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  1. NHRA, The cars are exploding

    I did some NHRA stuff between 1966/1969. I know what 11 flat/ 125mph feels like. 427 Corvette. Can't imagine what the ET's and speeds of today feels like.
  2. Schrock Santana 23D dagger board model

    Donated the 23 in 1997, when I found a nice 7.9 for sale in Jax. Still have it and it may be my last sailboat. The 7.9 is like a bigger S23. More stable and MUCH better build quality.
  3. Schrock Santana 23D dagger board model

    Looked that up. Not the same boat. They used the same hull, but everything else is different. They made that boat later on using waterballast, sold it as easily trailerable, behind a small SUV. Totally different sailing boat.
  4. Schrock Santana 23D dagger board model

    I sailed one for 14 years. Did a lot of strengthening upgrades. Donated it to the sailing program in Ft Myers, haven't seen it since then. Wicked fast in flat water, doesn't like chop. Rated even with the J24. Was faster than them in light air, flat water, anything over 12 they would walk away from us, upwind.
  5. Roller furler jib

    I will be 70 next month. Convinced that a smaller jib, before next winter, will be the way to go. Boat is a 7.9 and needs crew weight, on the rail. Not going to get into rounding up 3 big guys to go race. Having to much fun low key racing. Done KWRW, SORC etc. Was fun then, but now it's about KISS.
  6. Roller furler jib

    I had a 110 before installing the furler. Pointed like a bandit. Will have a 110 on the furler, before next winter. Just for our sailing, doublehanded old farts, the furler is great. Got a PHRF credit for the furler, so it;s a win, win in the every two weeks beer can race.
  7. Roller furler jib

    Excatly what I'm finding. Going to get a smaller sail, for next year.
  8. Roller furler jib

    The better half did foredeck for the better part of 40 years. KWRW, SORC etc. Just way better than me and weights 120 lbs.
  9. Roller furler jib

    We sail year round, usually at least once a week. I'm getting up in years, the better half, after hip replacement surgery doesn't want to be up on the foredeck, taking down a jib. The furler makes life easier and our sailing way more rewarding.
  10. Roller furler jib

    No troll. 26 foot fractional rig. Debating reefing the main, easy to do, rather than reefing the jib. The jib is a 135 and reefed down we just don't point. We race jib and main and in the winter the wind is usually 18, gust 20 something. Trying to race with 3 or 4 and we are overpowered with a daggerboard boat.
  11. Roller furler jib

    Good and bad? How does your boat sail with the jib reefed?
  12. Day sailing Friday, racing Sunday. Going to 85 Sunday. Wouldn't live anywhere else, Fl. native.
  13. I started sailing with an ODay Daysailer and after a couple of years went to the ODay Mariner. The Mariner was great and it even had a head. Everything Ideikis said , I agree with, as the Mariner was one of my favorite boats to sail.
  14. I was your neighbor, Davie, for many years. Sailed Biscayne Bay for 40 Years. Biscayne Bay is the only good place to sail, unless you want to get run over by 1000 HP powerboat.
  15. Anarchy III For Sale ??

    Find someone who shares your interest and all is good. Been sailing with the SO for 48 years. Going out sailing after lunch today.