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  1. Hey Sail4beer , just noticed your profile photo , that is me sitting between the hulls of the up turned Haines Tramp about 40 years ago ! The guy standing , John Davidson , was one the best boat builders that I ever worked with . We were testing a self righting method that worked well on that boat ! Ian Farrier was behind the camera !
  2. No . The nets will be totally contained between the walkway and a tube near the float decks so will not need to be touched when folding . As for the asymmetric boards in the floats V one daggerboard in the main hull , on the 40 we felt the gains in performance and the increased space in the cabin were worth the extra drama and expense !
  3. Hi Andreas , Thanks for the compliments regarding the appearance of the design ! The folding time is totally an estimate at this time , I'm not in to unsubstantiated claims so the actual time will be published when we can prove it ! I actually expect it to be close to the 3 or 4 minutes but I'm not saying it until I can prove it ! Structural integrity of the folding system is more important than saving 2 minutes folding it ! I think our layout is more comfortable than the Dragonfly in my opinion , the feedback from buyers and potential buyers has been very positive to date ! Our price is very competitive so the market will determine if we have it right or not .
  4. Dont worry , we have it all sussed out !
  5. Interesting hearing your comments regarding a single daggerboard in the main hull Vs lifting C foils in the amas! Not sure what you sail or if you have sailed against a Rapido 60 upwind (17knts and tacking through a genuine 90 degrees, have plotter tracks to prove it ) but I can tell you it is by far the best performing big multihull to windward I have ever sailed , going faster and higher than any other boat in the fleet we have raced against . Sounds like I am agreeing with your points and with the Rapido 60 I am I guess! So it was with some trepidation that I was convinced by Pete Melvin that it made sense to go with the foils in the amas Vs a single central board as on the 60 . What convinced me was his total confidence that the twin boards in the amas would be better upwind! The foils are asymmetric and quite big. They give between 30 to 40% lift down wind and according to the designers and their VPP software will be better upwind than the Rapido 60 and it is great already! They will be very well built and structurally sound thanks to our open molded Autoclave cured process, and perfect in shape thanks to our new 7 axis CNC Robot machining center. MM have tons of experience with boats with foils that go upwind like rockets so we are putting our money where their mouth is! Boat design is always a trade off between features so on balance we have a good way to hold the mast up as it sits on the fwd beam bulkhead , really nice saloon area because there is no daggerboard case screwing up the accommodation . Yes it is all talk at this point till we get the Rapido 40 sailing but sometimes ya got to trust that your well qualified designer knows what he is doing, he hasn't let me down yet !
  6. Paul Koch

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    Yes , we use Vinylester for the hulls behind gelcoats . But some parts are are taped in with epoxy . For instance epoxy prepreg chainplate bulkheads, that are made in our Autoclave are taped in to hulls made with Vinylester, using epoxy resin ! Daggerboard cases , made with epoxy prepreg , are taped in and reinforced with epoxy ! Rapido Trimarans are complex pieces of equipment and require lots of careful boat building to build ! Hence the price , you do get what you pay for ! As for hours quoted by some guys on here , they are living in fantasy land and no wonder some of them go broke building boats ! Costs , volumes , labor hours rise expotentially as a multihull gets longer !
  7. Paul Koch

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    Most of our boats are infused Vinylester and we always put a vinyester skin coat against the gelcoat . BUT we only use epoxy prepreg and a lot of post taping reiforcing is done with epoxy with no issues .
  8. Paul Koch

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    Really depends what you are building and how ! We build nice light hulls using infusion but the secret is you MUST thermoform the plain foam and not have cuts or score marks in it that suck up the resin . It also must fit well and you need a perfect vacume or forget it ! Especially building carbon boats , it is either prepreg or infusion if you want a good result . Having said that infusion will be heavier than a prepreg boat but the cost should be substantially lower . We use a lot of prepreg cured in our autoclave in all heavilly loaded parts !
  9. The response from interested parties for the Rapido 40 in particular has been massive ! Here are a couple more Higher res pics to keep you interested !
  10. Tough to have good hull shapes with accommodations that please everyone! What has changed over the years in my opinion is the want /need to carry around a lot of stuff ! I personally think Catamaran design was way better back in the early eighties ! Most cats these days are fat and heavy from trying to cram too much in to them ! My old Parralax 11 designed by Robin Chamberlin was a way better sailing boat than most new cruising cats these days because it was kept simple and light ! Still did the job as a cruising boat , twin diesels , fridge freezer , every thing needed to cruise in comfort but still performed very well. 36 ft cruising cat that weighed 8400 lbs (4000 Kg ) Should be easy to do today but no one wants a light fast cat without every luxury it seems! Still it slammed like hell upwind , was fast , but far from comfortable , maybe that is why I prefer Trimarans ! But on the other hand , it seems most cruising cat owners never sail upwind anyway !
  11. Catamarans might have made more sense over 35 ft than Trimarans for a performance cruising boat untill the Rapido's came along ! I might be biased but I believe we offer a very good comprimise between room and performance with our layouts with the saloon higher up in the hull than most preceding trimarans with the exception maybe of Chris Whites Hammerhead 54 . Biggest plus of a trimaran is the better motion at sea and the ability to really sail well upwind without the slaming that most cats have to put up with !
  12. Yeah , hopefully not too optimistic , I share your concern about quoted design weights and I would prefer not to quote anything yet , other than to say we will use every possible method at our disposal to keep the boat as light as possible . You did ask for a target displacement ! I know what we used to achieve with the Corsair 37 and with the methods we now use we feel that we can build a relatively lighter boat than back in the Corsair days ! Time will tell !
  13. 3700 Kg light weight !
  14. Hot off the drawing board ! Latest Rapido 40 Renderings !
  15. By the way if anyone is interested in talking about Rapido Trimarans I will be at our stand at Le Grande Motte International Multihull Show from the 24th April till the 28th April ! Get me on Whats-App +84 939 040 201 or email me