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  1. Really good service from APS I have a problem with your post title, when it's your fault. Should have said, Really disappointed in myself.
  2. LarryE

    Turbo'd SR21

    I remember when they were lined up at S.P.Y.C. Looked like a fruit salad, with all the different colors.
  3. LarryE

    Babe or Boat?

    In July 1969 I met a girl. I was a power boater. She wanted to learn to sail. We are going sailing this afternoon. Guess who won that discussion.
  4. LarryE

    Keelboat with short or high boom

    The best boat is, as said before, the Linderberg 26. I know Paul well and see him almost every Friday at TGIF, at MYC. If I can remember, I'll ask him why such a tall boom. I would guess it has something to do with the MORC rule.
  5. LarryE

    Adrift Movie

    Wife just returned from seeing the movie. She said it is more a chick flick, than a real sailing movie. Said I would likely be bored with seeing it.
  6. LarryE

    "National Cleavage Day"

    South Florida was a great place to be in the sixties. Many fond memories.
  7. LarryE

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Is my memory fading, or wishful thinking, but when they started didn't the girls go braless, with the tank top. Might not been Hooters, maybe somewhere else in S. Fl. Sol might know.
  8. LarryE

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Sol for president!!
  9. Clicked on this site to see girls in small bikinis, sailing. What happened?
  10. Over the years I have raced OD in 2 national classes. I have seen as much crap going on in OD, as I have seen in PHRF and I've been racing 45 yrs. The owners who spend unlimited $$$, on a 10K OD boat, most always will be the winner.
  11. Enough of the don't race PHRF crap. In many areas of the country, that's all there is. Much rather sail PHRF than stay home and race one design on the computer!
  12. LarryE

    NHRA, The cars are exploding

    I did some NHRA stuff between 1966/1969. I know what 11 flat/ 125mph feels like. 427 Corvette. Can't imagine what the ET's and speeds of today feels like.
  13. LarryE

    Schrock Santana 23D dagger board model

    Donated the 23 in 1997, when I found a nice 7.9 for sale in Jax. Still have it and it may be my last sailboat. The 7.9 is like a bigger S23. More stable and MUCH better build quality.
  14. LarryE

    Schrock Santana 23D dagger board model

    Looked that up. Not the same boat. They used the same hull, but everything else is different. They made that boat later on using waterballast, sold it as easily trailerable, behind a small SUV. Totally different sailing boat.