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  1. Bow Junkie

    Comparing Specs

    PM Alex W. I am not sure if everyone heard but Randy Browning, who founded, unfortunately passed away earlier this year. A gentleman by the name of Bruce McArthur has taken over.
  2. Bow Junkie

    Comparing Specs

    12 metre, were you ever able to track down an Excel or CSV file?
  3. Bow Junkie

    RORC Caribbean 600

    "Break-break" "Pan-Pan" "Pan-Pan" "Pan-Pan" "Hello all stations this is the Barbudan Coast Guard Station St. John's" "Barbudan Coast Guard Station St. John's" "Barbudan Coast Guard Station St. John's" "At 1645 local Antiguan time, S/V Phaedo was last seen off Nives at position one seven degrees one three decimal one zero minutes north, zero six two degrees four seven decimal three eight minutes west, as the vessel reached exit velocity and is assumed to have entered low earth orbit." "All mariners are requested to keep a sharp lookout and a watchful eye for a touchdown in the area of Anguilla as they turn upwind and begin to slow."