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  1. WCB

    I need a tiller

    I've made a few. I did a bunch with a 2" rise for Rhodes 19s, Mahogany and Ash, staggered like Karl's boat shop tillers. I also built the same style for a couple of wood Stars and some 110s. I think I've done 6-8 tillers like this. It's pretty easy and fun work. If you don't take Phil's Foils up on a new tiller, there's always West Marine. They used to carry a half dozen or so stock tillers that cover a lot of boats.
  2. It's back! Kind of figured it would be. Yes, totally agreed. When you factor in what they say, $3,000 to fix it, that's a $13,000 boat and you can find a ready to sail boat like a Melges 24 at that price.
  3. WCB

    Sunfish / Laser Innovations

    Yes, it's true. If the wood blades are the original Laser class blades, they are still legal to race with. We have a couple of those in our fleet, just spares at this point but they do get used from time to time.
  4. WCB

    Playing with my 49er - what to do

    @K9u20 is this your 49er for sale? It has the same stickers/patches on the side. https://orlando.craigslist.org/boa/d/eustis-49er/7239520515.html
  5. There was a Platu 25 on Ebay in the US the last couple of weeks. It had a keel issue that needs repairing but otherwise looked to be in good condition. It's missing from Ebay at the moment otherwise I would have offered the link.
  6. WCB

    Sunfish / Laser Innovations

    I'm not trying to be that guy but have you bought an ad with Sailing Anarchy since you're on here selling stuff? At least you should go into the classifieds and buy an add in the gear section offering up your Sunfish blades, even if you don't take out an ad on the homepage. Seems like the right thing to do since this is somebody's company that employs people.
  7. WCB

    Flying Tiger 7.5???

    Yeah, San Diego for us isn't bad. A buddy here keeps a Laser there so he can make regular regattas there and others here have a condo there and keep a couple of bigger boats.
  8. WCB

    RIB repair anarchy

    At our program I think we have the exact same boat. I just received new tubes for it as they were far gone. One side had water in it when I took them off in the late Fall. I bought new tubes from Tender Care Boats near Miami. It was honestly pretty great. We rolled the tubes up, sent them to Tender Care, a few weeks later they had a picture of our new tubes in a fun blue color and they're not sitting in a friend's living room waiting for warmth to put them on. $5k.
  9. WCB

    RIB repair anarchy

    I've done it. It's not difficult but I should have used masking tape to cover areas that I didn't want showing glue as it does get everywhere as I wasn't careful enough. I bought the glue from Defender.com They have patch material and glue. https://www.defender.com/product.jsp?id=97333
  10. WCB

    Flying Tiger 7.5???

    I think that somebody said that they went out of business and a search for them seems to confirm that.
  11. WCB

    Flying Tiger 7.5???

    Do you have any information on the one for sale in San Diego? We have some interest in boats like this for a fleet on Bear Lake here in Utah.
  12. WCB

    F1 - 2021 Longer Harder Faster

    I wondered about the simulator and the knowledge that the RB is difficult to drive. Would the simulator mimic that lack of drivability or would it be more planted?
  13. WCB

    F1 - 2021 Longer Harder Faster

    Max thinks that he's going to crush Sergio Perez in the most important race in F1, beating your teammate. I think Sergio Perez is going to be stronger. Here's my guess, Sergio has a car that's better than what he came out of and he already showed great driving ability. MV will over compensate and make bad decisions based on his need to beat Sergio. https://www.yahoo.com/autos/max-verstappen-cant-wait-destroy-183000237.html
  14. WCB

    Boat transportation needed

    Good advice. Also, tell the buyer to check the boat over thoroughly before releasing the money on the other end if you go this route. I got burned once.
  15. WCB

    Boat transportation needed

    Uship is usually about $1/mile once you get enough bids. Being a fairly straight forward tow, you're pretty likely to get some bids.