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  1. That's what I was thinking. I especially want to know the high water and if my bilge pump is functioning. I'm not too worried about battery as I'll be installing a solar panel on the T-Top but it's a good sense of security. I also like the GPS feature in case the boat wanders off the mooring in a storm or at somebody else's hands.
  2. Didn't think to read the FAQs...thanks
  3. I looked for the connection info on their site and couldn't find it so I messaged them through their contact form and no response still. No matter, the boat is laid up for the time being. Cellular would be ideal. My buddy was worried if it was wifi as he said wifi can be spotty in marinas. He's got an Ericsson 35, I'm looking at it to watch a Mako 241. My sailboats are too small to need something like this.
  4. I got an email from Fisheries Supply about Siren Marine so I checked it out and I like it. I've got a boat on the East coast that I know I'll be concerned about the bilge working, battery life (installing a solar panel on the t-top)...etc. Siren Marine will monitor a number of aspects of the boat and it will talk to your phone via an app and give you updates. I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on it but I don't know if it functions okay. A buddy who keeps a boat in Cali and whom I showed it to for his own boat asked if it was wifi or cellular and I don't know that either and an email to Siren Marine hasn't come up with an answer yet. I'm thinking about the starter pack with the MTC and two wireless sensors.
  5. WCB

    F1 2018...

    I liked to watch when SV would complain about the Red Bull being unable to be driven and DR would have a good performance, adjusting to the car and making the most of it. This is why I say that SV isn't as good a driver as some make him out to be, if the car isn't perfect, his performance drops. Kimi is out driving him him in the last bunch of races.
  6. WCB

    Need a new vehicle

    The Chevy Colorado in diesel would be the way to go. Slightly smaller for daily driving, strong diesel for towing and better fuel economy. They should be showing up used in good numbers now.
  7. WCB

    Ancestry DNA

    Whoops...you beat me to it
  8. WCB

    Ancestry DNA

    The best part about doing ancestry.com is that now the mormons who own it have your info and will convert you...you've been saved!
  9. WCB

    How long to get FD from trailer to sailing?

    I'd look to the 505 class for inspiration. I think the goal with the class is 30 minutes trailer to sailor. Lots of quick release pins, soft shackles...etc. If you spend the time in the off-season working it out, it will make rigging it up much faster. I did that to my Laser because I often have to help others rig their Lasers so once my battens are in and the mast is standing (sail is left on the mast wrapped around it) it's about two minutes until fully rigged with fast fins, captive spliced loops, brummel hooks...etc. I've got a 505 to do this to in the Spring.
  10. WCB

    F1 2018...

    Agreed on Vettel. I think I'd get tired of the whining from him, especially since he's the one at fault most of the time. I keep waiting for the team to clap back at him over the radio and just tell him to quit his whining. I'll keep hoping. Similar to MV, I think SV has been more fortunate to have good cars than talent. When I got the chance to talk with Mark Webber for a while, I tried to get him to say that Vettel was more hype than talent but he toed the party line.
  11. WCB

    Vector rudder upgrade

    That's GreatRedShark that has the Megabyte.
  12. WCB

    F1 2018...

    MV looks good because the Red Bull cars are working. I think Ricciardo proves it, when his car functions, he's the better driver. I think that collision was MVs fault. Not only does Ocon have the right to pass, he had his nose in front going into the first of two corners and on the second corner MV drove right to the white line leaving EO no where to go. I think the stewards got it all wrong. Glad the little prince got some community service for his actions.
  13. That is if the trailer is also equipped but there are plenty of 2500s with them. Mine did but heck, so did the Jeep Commander that I had for work that towed an 18' enclosed trailer.
  14. I can't imagine that you need a dually to tow that boat, Wess. It has a low center of gravity and I imagine those ama beams don't add that much to windage. I towed a J105 with a Jeep Grand Cherokee....not that I'd recommend doing that, but it was possible. I think any pickup with the right tow capacity would make for an enjoyable trip.
  15. I've had good and bad experiences with Uship. The bad was an incompetent driver who struck something on the drive and bent my brand new axle and the frame, damaging the boat too. His boss was a jerk and was nasty.