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  1. Starting to join up all the bits on the Rapido 50
  2. The Rapido 40 will come standard with Tiller steering . Wheel is on the option list though it may disappear as I am struggling to figure out where to put it short of having 2 of them !
  3. Rapido 40 Main Hull plug being machined now , float mold is finished , lots of floats coming soon ! Rapido 50 progressing rapidly , lots of photos coming soon !
  4. Fore and aft deck now on !
  5. Rapido 40 Float Plug almost done !
  6. And the Rapido 40 is also happening !
  7. Another photo , serious lower folding strut attachment point !
  8. Paul Koch

    Dragonfly 40 prices

    Australia has always had the problem of being miles from anywhere ! To state the obvious the Aussie Dollar never helps unless you are exporting out of Australia . for instance say a boat is 600,000 Euros , plus freight say 40,000 Euros plus GST of 10% in Australia = 64,000 Euros , so cost in Australia is 704,000 Euros which equals US$ 792,000 which is AUD$ 1,145,830 at todays exchange rate . All new boats are expensive to build and you could count the rich boat builders in the world on one hand !
  9. Here are another couple of pics
  10. The front one is the escape hatch from the forward cabin . In both the 50 and 60 we have a survival area under the cockpit floor that is accessed when upside down by the second aft escape hatch . This area is above the waterline when the boat is inverted . Maybe overkill , but we have designed the Rapido Trimarans to be the safest offshore cruising boats available . We hope there is never a need for this survival area but it helps me sleep at night when we know we have done everything possible to create a safe fast boat ! This is also why we fit as standard a automatic fire control system in the engine room and we have no penetrations through any of the 5 water tight bulkheads in the main hull and the 4 water tight bulkheads in the floats . Too many production multihulls ( most condo cats ) built these days have forgotten the basic principle that Catamarans and Trimarans should never sink . They also should float high enough when inverted for the crew to safely survive when inverted
  11. This Rapido 50 is all carbon ! On our boats the underwater area is never gelcoated . Has an epoxy barrier coat followed by the antifouling .
  12. Rapido 50 Main Hull out of the mold
  13. Paul Koch

    Best out of the box French Cat

    With a name like Jhiller you need a Rapido 40 Trimaran not a French Catamaran
  14. Actually the parts are very dimension-ally accurate stiff and stable so there are no issues getting a good join out of the mold . But the main reason is we have to fit the folding system and beams in to the inner half before join up . We are also still making some molds for some parts so it is actually just dry fitted together at the moment . The rest of the boat is being built as we finish off some this tooling . It will all look like something very interesting in a couple more weeks .