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  1. K9u20


    Little confused on the Raider models. Looking at a 2005 Raider Sport. Is the carbon fiber mast freestanding ? Could you add a jib to a Sport model ? It rates slower than a Laser ... why ?
  2. K9u20

    Help me out with some MORC History

    I sailed Music in Ft Lauderdale a couple of times. It had a Star fractional rig on it then. There were two Creekmore 20’s sailing in Miami back then. I think they were made out of the 23 hull but I’m not sure. One was called Little David and one was called Papa Jack. There was also a Creekmore 27 called Spring racing just after that time.
  3. K9u20

    Craigslist Finds

    Looks like a Santana 23
  4. K9u20

    Identify this Boat

    Thanks ! thats it
  5. K9u20

    Identify this Boat

    A friend of mine was Albert motoring around and saw this multihull anchored. Anyone know what this is?
  6. K9u20

    Starting Research for Boat Choice

    I just listed my Johnson 18 Turbo on the SA Classifieds. I set it up to singlehanded or double hand. Self tacking jib added. Very versatile sail plan to cover all wind speeds Very stable hull form and and easy to sail.
  7. K9u20

    2020 Texas Centerboard Circuit

    I just put an ad up on SA for my Johnson 18 Turbo. I race it Portsmouth in races in Florida. Think it would be a great TCC boat. Solves the light air performance on the boat and with a square top Carbon main and self tacking jib it is very easy to sail and de power as the wind increases. Trailer is road ready. The boat is located in South Florida. I could possibly get the boat to Tallahassee in the pan handle of Florida.
  8. K9u20

    Modified Columbia 30 info?

    Can the Columbia 30 be motored or sailed with the keel partially up ?
  9. K9u20

    Regatta Participation Vent

    I spoke to a few RS Aero guys and they have some specified travel races that are included in their circuit and count towards points for an overall series. Great idea and they have some good turn out. One of the things they have going for them is a fresh OD boat with good promotion. For the races I travel to, I have been able to get one other boat from our area to go along as well as letting my crew take my other boat to race. I promote the 5 races to anyone who will listen and hope to have one more this year.
  10. K9u20

    Regatta Participation Vent

    I am just looking at ways to get people to register and or commit earlier. These are all fun regattas and with the exception of the Aero, there have never been enough (5) of other classes to make up a one design fleet. Right now the VX One, Buccaneer 18, MC Scow, C Scow, Johnson 18 and JY 15 are destined to Portsmouth if they want to race. Once, when and if they register, like I said, the racing is really good. I don’t think changing boats will make anyone register quicker. Two of the races require a 16’ minimum to race anyway.
  11. I look forward to about 5 regattas a year put on by local clubs in the Southeast. I travel between 100 and 350 miles to compete which I am more than happy to do. Get to race with some great competitors and boats. The venues are nice and the race management is great. Here is my vent : Why do many boats wait until the night before or on race day to register for the regatta ? I understand that many may not know until the last minute that they have the ability to attend and that is understandable. But last regatta I went to it was almost to the point of bragging rights as to who was last to register for the regatta. It seemed like an inside joke amongst the local club members. My class went from 2 boats to 8 on the morning of the first race. While I welcome the additional boats and don't mean to be negative about it, it caused the races to be postponed for 1 hour as the race committee reassigned boats to different classes as the class make up had changed. We are 6 days from this years regatta and same scenario, I am one of two boats registered to race in my class. I prepped the boat to go and plans were made but when excitement to race should be increasing instead I feel it waning.
  12. K9u20

    Andrews 28 Hulls 2 and 4?

    Congratulations ! Has always been one of my favorite boats. Enjoy it and post pics
  13. K9u20

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    Equation , the turbo 70, raced Key West Race Week at least once
  14. K9u20

    Laser 2

    Second Doug’s comment on the Johnson 18. I have had one for a year and it’s a great boat. We have done some rigging updates. One of the best ones that we did was get rid of the traveler and went with a bridle system and a square top main.