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  1. WCB

    Finn rigging

    I would roll slide it off the back of the trailer onto some grass, roll it over, and then slide it back onto the trailer carefully, all if getting another person or two to help isn't possible.
  2. WCB

    The F1 2020 thread

    Funny how different two years can make. Haas and Renault going at it two years ago. Now Haas is almost down to Williams level and Renault is leaping. Can't wait to see Alonso in a Renault again.
  3. WCB

    The F1 2020 thread

    For a moment I thought that Vettel hit the wall intentionally to ruin Hamilton's qualifying and lock him into fifteenth on the grid to protect Schumacher's record. #conspiracytheories
  4. WCB

    The F1 2020 thread

    He's just mad and jealous that LH has a fast car and he doesn't.
  5. WCB

    Farr 30 irc modification

    Yes for Bully Circus, #45. He's happy with the conversion. He's headed out to Annapolis this Friday for the double handed race there. His lower spreaders are at my house for some carbon repair right now.j One of the immediate benefits is less crew. We sailed with seven the other day and it was too many. Six is now the preferred amount.
  6. WCB

    505 Covid Project

    The other option is to use a long piece of batten that goes most of the length of your boat. If you have the old measurements from before you started the work, you measure down the from the gunwale, put some marks on the hull, and then hold a long batten up with the help of a friend or two, and trace the line.
  7. WCB

    The F1 2020 thread

    Don't forget the Jeerrari out of the Harrah collection in Reno, NV.
  8. WCB

    Re-newbie Laser sailor questions

    Good suggestion Alan
  9. WCB

    Re-newbie Laser sailor questions

    1. The long tiller extension is more of a technique thing. Sit all the way forward so that your forward leg is right up against the front of the cockpit. There is a tendency to slide aft. Hold the tiller extension across your body and not like a frying pan aft of your body. As you tack, you push the extension away from you and follow it across the boat, it doesn't take long to get used to the longer extension. If after a while you still don't like it, cut 6" off. Check out videos of tacking a Laser on Youtube, there are lots. 2. There should be a small hold on the top of the rudder head and a similar hole in the end of the tiller where you can put a pin. The pin should be tied to the rudder head so you won't lose it. You don't actually need to use the pin. Pass the rudder downhaul line through the cleat (there's often a 2:1 system so you can pull tighter) and then do a couple of hitches around the tiller on the forward side of the cleat. That will prevent it from creeping out. 3. That's a unique system for the outhaul but I'm sure it's perfectly legal. Soft attachment methods are used a lot these days. Most Lasers use a shackle attached to a block or a hook attached to a block(my choice) to allow for an easy moving 2:1 at the end of the boom. 4. Yes, normal wet sanding but be gentle as the foam blades have a thin coat of white. 5. It sounds like the shock cord needs to be a little bit tighter so just snug it up or maybe the shock cord needs replacing if it's old. It's standard stuff for it to pop up a little. Often times on a tack just take a glance at your daggerboard and make sure it's down, if not, give it a little push. It's a symptom of the design but not a big deal. Usually once underway upwind it stays in the full down position.
  10. WCB

    Finn rigging

    I can connect you with Ryan and the two of you should sail together. He's running a dacron sail and aluminum mast on the '91 Vanguard Finn. I'm sure that he'd like more time in the boat to get a feel for it.
  11. WCB

    Craigslist Finds

    It's in Ohio as @Mike Hunt mentioned. It has been for sale forever. There are two I believe and I saw one of them at Lake Dillon a couple of years ago. Super cool and I want it but talk about impractical.
  12. WCB

    Finn rigging

    Oh bummer... I know he was late and couldn't race Saturday as he's busy at work and couldn't break free to rig up the Finn in time, ironically his day job is rigging. Bummer about the halyard, that's never fun. I believe he is. He's going to be down there today, I presume for racing big boats, and he's going to start working on the mainsheet base repair.
  13. WCB

    Finn rigging

    Was it windy on Sunday? The results turned into alphabet soup on Sunday. My buddy Ryan had his mainsheet base fail and the Harken swivel popped up and no more mainsheet block.
  14. WCB


    Sorry that I forgot to get back to you on the other guy. I did ask and he didn't have a trailer hitch on his truck and too much cargo on the flatbed so it wouldn't have worked out...but I failed to get back to you.
  15. WCB

    Craigslist Finds

    AMF Apollo in Indiana on Crankyape auction site. $25 starting bid and no bids yet. AMF Apollo in Indiana