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  1. since Mitch McConnel has been quoted as saying that they paid the price by fighting the Civil War, I disagree. They paid the price because they wanted to own slaves. Black Humans. They got their asses handed to them at the cost of a lot more than the easy figure of 500,000 lives and ripped this country apart. Wounds that are still not healed as evidenced by the waving of their racist flag and statues of war criminals. they paid with the civil rights legislation? That stretches truth to absurd lengths. Southerners fought tooth and nail along with support from across all the states of this nation to repress "those people." Mitch is most likely pissed that there are teeth to the laws which give the right to vote to "those people". The Morning of Obamas first inaugural Mitch called a breakfast meeting of the republican leaders and declared that his job and the job of everyone present would be to make Obamas presidency a failed presidency.
  2. timber

    The debate over assault weapons

    Colorado Springs? I'll bet that on Sunday she's in church praising Jesus and cursing everyone she suspects something of
  3. timber

    Adminstration Halts Cruises to Cuba

    I'll pile on and wonder why IT (rump) hasn't made friends with Maduro. Consider his simpering friendships with Kim Jung Un, Putin, Duterte, OBS of Saudi royalty and lifelong Racist stance.
  4. timber

    truth to power?

    The spirit of the rules were violated IMHO. The rule says Motor of any type. A hydraulic pump needs an electric motor. Or when did an electric motor stop being a motor. "Motors and engines of ANY fuel type" "a vessel without a motor"
  5. timber

    truth to power?

  6. trumps entire life is a lie. beginning to the end. If you voted for this criminal you are an idiot. The only constituent population that has benefitted from this idiots actions amount to about the top 1% of the wealth holders. In a lot of cases they don't do anything that can be described as work product. Where is the huge TEA Party ? The tariffs are are a disguised tax on all us regular schmucks. we're stuck with this piece of filth as long as the Senate is Republican.
  7. some times heredity plays a big roll
  8. The list of bankrupted contractors he has left in his wake is legendary. He does not pay. He sues/countersues to drag claims out to push the small companies to the breaking point. trump is a criminal.
  9. I think that we got off on the wrong foot with the righties here. I for one would like to read in their own words an exposition of positions on a whole host of subjects. I think they have been given too much of a free rein in sniping at the majority of us citizens of our beleaguered constitutional democracy. Nailing Malarky you could start off. J28 step up. Warbird where are you, is this too challenging? Meanwhile explain why you accept the behavior of trump when your own written history here had you squealing like 6 year old girls about Hillary, spent untold millions on investigations and then when the best (?) minds of the GOP came up with nothing slunk away into the covering darkness of quietly eroding the stature of our intelligence agencies. Oh, and FUCK YOU
  10. AWWWW, c'mon. Trickle down has always worked in the past. Why doubt our greatest anointed leader? If the tax refund goes to the 1% then they out of the spirit of community and fair reward will raise all of our standard of of living.
  11. Obama was handed an economy on life support. The day of his first inauguration Mitch McConnell gathered the top republicans and said that their job was to make sure Obama failed. With resistance at every turn he had to deal with the crippling attitude and thinly disguised racism of the conservatives, trumps' sniping about birtherism and your whining about anything Obama did. As far as recessionville it was worse than that it was an unacknowledged Depression.
  12. W, I am 6'4" and about the same weight. not as flexible as I used to be and the ducking under the boom issue is very real. I wear a helmet when the breeze is up. Ryley has good advice about dinghy anarchy. the size/weight is right on the dividing line twixt dinghy and sport boat. I don't know about the numbers of hulls out of the mould before the fire but it is a rare boat. these days I think it not any concern about numbers as anything on the water sailing is good. As to Price I think it pretty high for an obscure boat. Had you any thought about going FINN? With the Stupid Decision by World Sailing (Ailing) to drop it from the Olympics there might be boats available at the same price point or less with the possibility of other boats to sail with and a depth of knowledge that is second to none. Wear a Helmet. Also in the obscure boat category is the Jim Antrim Designed "Wing Dinghy" I have no Idea how few were made but do remember seeing it in Santa Cruz at the harbor and being intrigued as to its being a natural progression beyond the Laser. The Wing Dinghy looked to be an intriguing boat and more well thought out than the Laser. Best thoughts
  13. I thought I was on your ignore list. How might I offend your delicate sensitivities to achieve, again, such lofty station?
  14. Or a barf bag. And addressing the misuse of the term "ELK". The fucking term is "ILK". usually lowercase ilk. whoever started its use here has got to be a SFB trumper. I have seen the elk in many other forum threads here and it astounds me that so many have latched on to its misuse without the slightest glimmer of anything approaching an enhanced vocabulary. where I live we Shoot the elk every fall hunting season. mebbe we should think about switching to ilk, though.