be going through, when they can return. Weeks, months and sometime years before things a back to normal. The TV crews will be on to the next big story and the residents will be left to put their lives back together. Some, like in Andrew, will just relocate and move on. Don't know how many will have flood insurance.
  3. LarryE


    Know the area well. Used to have a trailer parking space there along with the CGSC mooring.
  4. LarryE


    Where on Key Biscayne? Just can't place it. Pretty girl.
  5. LarryE

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    In a Port/Starboard collision he may end up with a couple of Lindenberg elevens. Sailed on one several times, not very well built. Bought one once, until the seller backed out of the deal. Maybe it was a good thing for me.
  6. LarryE


    I remember that morning well. We went to IHOP for breakfast. The only place open and we were the only car on the road. Looks like CGSC mooring field.
  7. LarryE


    I have been through 11 hurricanes, including Andrew. I feel for anyone taking a direct hit. What people don't realize is after the winds die down, the problems are just beginning. It took some people several years to fully recover from Andrew. Some never did.
  8. LarryE

    Tracking the Lindenberg 28's

    Saw Mouse, now Big Blue, this morning. Guy did a great job fixing it up. Never seen it off the dock, in several years.
  9. LarryE

    Coolboats to admire

    There is Nighywind 35 in Melbourne. Does good in local races.
  10. LarryE

    jack the dull knife

    Dr.Greenberg's boat was blue and in excellent condition. However that was 17 years ago.
  11. LarryE

    jack the dull knife

    A some point Jack Greenberg ditched that boat and the last Jacknife, I remember was a J41.
  12. Really good service from APS I have a problem with your post title, when it's your fault. Should have said, Really disappointed in myself.
  13. LarryE

    Turbo'd SR21

    I remember when they were lined up at S.P.Y.C. Looked like a fruit salad, with all the different colors.
  14. LarryE

    Babe or Boat?

    In July 1969 I met a girl. I was a power boater. She wanted to learn to sail. We are going sailing this afternoon. Guess who won that discussion.
  15. LarryE

    Keelboat with short or high boom

    The best boat is, as said before, the Linderberg 26. I know Paul well and see him almost every Friday at TGIF, at MYC. If I can remember, I'll ask him why such a tall boom. I would guess it has something to do with the MORC rule.