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  1. If you are in Auckland , go and find Romanza in Westhaven marina and talk to the owners who I am sure would happily tell you what they think about their Rapido 60 .
  2. The first Rapido 50 is being fitted with a Carbon mast built by Marstrom in Sweden . It will meet the boat in Mallorca in December .
  3. Not yet , another couple of weeks , awfully close , still stuff everywhere but will have finished photos soon ! Folding test done in the factory but will video it in the water during sea trials .
  4. Paul Koch

    Wind Instruments for rotating mast

    What brand of instruments are you using ?
  5. Paul Koch

    Wind Instruments for rotating mast

    Does this work with B&G instruments ? Looks like the perfect solution to me .
  6. Maybe there is a element of boat builders optimism in the projected finish date for the 40 . Though we have overcome all the challenges of building such unique boats with the 50 and a huge amount of this knowledge is directly transferable to the 40 . The end is definitely in sight for the 50 and the main hull and float molds are finished on the 40 . The 40 is a smaller boat which helps a lot and the loads on the 40 are half that are on the 50 so everything is lighter and simpler . Nov/Dec will probably slip to January but we are hiring people as fast as we can find good ones to increase our production capability. We have also invested in more CNC cutting technology for our prepreg and carbon cutting department . Yes the boats are mostly shipped out of here though a couple of customers want to start their world cruise in Vietnam . The 40 main hull fits on one flatrack( slightly over width and over height ) and in one high cube container . 40 mast is made in 2 pieces to fit in the container with the floats and beams .
  7. Rapido 40 Main Hull Plug almost done !
  8. Yes we have dry fitted and tested the basic folding system . If you saw the engineering and the size and strength of the components being used you would see there is little to worry about in that department . Pins through the struts are 90mm in diameter ! The beams and struts plus a few other items will actually be painted grey as a contrast to the hulls and decks . Should look quite slick actually ! Yes the floats are the same length as the main hull .
  9. Yes , we have decided that there will be only one version being built as with the seats in a similar layout as the 50 and 60 , it really is both anyway .
  10. The first 40 will be launched in Vietnam in Nov/ December for a English/ Aussie guy who will initially be cruising around Thailand , corona Virus permitting . The First 50 will be launched in the south of France and then will make make its way to its home in Mallorca , Spain . The second 40 is going to North Italy/ Croatia to a German owner . Rapido 40 , hulls 3 and 4 will be delivered to the NE , USA next spring . Hull 5 will go to the Channel islands, near the UK . Rapido 50 number two will end up in Geelong , Victoria , Australia via the Americas cup in Auckland . So finally most people will have access to see a Rapido somewhere . Rapido 60 hull one is currently in Grenada and number 2 is in Auckland , Number 3 , day charter version is about to be launched in HCMC , Vietnam and be put to work while awaiting a buyer . Rapido 60 number 4 will be going to a surprise new owner that will travel the world in 2021. As you can imagine from the above we are extremely busy plus we have a couple of tooling projects underway that we are doing for other companies .
  11. The first Rapido 50 will leave the factory in September 2020 . The first 40 , November / December . If you want one you will have to join the line . We have sold 2 x Rapido 50's and 5 x Rapido 40"s so far so next available boat is June 2021. There is a long list of people waiting to see the first boat of each model so I think we have nailed it this time . In case you have not seen it here is the layout of the Rapido 40 RT40_002_INTERIOR_GA.pdf
  12. Rapido 40 coming fast !
  13. Another Tease !
  14. Starting to join up all the bits on the Rapido 50
  15. The Rapido 40 will come standard with Tiller steering . Wheel is on the option list though it may disappear as I am struggling to figure out where to put it short of having 2 of them !