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  1. timber

    Klamath River and trump

    Nah, Nuc waste gets added to the Columbia River from Camp Hanford just upstream of the confluence of the Snake and Columbia. I was born in the Camp Hanford Base Hospital where they were making the Plutonium and letting waste blow in the wind.
  2. Occasionally I am encouraged by the restraint shown the public by media not broadcasting trumps rambling racist campaign rants from the WH grounds. The exclusion of far right groups violent mindset from his comments is alarming but feeds his campaign collections. I think the circle of political thought and action is like a clock face: 12 o'clock is what we try to achieve, and descent from there on both sides of the circle is disfunction in ever greater degrees until the two meet at the bottom of the clock face. There lies totalitarianism and holocaust, the killing fields, pogroms, extermination by any name of anyone who objects.
  3. timber

    Klamath River and trump

    There are 6 dams on the Klamath, two provide water for agriculture. They are upstream from the 4 to be removed. The dam owner wants out under the congressionally passed law that compels the owner to build fish ladders that do not exist now. Cost of building fish ladders is 450 million plus. Owner of dams was getting out of less efficient physical plants and recertification costs for 200 million bucks with matching private and public monies totaling 250 million. Increase in salmon stocks will allow commercial ocean harvesting of wild salmon to again occur. Tourism for sport fishing and rafting on the river will increase to bolster the areas economy. trump has recently gutted the EPA and sic'ed the FERC on the agreement that has taken many years to work out. Cost increase to dam owner is 250 million. The underlying question here may be is the trump admin working with the dam owner to delay or stop the removal and if we follow the money who does that benefit? Berkshire Hathaway, owned by Warren Buffett. Squeezing a couple more years out of aging facilities to the detriment of tribal nations and local economy. trump is most likely receiving money for his campaign from it too. The dams need to go.
  4. timber

    Klamath River and trump

    The conflict with the farmers is a nonissue at present. The four dams to be removed provide absolutely no irrigation water. The dams were built circa 1918. The Klamath has the potential of being the greatest salmon fishery in the lower 48 with the removal of the dams. Historically it was the third greatest producer of wild fish with the Columbia and Sacramento ahead of it. The Columbia has been decimated by the dams on it. Billions have been spent trying to slow down the extinction of salmon by barging and the famous salmon cannon. It's not working. Last year 6 salmon made it to the salmon river in Idaho. To do that they had to get by 6 huge dams, two on the Columbia and Four on the lower Snake in Washington. The Sacramento does have a remnant population supported by hatcheries but natural spawning is totally cut off by dams on virtually all appropriate rivers in the northern end of California.
  5. trump has fucked up the creation of jobs in Northern California by interfering and stopping the removal of 4 dams on the Klamath River. With his destruction of the EPA the FERC has put a roadblock into restoration of a potentially incredibly productive salmon watershed. It also stops the creation of a sustainable economy of sporting activities. This is killing a a grass roots movement and agreement to remove the dams which was negotiated without interference or coercion by the government.
  6. timber


    I am searching for a source of sustainably harvested plywood made to the BS 1088 specification. Also if anyone has experience with the bio-derived epoxy offerings, let me know your experience. The goal is to see how much less of a carbon footprint we can make the boat. Plans, patterns and dxf files are being inquired about at an increased rate lately and this niche we have found ourselves and this group of builders in is remarkable. T
  7. timber

    Rename GOP

    When does intent become premeditation? I submit that the cop realized the man had stopped breathing and knew that a living injured person was more likely to be a bigger problem than a dead one. What sort of signal was hands in pockets sending to racists? was it a signal? he certainly took a mans life without remorse and made sure he was dead.
  8. timber

    Rename GOP

    You are reaching too high, Bub. Do you think that the cops voted for Hillary or the Democrat in the mayors office or any other Democrat? They cling to the idea that America should be White by Right.
  9. timber

    Rename GOP

    Grand Old Party is misnamed. A couple I can think of: Greed over People Greed over Patriotism Gross old Patricians Gross old Politicians Grab others Pussys Graft Obstruction Perversion Grab our Power Generate others Poverty When the very wealthy can buy the laws we get the economy they want. Police executing Black Americans is just the cost of doing business. they don't give a damn if a black man dies, executed in the street by a racist. Pictures have surfaced of the racist cop with a red baseball cap reading "make whites great again" I want the cop charged with 1st degree murder with special circumstances and the three others charged with 2nd degree murder and accessory to murder.
  10. timber


    I've had a number of people asking for plans and CNC .dxf files. You can get them here: i550sailboat.com During the world wide distance and separate to survive strategy we are experiencing an increase in plan set requests. I am wondering if the time to stop and think about what you really would like to have accomplished. Or the hard budget demands a bank note places on a person as a deterrent to $35K new boats Contrast that to an affordable project at a controlled $ outlay. No boat is perfect. There are reasonable considerations for home building an i550 and joining a great group at i550class.org and the i550 facebook group. I am humbled by the skills and helpful nature of the people.
  11. timber

    Craigslist Finds

    Corpus Cristi? Won't go to Texas under any circumstance. They all come here half the year.
  12. timber

    Save the USPS !!

    trump is using the USPS in his personal vendetta with Bezos, who is no paragon of clean business himself
  13. timber

    Save the USPS !!

    We've got a tag for the Antifa, how about we start the tag Dumbfu for trump supporters?
  14. timber

    Trump Right Now on TV

    I am beginning to think trump is one of Satans soldiers.
  15. timber

    "High Performace" Stitch and Glue Kits?

    That is a rather snide comment. The OP asked about Stitch and Glue designs. Did you buy or build? If you bought, Piss off. (hey that rhymes)