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  1. WCB

    Craigslist Finds

    Might want to ask in the Multifull forum instead of the dinghy forum. Probably lots of Corsair owners over there.
  2. WCB

    Craigslist Finds

    A search turned up the for sale ad...saying sold....three years ago.
  3. WCB

    The search continues!

    Three years ago...ouch
  4. WCB

    The search continues!

    Why not foil? Grab this UFO in Michigan. Shouldn't be too bad of a drive for you. https://sailinganarchy.com/advert/ufo-foiling-catamaran/ There's always the ICs in the classifieds. https://sailinganarchy.com/advert/international-canoe-usa-177-pacific-tricks/
  5. WCB

    And Now...for something TOTALLY New!

    How about an RS 500? https://sailingtexas.com/201901/srs500102.html
  6. WCB


    There's a pretty good following of Fireballs to the North in Canada. Not all that big of a drive from you, when the border opens again. A buddy here decided that he and his non-sailing girlfriend (now wife) would sail Fireballs together. They almost broke up. He chose her over the boat and sold it.
  7. WCB

    Craigslist Finds

    1985 Nickels Lightning in Wisconsin. Looks to be in good shape. $895 on Ebay 14xxx series Lightning on Ebay
  8. WCB

    Craigslist Finds

    Seems like an appropriate name
  9. WCB

    And Now...for something TOTALLY New!

    Seems as though we should be comparing it to the Zim 15. The Zim 15 has a carbon mast and aluminum boom. No spinnaker though...no trapeze. Upwind Sail area - Zim 15 153sq ft Melges 15 133.4 sq ft
  10. WCB

    And Now...for something TOTALLY New!

    I have no way to speak to speed, I was only referring to the layout and hull design.
  11. WCB

    Chicks of the Week

    Same here. 13' Whaler teaching 420 racing class and the motor bracket crushed and failed and the motor spun out of my hand like that. I heard the motor over-rev, looked back to see bubbles and it took the gas hose with it which looked like a snake slithering into the deep. Luckily I had race marks in the boat so I threw one into the general vicinity. I got towed in by a 420 sailboat (barely), went home and got my scuba gear. Had to disappoint a crab who thought that the motor laying on its side was his new home.
  12. WCB

    And Now...for something TOTALLY New!

    When I first saw the full boat what came to mind was the old OD / Gran Prix 14s from the 80s. Looks like a slightly improved version of one of those.
  13. WCB

    And Now...for something TOTALLY New!

    I've added the dolly and it's below $13k, they must be on the wrong boat. $60 to apply the sail numbers...I mean really. West Coast Sailing does that for free when you buy a new sail, let alone a $13,000 sailboat.
  14. WCB

    Craigslist Finds

    You should grab those. Those are two recent enough hulls that a little work and you'd have yourself two good sailboats. Plus...fix two up, sell one off and you've paid for the first.
  15. WCB

    Craigslist Finds

    Yes, those are mainsheet cleats. There's plywood squares on the edge of the cockpit in that vicinity to anchor in the screws for the mainsheet cleats. These cleats are a little far outboard though and I'm guessing that outboard screw is in foam core only. Most people don't use the mainsheet cleats. I bought an event Laser from 2009 and it had them on, I removed them and filled the holes.