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  1. WCB

    Radio controlled sailing

    If others are racing them...then it's the right class. No point striking out on your own and sailing alone.
  2. WCB

    Craigslist Finds

    Here's a $10 Jet 14 on Ebay. Needs a bunch of work but the wood deck looks solid...from 10'. Jet 14 on Ebay
  3. WCB

    F1 2018...

    Interesting article on the success of the Halo Jalopnik - Halo saves the day
  4. WCB

    Motorcycle Threads

    There is something about them. They "finish" the bike better than japanese companies and they are so much more pleasing to look at. I had a 1098 from the first year that they came out and I loved it but it was a lemon so I sold it in 2010. I've been thinking about another Duc since then. That Scrambler Desert Sled would be fun for around town here in Park City including some of the canyons.
  5. WCB

    Motorcycle Threads

    Love that Scrambler. Saw one at the local Duc shop while checking out the Panigale V4 the other day
  6. WCB

    F1 2018...

    2019 has to be the right time for an American driver with two races on the schedule for the US in Austin and Miami and an American company as owner of the series.
  7. WCB

    Craigslist Finds

    Love the model...Saily McSailFace
  8. WCB

    F1 2018...

    That's what came to mind as well
  9. WCB

    captains license question

    30 people on a 40 foot catamaran, I'm sure you need a captain's license, and a nice insurance policy.
  10. WCB

    Darwin strikes again

    Not dead yet...can't be a darwin candidate. Apparently he's speaking now. Hanging in there...
  11. WCB

    505 7772 - Upgrade & Refit

    I just got it out of indoor storage and after a quick trip away this weekend, it's time to get it back together. I'll be working on the sex change, bag boat to launcher boat, this Spring. I was hoping to get a Waterat kit but it looks like I possibly may need to build my own launcher kit.
  12. WCB

    Craigslist Finds

    I had the same thought, so is that the sail number not the year built?
  13. WCB

    Craigslist Finds

    That should help...nice!
  14. WCB


    Definitely...do it.
  15. WCB


    On it! There is an impressive family or two here. One dad tows a trailer behind his e-bicycle and picks up two boys from pre-school. It pulls the three of them up quite the hill on the way home. The other family has two parents who seem to ride everywhere, towing trailers and modified seats. They're way into it, picking up their kids from the elementary school on bicycles nearly year round.