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  1. K9u20

    Looking for a Viper 640 mast

    V21 would be interested in looking into details on the mast in Savannah if you have any thanks
  2. K9u20

    Swan 42

    I believe Tigress started off life as Dr Scott Pipers "Pipe Dream" and based in Miami. First real race was the Wirth Monroe Palm Beach race pitted against the new Soveral 39 ""Locura" It was her first race also ! Dr Piper raced her in the SORC and local races out of Buscayne Bay Yacht Cub.
  3. K9u20

    Looking for a Viper 640 mast

    Haven't talked to anyone about a carbon rig. Can carbon be repaired.
  4. I just bought an 18 foot sailboat. Overall good condition. I removed the old registration numbers from the bow and cleaned the hull with On/Off, heavy duty rubbing compound, and even tried wet sanding. You can still see the numbers. I don't need registration Numbers where I am using the boat so the old numbers can still be seen. Any ideas how to get this out ?
  5. K9u20

    Need a Lightning mast -

    Looking for a Lightning mast. Can travel from Miami to Atlanta.
  6. K9u20

    Looking for a Viper 640 mast

    Alloy would work
  7. Looking for a used mast from a viper 640 ( or similar sized mast) . I am in South Florida but could travel to pick up. Any leads appreciated.
  8. Dave, I was unable to PM you. I found an article on the 1985 regatta but not The race times.
  9. Yachting Magazine ran a One of Kind Regatta for dinghys back in approximately 1984. They published the elapsed time results in their magazine. ( remember when we were their target audience!!!) Does anyone have that article ? I am hoping to find a copy.
  10. K9u20

    Open 5.00 for Racing

    I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the Open 5.00. I'm looking for a boat I can single or double hand, race in some assigned rating classes, and trailer it to areas to do a daysail. I really like the idea of the pivoting keel on the open 5.00 and the fact that it is self righting. Most of the areas I sail require you to launch in shallow water and then let the keel down as you get out a bit. It looks like a nice stable boat and reading about it appears to be fairly quick. Anyone have any experience with its speed versus similar type boatsand reading about it appears to be fairly quick. Anyone have any experience with its speed versus similar type boats
  11. K9u20

    The VX Evo

    The reality is.... until there are enough boats for a one Design class, if you want to race, Portsmith is it for this type of boat
  12. K9u20

    Cup Holders

    I use this bottle that I picked up from West Marine. It holds 3 L of water and is soft. I have two small bungee cords that go to either wing. When I want to drink I just pulled the bungee cord take my drink and let it go Seems the whole plenty of water for the day
  13. K9u20

    The VX Evo

    Now that I have looked into Portsmouth it is really confusing. I thought that it was a fixed number system but seems to be modified depending on the race. I just looked at the Miami Key Largo race and noticed that the EC 22 was rated 72.6 for that race and for the Mug Race rates 76.2. She won the Miami to Key Largo race at 72.6 so would not see any reason for a change. Does a local Race Committee have that much latitude to adjust ratings ?
  14. K9u20

    The VX Evo

    Portsmouth question. Seems like those posting are well versed with the Portsmouth System so I would ask for an opinion on this. My boat is of limited production and I don't think any race results have been submitted in 15 years. My club uses PHRF ratings most of the time so does a PHRF to Portsmouth conversion for handicapping and now I have some result history with them. Based on my boats current results they have (2 years of racing ) I have been sailing with a 175 PHRF rating which converts out to a Portsmouth number of 84.2 vs 82 on the Portsmouth books. When I get a chance to race Portsmouth, they use the conversion which seems to better represent the boats performance. Here is my question---- Who can I turn this information into to see if they can update my Portsmouth rating ? Would it be problematic to assume that my club has more updated race results and their rating can be used else where or am I destined to the Portsmouth tables which seem outdated ?
  15. K9u20

    The VX Evo

    There was a RS100 that sailed the Mug Race a couple of years ago with a rating of 85.2 with the B rig. The Evo is longer with more sail area and should be a fair amount faster then the RS 100. 85 is a gift. Based on the rating of the RS 100, I would hope that the Evo could sail to an 83 in Portsmouth