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  1. which yacht designer ?

    So what happens if all restrictions on rating systems are thrown out? Many of the designs are purpose built to a shape "optimized" by the numbers.
  2. Palin To Become Ambassador To Nambia

    careful what you wish for. just sayin'

    Dog, I suppose you would like all of us Jews, Blacks, LGBTQ, and everyone else disagreeable types to quietly cower in the face of (your) superior race? Ain't gonna happen this time. We outnumber you.
  4. i550

    In the latest Epoxyworks issue, there's a great story on how a husband & wife team gave the infamous Gougeon build "Hot Canary" some love and TLC and renamed her Vivacious. (Paste the following into your browser.) http://epoxyworks.com/index.php/vivacious/ and the 2011 video of building Hot Canary. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDs_BKdYjaQ Both Jan and Meade Gougeon are gone now and will be sorely missed. As some of you have noted, our websites are down, but we are alive & kicking, answering the mail and helping with builders questions. It's a bit of a long story. Suffice it to say, we have needed to update our outdated & cumbersome sites for a very long time. (Especially the map.) We've both had big surgeries during the past year or so. I recovered quickly, but Susan hasn't. After seeing dozens of doctors, we finally found one who looked beyond the usual suspects. Turns out it was Susan's heart. But the good news, it's something rare that can be controlled by a new medication. She needs a few months to get stronger & we'll be back to our full strength. When the new site is up, we're going to raise prices as we haven't done that in several years. Material costs etc. have gone up. In the meantime, please just email us directly @ i550watershed@yahoo.com. We can send you a Paypal invoice for $100 USD for the pdf plans etc. Prices for Tyveks, CAD files, kits will remain the same, too, until we get the new site up. Again, thank you for all your patience and good wishes. Cheers! Tim Reiter Watershed Sailboats
  5. which yacht designer ?

    Dibley of NZ
  6. J70, cheating and pros

    As others have observed, you are OK with yourself and honest people getting fucked. Going back to find the first cheat is a Waste of F***ing Time and Money. Cheater is probably two classes bought and sold down the road and still doing others dishonestly and you are right there saying it's alright, I had fun anyway?
  7. J70, cheating and pros

    Did you self report or just not mention it. Your self built ? boat is not an intentional cheat. I am addressing post manufacture boats in international , national, regional competition. Why go easy on them. Cheating at that level is intentional. The world is not black and white, I agree. At the level of the worlds disqualifying cheating should be the responsibility of the crew to know, the Owner to know and the shaper/modifier to know. How else to change the paradigm?
  8. J70, cheating and pros

    simple fix to this entire issue of shaping intentionally cheating shapes to keels of any OD Class is to write a rule into the Notice of Race which makes the penalty for cheating so onerous that cheating by ONE individual associated with the violation would be levied in equal measure to all associated with the boat. Crew and owner alike in equal individual measure. The idea that a boat is withdrawn after sailing a number of races and a slap on the wrist is given to it is bull****. That is not enough. The boat sailed and interfered with every other boat and person spending the coin to participate in the event. In my opinion the offenders should be fined in the amount of the entire fleet's entry fees both to the individuals paying the fee for a boat and to the association . the association can use the money to strengthen its ability to catch cheaters and the amount of the penalty to owners and crews on the offending boats will stop the cheating cold. Yes the cheating crew. And suspension as pros or amateurs till hell freezes. Fuck 'em. the dodge is "I didn't know!". fuck 'em. Owners and Pros and the jerk who participates in shaping the 'cheat' are all guilty and the only thing that will make these dishonest fuckers stop is penalties too severe to ignore. To cheaters everywhere; LEAVE AND DON'T COME BACK. Strong opinion to be offered in future post........
  9. DH Pac Cup boat

    Any opinions on the Ross 930? (who am I kidding asking that?)
  10. i550

    Agree 100%. Geoff is made of tool steel. Except the multiple parts they gave him back are titanium. I do not know of anyone else tougher than him. T
  11. i550

    I am letting the boat out of the bag, but Velocity boatworks is making progress toward the first finished boat out of its shop. Also was reading the Seascape 18 thread and all things Seascape; The production i550 will be a bargain in comparison.
  12. OOOHH yeah, Never could figure out which was Romulus or Remus. To top it off the OP signs in as WOLF.
  13. Two hours? Where's the traditional call for flesh? A newbie must always have the demand made of them. Have we gone soft? Oooooh soft. My wife doesn't let me say TITS!
  14. What's the best small sport boat to buy?

    there are a couple i550's for sale in the Portland and the PNW.
  15. Dibley K250 Carbon

    Carbon is one of my favorite "never touched her in real life" boats. Maybe one of these days I'll get a chance. Where about is she now? TR