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  1. LarryE

    Upgrade from Merit 22 to S2 7.9, worth it?

    Have have my 7.9 for 20 years. Sailed on a 7.9 starting in 1982. Everything is for sale at a price, but my price, to sell, would be higher than anyone would pay. May very well be my last sailboat.
  2. There used to be a truck rental place on state road 84 and I95, In Ft. Laud. who rented Ford duallys, diesels, by the day and week. Didn't care if you towed. Been 16 years, so don't know if they are still there.
  3. LarryE

    The Zombie Fleet

    The last time I saw the boat, in person, was 16 years ago. At that time it wasn't worth saving. Can't believe it's any better now!
  4. LarryE

    Heavy Metal

    I sailed against Scoundrel several times on a Morgan 27. Late seventies, I believe. Wicked fast boat. Sat in someones back yard, in south Miami, for many years. Several of the 23 Footers around South Florida, at that time. All a little different. MORC was real strong, at that time. Was a great time to be a sailor in Miami. SORC came to town with over one hundred boats, every winter. Magical!
  5. LarryE

    Heavy Metal

  6. The S23 had a daggerboard style rudder. We beat J24's in anything under 10 kts. At 12 they beat us easily. The J planes before the S23 and would hold the plane longer.
  7. I had #107 for 14 years and when I donated it to the sailing program in Ft. Myers it was about one third West system. Always fixing something. Very fast in flat water, hated chop. The last time we laid it over, and the wife got ejected into the main sail, she said that's it, this boat has to go.!!
  8. LarryE

    The Hearing Live

    What a whiny little twit. At least stop crying while you lie
  9. LarryE

    How Did You Pick Your Profession?

    Got into plastics by accident, in 1966. Needless to say getting into plastics, at the bottom, was a good thing. Also met the wife at work, in 1969, when she was a substitute, for the office manager, for two weeks. Was a win/win for me!! Great 115 lb. fore-deck person.
  10. LarryE


    I believe most single family new construction, at least in this county, require storm shutters. The real sad thing is those effected people, in NC, will be effected for months, maybe years. The president will do the photo op at the next disaster, the TV cameras will be gone and they will be left to deal will all the aftermath. Lived through it after Andrew.
  11. LarryE


    What strikes me from watching the TV coverage is what the population will be going through, when they can return. Weeks, months and sometime years before things a back to normal. The TV crews will be on to the next big story and the residents will be left to put their lives back together. Some, like in Andrew, will just relocate and move on. Don't know how many will have flood insurance.
  12. LarryE


    Know the area well. Used to have a trailer parking space there along with the CGSC mooring.
  13. LarryE


    Where on Key Biscayne? Just can't place it. Pretty girl.
  14. LarryE

    Port Tacking the Feet.

    In a Port/Starboard collision he may end up with a couple of Lindenberg elevens. Sailed on one several times, not very well built. Bought one once, until the seller backed out of the deal. Maybe it was a good thing for me.
  15. LarryE


    I remember that morning well. We went to IHOP for breakfast. The only place open and we were the only car on the road. Looks like CGSC mooring field.